Not by choice…

I guess everybody knows by now that I am staying away from a lot of things, not by choice but because of health reasons. For instance, I am off red meat and I’m staying off noodles – I will eat just a bit of rice and anything made of rice e.g. bihun, kway teow and dianpianngu. and I shall have to control myself when eating those as well – a little bit is fine, not too much! Of course, I have to stay away from sugar and go low on salt. I guess it comes as no surprise that what I eat these days isn’t very appetising, not anything that I would be looking forward to at all.

I eat a lot of fruits but I have to be selective – some are too high in their sugar content, others have too much potassium and phosphorus. Sweet cakes and cookies are out which leaves very little that I can eat for breakfast or for tea in the morning. No, my weekly tests show that I do not have a problem with my blood sugar but of course, it pays to be careful when it comes to these things.

The other day, I saw them selling these tausar peah (bean paste biscuits)…

…at a coffee shop here. They said a lot of things but in Mandarin and they insisted that they were not sweet. In the end, I decided to buy some to give them a try.

They were only RM1.10 each, the skin was very flaky and very nice, not sweet at all…

…but as far as the tausar filling was concerned, even though it was not very sweet, to me, it was sweet enough to be of concern. I think I would have to spread them out, one piece a day for breakfast or tea…or less and I would give some of them away.

I also dropped by this bakery that day – they make the nicest Swiss rolls in town. My girl loves the strawberry…

…but they have not been making that since those one or two times when I managed to grab one from there. They only had the coffee/vanilla so I bought one…

…and took it home. The ladies in the house said it was very nice but of course, I was very good and kept my distance the whole time. I felt I could do without the sweetness, never mind that it was not VERY sweet.

I’m eating the buns that I bought from there though, the pandan lotus paste…

…and the butter buns…

They’re very nice and we have enjoyed eating them all this while. The filling is a little on the sweet side so just like the tausar peah, I shall have to control myself and spread them out instead of eating too many at a time.

I don’t know if it was just my imagination but things did not look too good at the bakery. It was rather dim inside – they did not switch on all the lights and the Indon helper who used to man the cashier’s counter was no longer around. They probably sent her home already.

Other than that, there were not many things available, all placed on a small table beside the door – they used to fill the shelves but this time around, whatever was available was quite limited. There was only one pack of each of the buns that I bought, for instance. I did see the nice coconut roll…

…that I bought from there once, just one, but I did not feel like having that so I did not buy that.

YAT BAKERY (2.293035, 111.835887)…

…is located along Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1A, directly opposite Uncle Dom, at the other end of the block of shops where Sushi Tie is in the commercial centre behind the Rejang Medical Centre.

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4 thoughts on “Not by choice…”

  1. Swiss rolls and tausar peah, anytime for me. Love those. With such limited choice of food that you can take and strict on everything, it is quite difficult when coming to eating outside. One good thing, you are so discipline that you can keep a distance from the things you can’t take now.

    I guess I do not have a choice. The problem is not having anything to eat because I can’t eat most everything and what I can eat, I do not feel like eating. I do not have a problem with fruits but I can’t eat a lot of them as well – just those few so I eat those most of the time. Sighhh!!!

    1. It sure is frustrating not able to eat this and that but when come to health, one need to be discipline and careful.

      I also try to cut down on sugar. Or maybe my man influence, he cut down on sugar so I follow him. Anyway, I don’t take sweet thing that often, so not much a problem for me.

      I’m ok. going without sugar but I do love all those nyonya kuehs and they are are so sweet so I can’t have any no more. No more butter cookies either! Sobssss!!!!!

  2. Hats off to you. It takes a lot of discipline to control the type of food to eat especially when there are so many nice food available. I am also cutting down on sugar and carbs on my own choice. I try not to buy tidbits so that I won’t be tempted to snack on them. When choices is limited, it can be frustrating just eating the few same food and fruits every day. I just went for my blood test yesterday after many years without any test and hope the result will be good.;;

    I don’t have a choice. I’m a borderline case – if it gets any worse, I will need to g for dialysis and I do not want that. Thankfully, I am not into tidbits and snacks – if there is any in the house, the ladies would be the ones who have boght them. They seem to enjoy those, not me.
    Good luck in your blood test! Hope everything turns out well.

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