For your eyes only…

Yes, I can only see and drool. I can’t eat because I am off red meat so beef…

…is definitely out!

These so-called Salisbury steaks beef patties…

…are our favourite and yes, their beef balls are jolly good too. In fact, we just had that for our Christmas dinner 10 years ago in 2012. Unfortunately, it is not that readily available over here, I dunno why.

For one thing, they certainly do not mince their words about the beef they use to make their products…

…and yes, they are definitely nicer than many of those obscure brands that I would not bother to buy.

There is no need to defrost the patties…

They can be taken out of the freezer and pan-fried to perfection straight away…

…before putting them in your burgers or wraps.

These days, we have these lovely wraps from Australia…

…so of course, my girl will not settle for less…

…and you will not get to see her going for those Mission ones that are sold at every supermarket in town here anymore these days.

The other morning, after toasting a piece of the wraps lightly in a non-stick pan, she placed some cheese and some cherry tomatoes (from our garden) on one half of the wrap…

…before putting in the pre-grilled beef patties…

After that, she added another layer of cheese and cherry tomatoes before squeezing some kewpie dressing all over the filling…

Last but not least, she folded the wrap and placed it in the oven to toast it some more and also to heat it up so she could enjoy it while it was still nice and warm.

I did ask her for a teeny-weeny bit to sample and see what it was like and yes, I would say it was very nice. Unfortunately, it is, as what the title of this blogpost says, for my eyes only. Sobsssss!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “For your eyes only…”

  1. Wow, what Mel had looks good. I am one that is not into beef or lamb. Don’t ask me why. Sorry to hear that you have to avoid eating red meat for health reason.

    I know a lot of people do not eat lamb because they do not like the smell but most who do not eat beef would be those because of their religion, the Hindus and the Buddhists, for instance, It is good that you do not eat both – both are red meat, not very good for health. Yes, what Melissa had that day tasted great but unfortunately, I could only get to try a little bit. So sad.

  2. The wrap that your girl made looks so delicious. I will look out for the wraps the next time I visit the supermarket.

    She loved the Mission wraps but since these became available, there has been no looking back. She likes these a lot more!

  3. Wahhh.. you are really obedient! Tempting but can still refrain… good! Carry on the good work, refraining from meat! Eat more fish then…

    Yes, that is exactly what I’m doing, eating lots of fish as my source of protein.

  4. For your eyes only – I remember that Sheen Easton song! Now it is my turn to tell you I cannot eat this and I cannot eat that. LOL! I have eaten Marina Salisbury Steak a long time ago. I can’t find it at Aeon but maybe I can try Jaya Grocer.

    Yes, Sheena…from the James Bond movie of the same name. Believe it or not, I used to sing that at karaoke. LOL!!!
    This Marina company must look into their marketing section. Even their sardines are not easily available, not like Ayam.
    Theirs is very nice though, my favourite and I love their beef balls too, also not always available. Will surely buy when I see any.

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