Maybe it’s time…

This coffee shop used to be so popular and was always filled to the brim. Yes, I used to drop by for the very nice kampua mee

…from the stall in front and yes, it is still there. I certainly would rank it among the best in town.

Another thing that I loved a lot from this stall was the meat porridge…

…and needless to say, I would always ask for the special so there would be some pieces of liver and bits of intestines in the so very delicious gruel. As a matter of fact, I like it so much that I dare say it is my favourite in town!

I cannot remember having anything from the chu-char (cook and fry) place at the back – my missus would order from them time and time again and I did notice a lot of people going there around lunchtime every day for the chap fan (mixed rice). However, when I was there the other morning, it looked very clean, like it had closed shop but don’t take my word for it. I did not walk to the back to check so I am not really sure.

I decided to go there once again after all this time that morning because I was thinking of the Muslim Melanau ladies’ roti canai and roti telur

…that they usually served, unlike elsewhere, with a bowl of curry gravy and I sure enjoyed that a lot.

Unfortunately, when I got there, the ladies told me that they no longer sell roti canai and all the rest at their stall…

They said the stall was too small for them to do everything so they would just stick to their priorities every day – fried noodles and what not in the morning and nasi campur (mixed rice) for lunch.

Yes, the ladies caused quite a stir when my West Malaysian blogger friends came to town in 2012 because their stall was sandwiched between the kampua mee and the fried kway teow stalls, something they would not be able to see over in the peninsula. In fact, unlike here where this Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian family) spirit is so very common, an everyday thing, over there, one would be hard-pressed to see a Muslim/Malay stall in a Chinese coffee shop. Another thing was, according to one of them, they would never get to see a lady making roti canai over there – all of them would be men. I don’t know to what extent this is/was true – I never bothered to take note of it.

Anyway, moving on to what I ordered in the end, I could remember that I used to enjoy their char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) that was a whole lot nicer than the one from the Chinese chu-char place at the back so I asked for a plate of the special (RM6.00)…

It used to be RM5.00 before in 2017 which means that it has gone up by just one ringgit when the prices of everything else are shooting up sky high!

For the special, I got one perfectly fried egg and half a chicken wing…

…with the kway teow

…and though I would say it was pretty good, somehow I felt that it was nicer before…

I may drop by again to eat it sometime but no, you would not find me going out of my way to come here for this.

There were still a lot of customers that morning but no, it was not as busy as before. Maybe it had gone past its time and not many would make their way there anymore, unlike before, especially when traffic in that area is a nightmare every morning. Surprisingly, it was rather light that morning and this coffee shop in the next block that used to be packed, so very busy all the time, was almost empty except for maybe just a couple of tables.

CHOON SENG COFFEE SHOP /春陞茶室 (2.324218, 111.838197)…

…is located along Lorong Wong Ting Hock 1, off Jalan Wong Ting Hock, off Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg at the Sungai Merah Bazaar here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Maybe it’s time…”

  1. The special fried kway teow looks pretty good and I hope they will add more greens to it. The fried kway teow before looks darker in shade and I presume that makes it looks more appealing to the eyes.

    I can’t remember if it was this same lady cooking before or the other one…or maybe the kway teow she had that morning was already “pecah-pecah” like that so it did not look as nice. Otherwise, other than it being darker before, everything else was more or less the same…and yes, I dunno why these people are so stingy with the greens – just add a bit more, I am sure it will not kill them!

  2. I like roti canai too but cannot find that in chinese coffee shops here.. very rare… only in food court perhaps. Yes, the koay teow looks good.. no doubt about that…

    Oh? I never took note – I seemed to see people selling roti canai everywhere. Must be all the mamak shops, so many over there. Here, there are not many places selling roti canai. We have a few not-too-bad kway teow here but I prefer the kway teow in the peninsula – the northern part where the kway teow is smoother, finer, more translucent, thinner…

  3. RM6 for the special kway teow, is cheap!!! Definitely cannot easily find in Kuching.

    The meat porridge looked good, my man would love it. He has been taking porridge quite often since he was since middle this month. And just this morning, he was craving for meat porridge. Lol.

    I’ve seen photos of the meat porridge at two other places…with liver, intestines and so on. Look very good but I have not gone to try. I guess I cannot eat now…since I’m off red meat – innards would be worse!
    RM6 is cheap? Hmmmm….I probably would say so if they had given one whole chicken wing!

  4. Hubby would love the bowl of porridge. I like fried noodles with lots of beansprout or greens. Can easily find roti canai in Mamak shops, very rarely in Chinese shops unless there is an Indian stall in that shop.

    Here too, no Chinese selling roti canai but we can find some Malay or Bangla roti canai stalls in Chinese coffee shops. Other than those, we do have a handful of Indian ones in a few Indian coffee shops.

  5. I’m still trying to look for kampua mee around this part of the world here in KL/Klang area.

    You’re obviously have not been looking hard enough! There are so many places now where it is available and
    of course, the Sibu locals will make the beeline to all these places for that special taste of home!!!

  6. Now I have a craving for roti telur; it’s been too long since my last bite.

    I still have not had it since that day. There are not that many roti canai stalls here…and I am quite fussy about the dip they give.

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