A little bit sweet…

That day, I went browsing around the freezers at one of the shops in the vicinity of the Delta Mall commercial area here, looking at the varieties and different brands of ice cream available and I saw these…

…little packets of mochi ice cream from Walls, selling for only RM2.00 each.

I do recall the matcha durian flavoured ones…

…from that same ice cream company that my sister brought for dessert at our Chap Goh Mei dinner early in the year and yes, we thought they were very nice, all of us except my girl – she is no fan of durian nor mochi so of course, she was not too thrilled by it.

I was thinking that perhaps, she might enjoy these chocolate and vanilla ones…

…that come singly instead of in a tray of four so I opened one and cut it into two…

…to try. I had half and gave her the other half.

Yes, it was very nice – we loved the chocolate ice cream in the mochi. Generally, it was just a little bit sweet (maybe it was because we just had a small bite each) and the mochi skin was not that chewy. That was probably because it was frozen so it was not rubbery and difficult to bite and swallow like some that I had had before. The mum enjoyed it very much as she loves mochi – the rest of us would prefer to stick to good ol’ ice cream as we’ve always enjoyed it.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “A little bit sweet…”

  1. I like the variety of ice cream now. Back when I was young, we only had vanilla, strawberry and chocolate to choose from. Every afternoon we would wait for the ice-cream man on his bike and his catchy song to pass by then we would run out when we hear his song, we could hear it even when he was a mile away LOL

    Yes, and they’re a lot nicer these days than the local made ones that the seller took around in a vacuum flask container to scoop out for sale in a wafer cone. Very dirty and not hygienic too, I heard but we sure derived a whole lot of pleasure from those, nonetheless.

  2. I guess most people love ice cream, young or old. I love ice cream especially those durian and sweet corn flavour. Oh, I like how they are singly packed and so convenient.

    Yes, especially when you only want to eat one, not four, in one sitting!
    I do not take ice cream anymore now, not when I am on a low sugar diet
    but I will buy regularly to ensure a regular supply stocked up in our freezer for my girl to eat
    and enjoy when she feels like it. She takes her work too seriously and gets stressed out
    – I believe ice cream is the perfect comfort food that will help her de-stress.

  3. Used to love ice cream a lot but now not so much probably because most of the ice creams are too sweet to my liking.

    I thought this one was o.k., not so sweet. Maybe it was because it was small and I just had half of it so I did not feel its sweetness that much
    or perhaps, it had this mochi skin so it balanced the sweetness a bit. Of course, people our age should avoid eating ice cream
    as far as possible.

  4. I have not tried the Walls variety, but I have quite liked the mochi ice cream I’ve tried in the past.

    Yes, I think there are other brands. I asked the girl at the shop for the musang king mochi and she said they had that – another brand but no, I did not ask to see since my girl is not into that durian flavour,

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