Stop on the way…

Last Saturday, we did not go out for lunch because the ladies had those lovely brioche bun and pork patty burgers from my friend, Yan, for brunch and they said they were feeling full. In the end, I just had a couple of the scones she gave us and that was it.

We did not have any dinner either because we planned to go some place for a late dinner/supper at around 8.00 p.m. after our Sunset Mass Service at our regular church here. I picked this place because of the convenience – it is on the way back to my house from the church and we would not have to head into the town centre. It was raining that night and there were massive jams because of the Sarawak Day long weekend and the closing ceremony of the Borneo Food & Cultural Festival that night. Here, there is ample parking space, no jam and just go round the traffic lights round the corner and we would be home already!

I had this sweet and sour fish fillet with rice and a generous serving of salad by the side (RM10.90)…

…and I sure enjoyed it a lot, the fish especially. I loved the very nice sauce that, unlike at a lot of places, did not taste like ketchup straight from the bottle! I was delighted that they gave some fried rice, instead of plain steamed rice – that certainly brought the dish up to a whole new level!

My missus had their fried sambal noodles (RM6.50)…

…and the instant it was served we knew it was going to be good. We could detect the whiff of wok hei fragrance in the air and the lovely smell of the noodles was a force to be reckoned with.

The fried sambal bihun (RM6.50)…

…that my girl had paled in comparison but it was good too – she did manage to finish all of it even though I told her to leave it behind if the serving was too big for her to handle.

I also ordered this plate of honey chicken wings (RM12.00)…

…to share even though RM12 for 3 isn’t exactly cheap, RM4.00 per chicken wing. I guess the shortage of chicken in the country and the removal of the ceiling prices sure did not help one bit but they’re very nice, value for money. However, if it keeps shooting up from those days when they were RM9 something a plate, I certainly would draw the line somewhere. At the end of the day, they are what they are – chicken wings!!!

Incidentally, I noticed that they use those plates that we see a lot at those “classier” cafes and restaurants here and the best part is that not a single one is chipped!!! THAT is class as class should be, and this is just a coffee shop, not like those pretentious high class fine dining wannabes with the prices to match and their unsightly chipped crockery. I would get put off the instant I see any like here…or here. A pat on the back, folks! Keep up the good work!!!

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539)…

…is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “Stop on the way…”

  1. All the food looks so good Both serving of the fried sambal noodles and bihun are huge. Melissa, being a small eater can finish her plate of bihun, then I guess it must be really very good. Very delightful supper.

    Yes, the fact that my girl could finish her bihun sure showed that it was pretty good.
    This guy was the executive chef at a hotel here and then he joined Sugar Bun’s classier cafe, Red Carrot.
    We used to frequent the branch where he was to eat as we loved all that he dished out – very nice.
    Now he has his own coffee shop – some of the things may be of cafe prices but as long as the food is good, we do not really mind.
    That is why we come back here to eat quite often.

  2. I would go for the noodles too cos I know I wouldn’t be able to finish the bowl of rice… LOL… The sambal noodles looks good… and with the wok hei, it must be very tasty too!

    That’s one serving of rice = one bowl but I would say that is a lot of fish and they are very generous with the salad. One dish is definitely enough to be shared by two. The servings of the noodles aren’t as big. Actually, this guy’s specialty is his fried kway teow – we used to go for it all the time but I just tapao-ed home for the ladies the other day so they did not want to order it that night.

  3. That was a really good dinner, everything served ticked all the boxes! I love sweet and sour fish fillet. If it is on the menu, I will order. I agree with you on chipped crockery, they should go to the bin and not be used to serve customers.

    Yes, especially when they are those pretending to be so high class, fine dining places , lame excuse to jack up the prices of everything, hitting the roof!!! Everything is so expensive, and not necessarily nice…and they cannot afford to replace their chipped crockery? What a disgrace!!!

    This is a coffee shop…and yet, they handle their plates well, none that is chipped!!! I do see in some other cheap coffee shops…but coffee shops, are excusable, I suppose. They are what they are – cheap!!!

  4. I love sweet sour fish too. Hubby would love the fried sambal noodle and I would love the fried sambal bihun. Chicken wings is not cheap these days.

    Not cheap there too? Here, we have people selling fried chicken by the roadside – used to be RM2.00 a piece, now RM2.50, I think. Still very cheap. I never buy – dunno what chicken they use, so cheap! Ya, bet you and your hubby would love this coffee shop here, very nice food.

  5. Wok hei is so important with stir fries, that is why I am not letting someone clean my own wok 🙂

    Is there some superstition surrounding the cleaning of the wok? I did hear of some chefs/cooks here who would not wash their woks lest what they cook turns out to be less delicious after that. Dunno if there is any truth in this or not.

  6. I love the crunch of bean sprouts in noodles. I’d order your wife’s pick, fried sambal noodles, too.

    I love the bean sprouts crunchy, lightly cooked. If they’re overdone, I do not like them anymore.

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