At night…

Except for Saturday evenings when we go for the sunset service in church, we hardly do anything at night these days. In other words, we just stay home and never go out at all.

We sit down for dinner at 6.00 p.m., more or less and we should be done by 6.30 or so. Then I would adjourn upstairs and have a shower before retiring for the night. No, I don’t go to sleep that early, around 7.00 p.m. but I would not want to go downstairs again – going down is easy, it is the coming up that is the uphill task! Truth be told, I am certainly no longer as agile and as mobile as before any longer.

In the meantime, I just laze around in our master bedroom and watch reruns of “The Nanny“, “The Jeffersons” and “Mr. Belvedere” on my smartphone or “Mrs. Brown’s Boys” (not screened in Malaysia) from the BBC. Funny how I used to watch those shows on TV but I cannot remember ever seeing those episodes before!

I would usually call it a day at around 9.00 p.m., earlier on some days, a bit later on others but that night, at 8 something, my dumbphone (as opposed to my smartphone, my antique NOKIA 3310, also called a brickphone) rang. It was Yan of Yan on second thoughts. She said she had just touched down, after flying in from Kuching for the long weekend (it was a public holiday here on Friday, 22nd July – Sarawak Day) and she would stop by my house on her way home to pass me a few things.

Oh dear! I was already upstairs, ready to hit the sack so I asked my girl and the mum to go out and meet her and get the things she brought. Wowwwww!!!! She brought a whole lot of goodies that she made herself! There were these delightful scones…

she did give me some before and they were so so so good!

Other than those, there were these brioche buns…

…and pork patties…


Of course, that was red meat, not for me but I did sample a bit and yes, it was so very good. The ladies in the house sure enjoyed the burgers…

…to the max while I could only watch them eat…

Poor me!

Nonetheless, a big thank you so so so much to Yan, my kind and generous friend and thanks especially for going through all that trouble to make all those things yourself…and sending them over to my house. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for more!

Yes! I could not resist having a scone for breakfast the next morning and that sure appeased my constant craving for my favourite English traditional breakfast even though I had it without the clotted cream and fruit jam -the buttery fragrance was enough to sweep me off my feet!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “At night…”

  1. Anything home-made are always the best. Wow, those lovely scones, anytime for me. The burgers looks great too with the thick pork patties. Sorry to hear that you can only watch the ladies eat…😔😔

    I guess it’s payback time – punishment for all my sins during all those years of feasting! Sobsssss!!!!

  2. Most of my friends also complain about struggling to climb the stairs in their house. I am really glad I didn’t have a double storey house especially I am having going up and down the stairs. So nice and kind of your friend to make all the food and deliver them to your house. Sorry for you but the burger really looks so delicious.

    I guess the consolation was I did get to try a bit, just a small bite…and yes, it was so very nice. Never mind! I guess that’s what life is all about – sacrifices…as long as my girl enjoyed it, I was pleased already.
    Lucky you! I wanted a single storey house but my missus insisted on two – thankfully, I can still go up and down but I try to do it once a day only…down in the morning, up in the evening – that, I can still manage…slowly!

  3. It’s all about daylight for me. As soon as it gets dark, I’m ready to stay in. European summer sunsets are not until around 9pm, so we really made the most of a day. Now, I’m in Bali, and the sun sets at 6pm. Feels like I’ve lost three hours every day.

    Same here in Sibu where I am, 6 p.m. and it starts getting dark already. Not so used to it being bright still at around 8 or 9 p.m.

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