This place opened in February, 2020 before the outbreak of the pandemic and believe it or not, I had been here ONCE only (but I did drop by their outlets in KL a number of times before that)! One reason was, of course, because of the pandemic and another was how the place was always crowded, very often packed to the brim with customers queuing outside! My girl and the mum did drop by once or twice though.

Well, we decided to drop by there for lunch on Saturday and though it was pretty crowded, there were still tables available in their main dining area. Perhaps it was the middle of the month or they have lost some of their customers to that relatively new place round the corner in that same locality.

I had the dry kway teow

…with the very delightful steamed chicken (RM17.45)…

…simply because I decided I would want to have a change from the kway teow soup…

…that I had that one time when I was here before.

Unfortunately, I was given the thigh and that was red meat, not white but I just cast caution to the wind and went ahead and ate it. I guess once in a long long while is not going to be too detrimental to my well-being!

The kway teow had some kind of dark sauce…

…in it and I would say it was quite nice when tossed together with everything in the bowl, just that I would not say that it got me jumping with delight. I do think the soup version was a whole lot nicer.

Moving on, my girl wanted the char kway teow (RM17.83)…

…with all those prawns and cockles…

…that the mum had once when the two of them dropped by here. She loved it so much then but this time around, she thought the serving was bigger but it was not as nice. They probably would need better quality control of what comes out of their kitchen, obviously.

My missus had the mee mamak with chicken (RM19.81)…

*Can you see the chip in the plate, already yellow with age? There were three in that plate alone!*

…and she said it was nice, just that she did not elaborate any further than that so I guess it did not get her all excited.

For our drinks. my girl had their red bean & cincau (RM10.85) and the mum had their barley cincau (RM6.51) while I asked for their stevia white coffee (RM9.43). Stevia was the sugar substitute they used so I guess it was quite all right for me to order that to drink – I had not had coffee for such a very long time…ever since I started on my low-sugar diet!

Browsing through the menu, I spotted this…

…that I found absolutely irresistible. There is gula Melaka in it and even though that isn’t so bad compared to regular sugar, I shouldn’t be taking that…or not too much of it, anyway…and boy, did I enjoy it or what?

The egg custard pudding and sago pearls in santan (coconut milk) with gula Melaka (RM7.45)…

…was absolutely out of this world, so good that it literally swept me off my feet. I enjoyed it thoroughly though not without a sense of guilt! I promise I would not order it again should I happen to drop by here another time, cross my heart!

Service was excellent and efficient – our orders came out very fast but I could not help noticing that some of the plates were CHIPPED!!! Gee!!! At those prices that they charge (RM89.33, RM94.70 with the 6% SST), they should get rid of those and replace them – for heaven’s sake, do not be a disgrace and ruin your reputation. Surely you do not want to come across as one of those no-class-at-all cheap places!!!

PappaRich (2.291606, 111.821291)…

…is located at Lot 23-35, Jalan Lau King Howe in the block to the right of the Lau King Howe Hospital Museum, to the left of the Sushi King outlet there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Irresistible…”

  1. Wish we have an outlet here. Been to PappaRich once, in KL. Built Bintang area. And that was many years ago, around 2010. The chicken rice was not bad.

    I used to go to the one at Bukit Bintang when I was staying at a hotel there. I thought the food was nice and I liked it more than Old Town. The one in Sibu is a class above – it looks nicer, more like one of those cafes or restaurants, not really like some fast food or franchise joint. Didn’t know you do not have one in Kuching!

  2. Good to see paparich is still doing well over there, they’ve been taking a backseat here.

    I hear it is doing well overseas in Australia and New Zealand. Malaysians love to go for something more authentically Malaysian. Not cheap, of course! In Auckland, I hear it’s NZD17.90 for any Malaysian noodle dish…and more often than not, they are not nice! That is why they’d rather go to places like Pappa Rich.

    Old Town outlets have all closed down, I think – used to do well, then it was downhill all the way even before Pappa Rich came into the scene.

  3. Yeah, that is exactly my thought, take everything in moderation and once in a long long while is fine. The char kway teow your girl had looks so good and tempting, definitely my choice too. Oh my, the chipped plates… 🤦‍♀️

    I get very put off at such places where the prices are high and they use sub-standard crockery and cutlery. We do not usually see chipped plates and bowls at the cheap coffee shops and restaurants – if they can handle theirs well, these people at such classy places should be able to do the same.

  4. I prefer a dryer style of noodles. I’m not fond of too much sauce. Your dry kway teow looks good.

    I did not really enjoy it – maybe there was something lacking in the ingredients used to toss the noodles. I enjoyed the soup version a lot more that last time I was here.

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