Just a step away…

That morning, I had to go to the insurance agency as I had to renew Ol’ Faithful‘s insurance and road tax. Gosh!!! It is going to be 28 years old next week, that antique Wira, believe it or not!

Yes, it is as good as new except that it is a manual, not auto gear and there is no power steering but my missus would rather stick to it instead of switching to the 3-year-old Saga. Somehow she feels more comfortable driving the old car.

It did not take long and as soon as it was done, I went next door to the coffee shop just a step away for breakfast…

I remember we had their bitter gourd rice vermicelli before a few times and we did enjoy it a lot. My girl loved it! I was quite positive that they had strips of shredded chicken, breast meat so I would be able to eat that since they would not be using any red meat in the dish. But wait a minute!!! Can somebody please tell me what has happened to the chunks of tomato in the dish? Tsk! Tsk!

The soup was absolutely clear but do not let the appearance fool you. It was so delicious, bursting with flavours…

…and I believe they used the stock from their steamed chicken (for their chicken rice), the bones, the innards and what not to cook it.

The bihun was nice, none of the cockroach smell found in some made-in-China rice vermicelli unless you rinse it thoroughly many many times and I liked how thinly they sliced the bitter gourd…

…which incidentally was not bitter at all.

Another thing that impressed me was how perfectly they fried the finely chopped garlic till that lovely golden colour…

That sure helped to bring the taste of the soup to a whole new level.

If there was a bone to pick, that would be regarding the absence of freshly-sliced chili in soy sauce. I seem to notice that at many places, they do not give it to you anymore. The reason, of course, is obvious – the rising prices…of chili especially and if you do ask for it, you may be given a saucer of soy sauce with a slice or two of chili drowning in it!!! The sign of the times! It did not matter to me one bit of course, as I am also on a low salt diet so I could jolly well do without the soy sauce.

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539)…

…is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

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6 thoughts on “Just a step away…”

  1. Wow, Ol’ Faithful has served you for a good 28 years. Very well taken care of. Not many know how to drive a manual car now especially youngsters. I used to drive a manual car when I first pass my driving but now I change to auto gear. The bihun with bitter gourd looks good. Cheng cheng soup, love it.

    Yes, the bitter gourd bihun never fails to surprise me because it looks so plain and yes, it tastes really good!
    Once, you get used to auto gear, you’d be too lazy to drive a manual – so troublesome…and no power steering, very heavy.

  2. Though I am now driving an auto Wira, I still prefer the manual Proton Saga which was sold. For noodles with clear soup, I will scoop the cut chili from the saucer and leave the soy sauce behind. Now, I am thinking of growing green bitter gourds.

    I had a Proton Saga to before and I sold it. The pick up of the manual was so much batter than the auto and it took me quite a while to get used to it! I still prefer a manual but yes, an auto is a lot easier to drive, more relaxing.

    I had the bowl of bihun without any soy sauce (nor chili) – after all, I am supposed to be on a low salt diet, best to do without soy sauce but usually, I would eat everything in the bowl with a bit of the soy sauce…but not the soup. I would keep it as clear as possible and not ruin it with all that soy sauce, thank you very much! Bet you’ll end up with a whole lot of bitter gourd once you get down to planting it! You have such green fingers!!!

  3. With good maintenance, a car could last pretty long….like my old Toyota Corolla, been driving it since 1999. Then after bought my current car, I returned it back to my dad.

    Like your mihun soup. And yes the fried garlic sure bring out a different flavour to it.

    Your dad owns a workshop, bet he knows exactly what to do to take good care of an old car. It sure is in good hands.
    The worst is when it is driven by somebody who does not care – as long as it can move, they just don’t care!!!

    If I am not wrong, there is fried garlic in kolo mee too. That is one reason why it is different from kampua mee!

  4. I’d rather have to pay for chili than having no chili at all.

    That’s a good idea! Instead of giving it free, a lot of wastage. When people have to pay for it, they will cherish it and value it more…and not take it for granted.

  5. I prefer to drive a manual car over an automatic too.

    More power, better pick up but they say it can be tedious to drive manual in badly jammed traffic like what you folks have in KL.

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