Make up your mind…

Last Saturday, we went out for lunch as usual.

One thing I’ve noticed about the ladies is how they always do not seem to have anything in mind all the time. When you ask them what they would like to eat, they would just say they do not know or they have no idea whatsoever. In the end, I would have to decide on behalf of everybody but the moment we get to our destination, suddenly the ideas would start pouring in!

That was the case last Saturday as well – nobody had any place in particular in mind so I said I would come to a decision all by myself. I had the very nice crusty and crispy, absolutely delicious lemon chicken (RM20.00 – the standard “new” price for their meat dishes here)…

here, my girl’s favourite, in mind. I had a feeling that they use chicken breast for this dish so it would be perfectly all right for me to eat it, no red meat involved and I was right!

Along the way, my girl asked where we were going and I told her – she sure seemed pleased with my choice of venue and when we reached our destination, I dropped them off and went to park the car before walking there myself.

The moment I sat down, the mum declared that she would want their Foochow fried noodles, wet/with sauce (RM6.00)…

…and my girl said she would like the fried glass noodles/tang hoon (RM6.50)…

Gee!!! I wonder why the latter is a bit more expensive when the serving seemed a bit smaller and there were fewer ingredients added. Perhaps, glass noodles are more expensive than regular noodles…or they would have to add an egg to fry the dish, hence the extra charge.

Of course I was quite pissed off by that! If everyone ordered their own noodle dish, then everyone would be too full to eat much else. In that case, ordering a few dishes, including the aforementioned lemon chicken to enjoy with rice, would be out of the question. Unfortunately, everyone turned a deaf ear and stuck to their decisions.

Left with no choice, I decided to order a noodle dish for myself…

…their tomato kway teow (flat rice noodles) with the much sought after, very popular ikan tapah (RM18.00)…

Yes, that was very nice. The fish was good even though it was pretty obvious that it did not come cheap (and personally, I still prefer some of my personal favourites like the siakap or the lajong).

Well, I was not going to give up that easily so I also ordered a plate of the lemon chicken to share. It was so very nice but sadly, we did not have any rice to go with its most delightful sauce and had to leave all of it behind.

This wasn’t the first time…and knowing what the ladies are like, it is definitely not going to be the last!!!

Y2K CAFE (2.294220, 111.825753)…

…is located in the Tunku Osman area, round the corner from that block of shops where the branches of AmBank & RHB Bank are located with its back entrance facing the side (right, not the main one) entrance/exit of Methodist Secondary School.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Make up your mind…”

  1. Everything looks delicious. I was looking at glass noodles on Sunday. They have an entire row for noodles and the Korean market we frequent.

    Have to boil till soft. Many will just soak in hot water to soften, not quite enough and may lead to indigestion for those with weaker systems. Yes, Koreans do use a lot of glass noodles in their cuisine.

    1. My mom used them a lot. Her Filipino co-workers introduced them to her and told them to prepare them just as you described. They also gave her lots of dried fish. In addition, she supplied them with fresh vegetables from the garden.

      Unfortunately, my dad’s in the hospital now. So it’s been a challenging year. I remind myself that God is with me even when the path is dark. My brother and I saw him today. He ate a lot for me, so that was great.

      Been there done that. My late mum was bedridden for years before she passed away, in and out of hospital and we had to stay there with her to keep vigil. My dad was not sick for long, maybe two months or so before he passed away but he lapsed into dementia – was a lot more difficult to take care of. Yes, when they ate a lot, it sure was good to see…but most of the time, they would not want to eat anything. Pray that your dad will get better and will be discharged soon – no place like home.

      Filipinos are very nice people. Indonesians too. Many of them come over here to work and we do get to learn about one another’s cultures.

  2. Those noodle dishes looks good, I love saucy noodles

    Our favourite place in town when it comes to these noodles – not cheap though. The word does not exist in their vocabulary.

  3. All the noodle dishes looks so good and mouth-watering. Since everyone is having their own choice of noodles dish, then you should just leave out the lemon chicken for some other days when all agreed to have rice. Since you know what the ladies are like, next time inform them beforehand that you are going to have rice and some dishes to eat along. 😁😁😁

    I did!!! I told my girl I wanted to go for the lemon chicken as I had a feeling they used white meat, chicken breast so I can eat it and she was delighted to hear that – she loves their lemon chicken, the best in town. Dunno why the mum suddenly wanted to the fried noodles!!!
    Next time, I shall not make any decision – will just go anywhere, sit down and order what everybody wants – if they want noodles…then we shall have noodles, no need to have rice and dishes! No point deciding earlier and then, have to change it at the last minute! So irritating!!!

  4. LOL… I think I am one of them too… it is a norm for me… sometimes I do not know what to eat until I reach the venue…

    Is this a woman’s thing or what? I like to plan ahead – where to go, what to eat…and any last minute change in the plans would upset me. I guess I’m OCD, autistic to some extent. LOL!!!

  5. Last Sunday evening I ordered sweet sour pork, braised tofu & half roasted chicken (takeaway) & it cost RM54. I still prefer their sweet sour pork compared to others.

    We never tried the sweet & sour pork but their sweet and sour fish fillet is our favourite in town, definitely nicer than all the other places.
    That is why I do not mind the dishes being a bit more expensive.
    What’s more important is they are all very nice, value for money…plus parking is easy and the place is never crowded.
    Never tried their roasted chicken or their steamed chicken – will ask for it one of these days.

  6. I usually will not plan but allow the others to plan but that even can be changed at the last minute. Lol! I do like tang hoon and I think your fish noodle looks good too. I can see so many pieces of fish meat.;;

    That’s ikan tapah! Probably one of the most popular for steamed fish at the Chinese restaurants here and of course, it does not come cheap.
    Personally, I feel it is overrated – not that nice for that kind of price. Same thing with the pek chio/ikan bawal putih – too expensive, not really that nice.

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