Slipped my mind…

The other day, when I bought the very awesome ikan terubok (toli shad) that we enjoyed so much, I also bought some bak chik

…for only RM10.00 a kilo. That’s very affordable and for that kind of money, we could get no less than 20 of the fish, at least – so many of them for our two meals that day.

The nice boys, Madam Lau’s helpers also threw in two ikan kembong for only RM1.00 each. We also deep-fried those…

…to eat and yes, they were good too.

While I was there that morning, I bought one more fish from the boys – they told me it was an ikan senangin. The Malay name sounded familiar but I could not, for the dear life of me, remember what fish that was. It had completely slipped my mind!!!

It turned out to be the threadfin or what we call ngor hu in Hokkien except that usually, it would be very big and I would buy it in thick slabs…

…not whole. This one that the boys were trying to sell to me was very small, around the size of my forearm, for only RM20.00. In the end, I took it and the boys cleaned it for me and cut it into slices, ready for frying.

My missus took two slices that day and steamed them and yes, they were very nice. I did not take any snapshots of those but the next day, she steamed the leftover pieces for lunch…

Don’t you think that looks gorgeous?

For our dinner in the evening that previous day, she fried four slices…

…instead of steaming them…

– I guess she knows that our girl would prefer that instead of having them steamed.

Personally, I felt they were very good either way, steamed or fried and with the price of cooking oil shooting up like nobody’s business, when the fish is suitable for steaming, I think we should just steam it, no need to be too fussy about it, plus that is supposed to be healthier, right?

It was not as good as the ikan lajong

…that we had that day but it came pretty close! I certainly would buy it again if I happen to see it whole at the stall and yes, I would ask the boy to do a butterfly cut…

…for me to conveniently take it home and steam.

I did mention in an earlier post that I am now on a no red meat diet, no dairy products and no egg yolk but I have to take a lot of protein. That, of course, means that I shall be buying and eating a lot of fish.

I went back to the stall the other morning and bought another kilo of the bak chik (RM10.00) and 2.6 kilos of the kilat or small white pomfret/pek chio/ikan bawal putih

These are the big ones and no, they do not come cheap, RM35.00 a kilo so I had to pay over RM90.00 because I bought quite a lot that day.

Usually, they are very small so if we limit ourselves to three per meal, six per day, there should be enough for us for two to three days and usually, we would have them fried…

…but for the same aforementioned reason, I think we shall have them steamed instead this time around.

The fish & seafood stall…

…is located to the right of CCL FRESH MINI MARKET against the wall at that end of the block to the right of the Grand Wonderful Hotel (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai.

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “Slipped my mind…”

  1. Oh I thought that was ikan tenggiri (threadfin photo) at first?!
    Our “ma you” (threadfin) looks rather different to yours.
    Good white flesh but it does contain some long spiky thorns.

    Back in those days, we used to have deep fried fish, either kembong, big eye or tenggiri with rice congee.
    And mix them well with sweet soya sauce!
    So damn good and simple! Only Marmite can beat this flavour.

    1. Marmite? Gee! That is so British! Only I like Marmite…and Bovril. Down Under, they go for Vegemite.
      Tenggiri is a shade darker, plus it does not taste the same, not as nice, I feel.

  2. Deep fried or steamed fish, I like both ways depending on what type of fish. For bak chit, ikan kembong, ikan bawal hitam and kilat, I prefer them deep fried whereas for ngor hu I like it steam. Having said that, the deep fried ngor hu looks extremely good too when deep fried. I am zero at fish names and only know the common ones which I used to buy.

    All the fish in your list must be deep fried, except kilat but kembong and bawal hitam can be cooked Malay style, masak kunyit or assam.
    Kilat is nice, steamed – the kilat that I buy is very big but not big enough to be considered as one pek chio…which will cost a bomb these days. Well, kilat is not cheap either, anyway – just smaller, not so heavy
    Ngor hu is nice steamed but like Rose (see comment below), we prefer it deep fried. However, with the price of cooking oil these days, we would settle for it steamed, good enough.

  3. I also received few slab of ngor Hu last week. One, I deep fried. Another one I steamed. Still have 2 more pieces in the freezer. I prefer deep fried too.

    As long the fish is fresh, any method is good.

    Yes, provided the fish is fresh! If you attend a Chinese banquet dinner and you see the pek chio (bawal putih) deep fried and served with (sweet and sour) sauce, chances are it is not so fresh, not so good for steaming so they deep fry it and serve it this way.
    Yes, ngor hu is nice when steamed but we all like it more, deep-fried too. However, now cooking oil is so expensive, best to steam where possible.

  4. Fish is not cheap but we still have to eat… I also like them steamed or fried, either way, eat while they are still hot…

    Don’t go for the very popular ones like the white pomfret (ikan bawal putih), ikan tapah or even the patin. Those will burn a hole in your pocket…and I’m not talking about the wang poo liao – those upriver freshwater fish that cost an arm and a leg.
    Go for the cheaper ones – some can be very nice.
    I bought a siakap (barramundi) this morning for less than RM18.00, big enough for two meals for the three of us. We had it steamed and it was simply out of this world.
    Less than half the price of the ikan lajong we had at the restaurant the other day and everybody says it is a whole lot nicer!

  5. Hubby is not very fond of fish so I don’t buy fish often. When we were young, we prefer fried fish but steamed is the healthier.

    But fish is healthy! For people like me who must stay away from red meat, fish is an invaluable source of protein. I must stay away from dairy products and eggs too!!! Terrible.

  6. My problem with fish is the bones! I like them to be filleted, so I don’t have to pick through the flesh to avoid the bones.

    I don’t mind if there are not too many and the bones are big enough to single out and put aside. Have to eat slowly and enjoy though – eating them filleted takes away half the fun. One does not even know what the fish looks like.

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