When I was at the doctor’s clinic the other day, the guy said that he would like to run a blood and urine test so I had to go back there the next day to see the results. Like in the cases of my previous two visits, I was there before 8.00 a.m. to get myself registered at the receptionist counter after which I had to wait till around 9.00 a.m. for the doctor to come in from his rounds at the medical centre.

Yes, I went to the coffee shop next door again for breakfast but no, I did not want to order that very nice Foochow fried noodles, wet/with sauce/gravy, special that I had not too long ago.

However, it was a Friday, our no-meat day, so I asked for the moon/braised version of the noodles with fish only and this was what I got…

Gosh!!! The serving was HUGE! I was thinking that there was enough to be shared by two persons and yes, there were quite a lot of the ingredients added except that they were just the fish and the green vegetables (sawi).

There were only some small bits of the very nice fish (I think it was the labang again – I did not bother to ask this time)…

…though. I suppose if I had ordered the special minus the prawns, they would give me some bigger slices of the fish and a lot more of it.

I sure was pleasantly surprised when I asked how much my plate of noodles was – it was only RM4.50…

…believe it or not – so very reasonable!

In fact, I would think it was really cheap especially when we compare that to a plate of kampua mee with a few paper-thin slices of boiled pork…

…and they charge RM4.00 for that! Incidentally, word has it that they have jacked it up (AGAIN!!!) to RM4.50 now and frankly, I am amazed that there are still a lot of people foolish enough to go there to be slaughtered!!!

I asked one of the Iban ladies working here at this coffee shop and she told me that RM4.50 is the price for all the fried noodle dishes from the chu char section at the back. That sure is a steal, don’t you think?

HAO KE LAI CAFE & REST (2.292095, 111.836698)…

…is located along Lorong Mahsuri 1B, off Jalan Pedada, in the block of shops to the left of the Rejang Medical Centre, main building.

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10 thoughts on “Reasonable…”

  1. Yes, that’s really a steal and somemore the portion is huge, Foochow size…😊😊. I don’t think we can get that plate for RM4.50 over here. Kolo mee in my area has increased from the usual RM4.50 to RM5.00 and the portion has shrink. Kolo mee kosong RM3.50. Haizzzz… Kong pun bo Yong.

    I was taken by surprise myself because I always order the special so I do not know the current price for a regular. The ones at my late dad’s favourite restaurant is RM6.00 but that air-conditioned place is not known for being cheap.

  2. The last time I had medical check up in my little kampung, the price was RM110. Yes, they did take my blood and urine samples too. But I had to fast from 9pm onwards from the day before the test.

    Not sure we have moon mien with fish slices, our version always comes with pork either in slices or mince.
    Ha ha… we really don’t serve dongfen (that’s how we usually call tang hoon in Johore), the way you serve in Sibu. I have never ordered dongfen in soup like that. My little kampung, as a town, it’s rather small. But in terms of district by area, it is the biggest in Johore. The main town is Kota Tinggi also known as Johor Lama on History books. Yes, it was the previous capital of Johore state before Johor Bahru.

    1. RM110 is so so so long ago, I don’t think you can get a complete test at that price anymore these days. Yes, they will ask you to fast before you go – I guess it depends on what they are testing.

      Kota Tinggi is a BIG town!!! Bigger than Sibu, what little kampung? Perhaps you have been away too long so you do not know what they have there…or you eat at home most of the time when you go back.

  3. I like huge servings and at RM4.50 even better! But I can only dream of such prices over here.

    Dream…dream…dream! Hopefully, the price has not gone up these few days – everywhere, they are shooting up like crazy!!!

  4. The price is so cheap compared to what we have to pay here which is about RM6.50 to RM7 for a plate of fried noodle with smaller portion and very little ingredients. Fried noodle with fish will cost more. Those who came back from KL are complaining that the food in Ipoh is more expensive than in KL!

    Impossible! Everything is so expensive in KL and very often, they leave the cooking and everything to the migrants – not nice at all. I went and ate something at a stall owned by an Ipoh guy at Jalan Alor – it was so good that I had to go again. The 2nd time, he left everything to the Indon maid even though he was there himself, did not lift a finger to help…and it was not nice. I never went back again!!!

  5. Wow.. you can order those any other day then… for such a price, I wonder how much they can make… even the kampua noodles is reasonable… our place here, wanton noodles is over RM5 … no more under that price anymore…

    They make less but with the huge turnover every day, lots of customers coming and going every day, they make a lot of profit. I hear some of them own a few houses, believe it or not.
    Once, a student asked me to help with his scholarship application – his father was a kampua mee seller. My eyes almost popped out when I saw that in a year, his father earned a lot more than me, a teacher…and that was the declared income. I wonder how much he actually made!!!

  6. Foochow fried noodle looked good. Here, it would be around RM6 now. There is one my hubby enjoyed. He said can compare to what he had in Sibu.

    Where’s the nice one in Kuching? The Backyard? People from Song? Not getting good reviews because of the service and what not – the food, no complaint, everyone seems to love it.

  7. Wow.. Foo chow fried noodle definitely reasonably priced! Looks yummy too.
    Sighhh… Unfortunately everyone taking the opportunity to increase their prices. =_=

    Yes, some have gone a bit too far. Should boycott those places – don’t go to those places that overcharge. Let them go bankrupt!!!

  8. Wow the prices are really good, you can never get anything here at that price sometime even instant noodles are more expensive.

    My brother in Auckland said that the standard price there for any Malaysian noodles would be NZD17.90…and that’s before conversion (X3) and more often than not, they are not even nice, not like the ones here. Shocking, eh?

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