Back where I started…

Yes, it has been a month since my last routine visit to the doctor so the other day, I had to go again and yes, once again, I made it a point to go early so I got there before 8.00 a.m. and got myself registered at the receptionist counter. She said I could go out for breakfast or whatever and come back at around 9.00 a.m. and that was exactly what I did.

I went back to that same coffee shop next door but no, I did not order anything from the chu char (cook & fry) stall at the back. Instead, I went back to the noodle stall…

…where I had the noodles the first few times when I started going to that coffee shop.

I had the kampua mee the first time I was there and yes, I made it a point to check the current price…and yes, it is currently RM3.50 a plate too, the same as most of the other places in town.

The second time I went there, I had these pork rib noodles…

…RM6.50 at the time, 2017, not sure how much it is going for now but yes, I did see it on the menu. After all these years, they are still selling that!

They have all kinds of unfamiliar names in their list – Mee Taiwan, Lamb Urumqi Noodles and so on but there were no photographs so I had no idea what they were or what they looked like.

I did not feel like risking it so I did not order any of them and picked the fish ball tang hoon (glass noodles), RM8.00…


Apparently, there were not that many fish balls compared to what I had here

…(and I guess that was why it was cheaper) but I like the texture of the ones here more, not overly-QQ but the soup was not as nice as that one and also the RM6.50 one that I had at that other place

I liked the tang hoon

…here though – they probably blanched or boiled it longer so it was softer and easier to chew and eat. They did not give any options but I guess if you wish to have bihun or kway teow instead, you can always put in your request and that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Their special own-made sourish and spicy chili dip went well with everything and sure brought the taste up to a whole new level.

After I was done, I went back to the doctor’s clinic and much to my surprise, there was nobody else round. Perhaps, like me, they too had gone out for breakfast but they had not come back yet. The doctor appeared (after finishing his daily morning rounds at the medical centre) and I was called in, the first that morning. Ain’t that nice?

HAO KE LAI CAFE & REST (2.292095, 111.836698)…

…is located along Lorong Mahsuri 1B, off Jalan Pedada, in the block of shops to the left of the Rejang Medical Centre, main building.

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5 thoughts on “Back where I started…”

  1. Our noodle stalls in my little kampung don’t usually serve tang hoon in soup.
    Restaurants do have stir fried tang hoon though.
    But they are rather rare.
    We usually have tang hoon in steamboat.

    1. That is strange. Makes me wonder how small your “little kampung” is. A one road bazaar/town like Kanowit here?
      Here, all the stalls selling yong tofu/tofu stuffed with minced meat…or fish balls…or chap chap soup (mixed soup) would have tang hoon, very rare to find them serving these with other types of noodles.
      Yes, they will give tang hoon with steam boat and there is fried tang hoon at some places.

  2. That bowl of fish balls with tang hoon looks great. They do add black fungus too. I like those khiew cai in soup and they are so generous with it.

    Yes, so much khiew chai. I ate a lot but I did not manage to finish all of it. More like khiew chai soup, not fish balls soup. LOL!!! They add some kind of seaweed, black and curly, not black fungus – Foochows love cooking soup with those.

  3. Tang hoon must be properly cooked otherwise too tough and cannot digest well.

    RM3.50 for kampua is cheap. Here, I don’t think I could find such price for a bowl of kampua now. Sigh.

    Yes, like the RM11.00 one I had the other day, not soft enough, rather hard and chewy. My missus will just soak in hot boiling water to soften – it will be like that. Ok for steamboat as the boiling will soften it. Otherwise. MUST boil a bit to make sure it is soft enough. My late dad would never eat tang hoon – gave him indigestion.

    I just heard that the kampua at Soon Hock has gone up to RM4.50. I’m amazed that there are people still willing to go there and be slaughtered. All those around there, good also…only RM3.50.

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