Something that I never had…

I saw my foodie friend sharing photographs of these noodles (RM7.00)…

…a few times on Facebook so of course, my curiosity was aroused. That was something I never saw, much less, had before so, of course, I simply had to make my way to the coffee shop to give it a try.

I could see something like Scotch eggs in it, salted egg yolk wrapped with meat…

…plus a whole lot of minced meat and the guy’s own-made…


…and a whole lot of those green vegetables that I am not a fan of.

The noodles tasted great – they went very well with whatever ingredients or sauce used to toss them and the minced meat was great too. I can’t say I was all that thrilled by the salted egg yolk wrapped in meat though – I thought it wasn’t anything to shout about.

I tried it with the chili sauce…

…provided but no, I did not think they were all that compatible. It tasted like what they will give you if you go to a chicken rice place and yes, it was very nice just that I did not think it went all that well with the noodles. The guy was selling it at RM7.00 a bottle but no, I did not bother getting one to take home.

ALOHA CORNER (2.293843, 111.827118)…

is located at No. 48-52, Jalan Keranji.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Something that I never had…”

  1. Salted egg yolk wrapped with meat is something new to me too. I am also not a fan of those green vegetables. I prefer sawi manis. That plate of noodles looks good though with a generous mount of minced meat.

    Yes, a lot of minced meat. I love sawi manis too, used to buy at a supermarket near my late parents’ house, add when cooking instant noodles. I thought a lot of people like these green vegetables – I see them adding to a lot of noodle dishes e.g. beef noodles. Hard to bite and chew and swallow. I prefer khiew chai.

  2. Noodles with lots of minced meat looks good. The salted egg yolk wrapped with meat is new to me too. Some people may like it. As long as there are greens in my noodles, I am quite happy with it. Of course not the old veggie that I will find it hard to chew.

    I will eat all veggie in the noodles but that does not mean that I like all of them. I prefer the curly vegetable (khiew chai) or sawi manis. They give cangkok manis with pan mee…and kangkong with lor mee. Nice too.

  3. That photo would tempt me to try them, too – a nice balance of colours and textures.

    Unfortunately, the taste was not as overwhelming as it was photogenic. It was, at best, quite all right but no, it was not anything that would get me rushing back for more.

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