A little bit later on…

7.30 a.m. on Monday morning, I was at the car wash – as they say, it’s the early bird that catches the worm. By around 8.00 a.m., I was done so I went round looking for something I could enjoy for my late breakfast.

I ended up at this food court, thinking that I would be able to go for the roast duck/siew yoke kampua mee

…but unfortunately, though the stall was open, there was nothing in the glass display cabinet. Perhaps I should have gone a little bit later as it was too early and the roast meats had not arrived yet (obviously they do not do the roasting and cooking there) and the young guy there was busy getting the stall ready.

The beef noodles stall was not open either and the Seremban guy was nowhere to be seen. Probably they and a few other stalls had taken the day off but looking at the photographs at the stall and the things on the latter’s menu, it sure looked like the guy had added a lot of things to his list of things that are available now. I saw Hakka mee in the list and I remember the very nice one I had at Yi Poh in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan…

I really must make it a point to drop by a little bit later on one of these days to give it a try!

In the end, I decided to order the fish balls soup…

…from the stall to the right of the Lok Lok stall in this section of the food court…

that they proudly declare are their own homemade with mackerel (bay kar/ikan tenggiri), no less.

As you can see in the photograph, there were not many people at the time after I had placed my order and gone to take my seat at a table and wait. Within minutes, a little bit later on, the place was full!

Perhaps it was an optical illusion but the fish balls looked big in the photographs I took…

…and the ones on display at the stall whereas in actual fact, they were flat, about the size of a 20-sen coin. I thought they were a bit over-beaten/whipped so it was a little too bouncy (QQ) for my liking. There could be no denying that lovely mackerel taste and flavour in the delightful soup though and I sure enjoyed it to the max.

A bowl of the soup is priced at RM10.00 and add an extra RM1.00, you can have your pick of any kind of noodles you prefer. Of course, I went for the tang hoon (glass noodles)…

…and that was good!

There were bits of minced meat in the soup but no minced meat balls like the ones in what I had here

…not too long ago. The fish flavour was not that strong in that one but then again, it was only RM6.50 a bowl, so much cheaper and I would say, it was much nicer too (plus there was no parking fee in the vicinity)!

Of course, I shall be back here again soon but I’d try something else, the Seremban guy’s Hakka mee perhaps, not this fish balls soup, not at that kind of price, especially.

7七夜cafe (2.307862, 111.848497)…

…is located off Jalan Sena in the blocks of shops opposite Jalan Deshon on the right, the same side as Wikitea

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “A little bit later on…”

  1. The fish balls soups with tang hoon is my favourite too. As long as the fish balls are purely made of mackerel, fresh and nice, I think it is worth the price. These days mackerel fish doesn’t come cheap too.

    These days, can easily buy the fish paste from Jakar or from Sarikei to make the fish balls, so easy…not so special like before anymore. I prefer the one from Sarikei, nicer than the original Jakar one.

  2. The bowl of fish balls soup with tang hoon looks yummy. My first preference would be tang hoon and second koay teow. If it is purely mackerel fish, then I think the price is reasonable since everything is expensive now. Expecting the prices to increase some more when more subsidies are being withdrawn.

    I would love it with your hor fun, so smooth and silky, so much nicer than our very white and coarse kway teow here.
    These days, we can buy the mackerel fish paste and roll ourselves to make our own fish balls, no need to buy those frozen factory made ones.
    We do not have to go and buy the fish, fillet it ourselves and scrap the meat and whip and pound to make it QQ anymore, no need for all that trouble.

  3. This upgraded kampua mee takes us to another level.
    I am sure I am going to like it.

    I didn’t know there was a sizeable Hakka population in Seremban.
    I saw a lot of Indian folks there though.

    Are those Foochow fish balls? Yong Peng is famous for its Foochow food, fish balls are one of them.
    But their fish balls are much bigger than regular fish balls with stuffed pork mince inside.

    1. Foochow fish balls are HUGE…like hockey or tennis balls, with meat inside, and soup like xiao long pao!
      I’m not a fan of those!
      There are a lot of Indians…and Malays in the peninsular, not predominantly Chinese like here.
      That was why when my girl had to go over to Sg Petani, initially she felt very uncomfortable.
      Chinese town, they told us – got HSBC…but when we got there, it was so different from here.

  4. I like the size and the odd shapes of the fish balls… looks like really handmade type…
    In response to the comments in my blog… so sorry I have not been blog hopping as regular as many years before and not answering the comments too… seems like after I retire, I am more busy than when I was working… LOL>..

    Busy running here and there having a great time obviously…which is a good thing. Something you should do while you can – not like me. The health problems are starting…so there are many things that I do not do anymore. So sad! Can’t even sing karaoke now – lost my voice, would squeak when I speak!!! Old age! Sighhhhhh!!!!!

  5. I thought the fish ball soup looked rather good until you mentioned that they were small and too bouncy. Me too dislike that overly bouncy texture.

    Yes, the texture put me off even though on the whole, the soup tasted really good. Anyway, at that price, I sure would think twice about going for it again.

  6. both the roast duck & fish ball looks really good.

    That’s my favourite roast meat stall in town, all good.
    The fish balls were a bit disappointing, not that great plus a bit pricey too.

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