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This beef noodle place at S/L 25, No. 1, GF, Lorong Bukit Assek 7, has been around since its soft opening on March 17 ,2022 and looking at the crowd there, day in and day out, it is pretty obvious that they have been doing well. Even my Penang blogger-friend, Ken, dropped by when he was in town with his fiancee and finally, at long last, I decided to join in the crowd myself.

I must say that they have been VERY aggressive in promoting their business on social media unlike many of the half-baked eateries around here. I believe many, especially the very good ones, would do exceptionally well if they had taken the trouble to go all out to publicise and advertise and promote their businesses like this one. Some, it seems, seem to think that money will miraculously drop down from the sky!

Initially, I would see something from them on Facebook every day or every other day, so very often and then, there were many of their customers sharing their experiences when they dropped by the place to give the beef noodles a try. It’s a bit quiet now but I guess everybody knows about it already so there is no need to go all out anymore, like before. There were mixed reviews – some liked what they had, some felt others were better, some said it was expensive, others said it was cheaper than others. I guess that is only to be expected – everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion or like I always say, to each his own!

I never dropped by to try though, despite the fact that my girl’s school is about a hundred metres away but when my girl came home talking about how her colleagues went and were praising it to the skies, nicer than here, they said (though I’ve heard others saying otherwise), I reckoned it was time for us to drop by and give it a try for ourselves, first-hand.

I had the triple – the beef, tripe and tendon, dry (RM21.90)…

…while my missus had the tripe, dry (RM10.90)…

…and our girl had just the beef, also dry (RM12.90)…

…with their own-made noodles…

…which were very firm and al dente, not quite like our regular (not) yellow noodles here in Sibu and each order came with this delightful bowl of beef soup…

The soup was very good, bursting with the taste and flavours of beef and we all enjoyed our individual orders of noodles. We never had these Taiwanese-style beef noodles dry before so we were unable to compare with the rest that we had had before, all the soup versions. I would say, however, that there was room for improvement where the tripe was concerned, not as soft and nice as what I had here but the meat and the tendon were fine.

arki” is Iban for grandfather and of course, “sapi” is cow or beef and it is stated in front that it is own [SIC} by Minah Cafe…

…a Malay coffee shop at another part of town once. However, the guy running the place, obviously the owner, looked very Chinese and looking at all the other customers – a lot of Chinese and Malays, it did come across to me that this place was truly reflective of what we call keluarga Malaysia, all in the family.

The place is very small but there are TWO air-conditioners so it can get to be quite cold. Those not fond of air conditioning would be better off dining al fresco – there are tables and chairs outside all around where customers can sit and enjoy what they order.

Unlike the other (very popular) place that I mentioned earlier, there were many customers but not overly so and the waiting staff members were very prompt and efficient and what we ordered were served pretty fast. We did not have to wait forever like at that other place…and for that reason alone (among others), I dread going back there ever again!

ARKI SAPI NOODLE HOUSE (2.288391, 111.834351) is located at 33D, S/L 25, No. 1, GF, Lorong Bukit Assek 7.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Join in…”

  1. It has been a long time since I last have beef noodles. My favourite Taiwanese beef noodles is at Carpenter/Upper China Street. I prefer dry version to soupy in any type of noodles. Even instant Mee Daddy I like it in dry version.Of all the 3 sets, I will go for Melissa’s choice.

    Not sure where they have Taiwanese beef noodles in Kuching. I used to go for Ah Mui, dry so I would get the kolo mee kosong plus the soup with the beef and everything and taugeh inside. The last time in Kuching, I tried Nuromen, the same as Ah Mui but a lot nicer. I loved it!

  2. My choice would be the triple too. I love beef tendon and tripe.

    We are similar in so many ways. Great minds think alike…

  3. I too would go for the triple. I would love to try the dry version. We usually have the soup version.

    First time trying the dry, always had the soup, this Taiwanese style version. I think the soup is nicer. The noodles are more compatible when eaten with the soup.

  4. You’re right, I don’t think I had the dry style in Taiwan either.
    Just the beef for me please.
    But the soup does look a bit too oily.
    Should remove extra fat floating on top before serving.

    1. No fat floating on top. If there is oil floating on top, I would not touch it.
      At home, I would use my fat separator to get rid of the layer first
      but actually, in the end, the fat-free soup is not as nice. Best to just throw it away.
      This one is just the reflection of the yellow lights all above, hanging from the ceiling. I hate places with a lot of lights,
      prefer natural sunlight, no such reflection. Took a while to snap one photo and even then, not as nice as it should look.

  5. Yes, I often wonder how businesses survive without a good social media plan these days.

    Those that promote their businesses aggressively online do seem to enjoy a lot more business than those that do not bother. Kinda sad if they are really good but owing to the lack of publicity, they do not get that many customers. Times have changed – they must realise that…for their own good!

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