Just as good…

I have not been to this kuih stall at Rejang Park for a long time, probably not since the outbreak of the pandemic. As a matter of fact, I did not even know whether they were open for business around that time.

The problem is parking by the roadside right in front of the stall is virtually impossible and one would have to park on the other side of the shops at the commercial centre and walk all the way. I sure would think twice about venturing out and doing that when the pandemic was at its height.

Well, it so happened that my missus went shopping at the shops in the vicinity that day and she stopped by the stall to pick up a few things for tea that afternoon. Yes, she did buy a pack of their chai kueh

I wouldn’t say that the ones here are the best in town but they are pretty good, just as good as some of the nicer ones that I have bought elsewhere. I sure would want to buy if I happen to be around there.

She also bought their or koi (deep fried yam cake)…

…that used to be the best in town. Then, the quality dropped and it became very soft and wobbly, obviously the result of not enough yam and too much flour so I never bought the ones from there ever again.

I guess my missus did not know that as I used to be the one going out to buy these things in the hot afternoon so she bought quite a lot home. I gave it a try…

…and much to my delight, it was very good. I could feel the mashed yam inside and no, it was not all flour, not wobbly at all. The slices are much smaller now but the problem was my missus just grabbed all that she wanted and paid for the whole lot at one go and she did not know the price of each item that she bought.

I guess she does not know either that a lot of the kuihs there are homemade by folks staying in that housing estate, left there at the stall for sale and generally, I would say that most of them aren’t that great, not worth the calories.

She bought some mang ngee (horse’s ears) but it was horrible. Their ang koo kuih

…is very nice but she did not buy any. Maybe it was because these are sweet and I am supposed to be on a low sugar diet.

My daughter loved their chai peah

…too but no, she did not buy those either.

Well, now that I know they are back in action full swing and since I am not too fond of what I can get from the stall in the next lane from my house, I will be making my way here like before whenever I feel like having some nice kuihs for tea.

LIM TIONG KHAY Chinese kueh stall (2.306707, 111.836471)…

…is located beside the Chinese medical store among the shops at Rejang Park in the block facing Jalan Teruntum to the left of what was formerly the Zenith Mint Cinema.