Take a break…

This is one of the regular places that we would go to for our lunch or dinner but it was closed for over a week because of the Gawai. Most of their waiting staff members are Iban ladies so of course, at this time every year, they let them take the week off to go back to their longhouses to celebrate.

Well, we were out for dinner last Friday and I decided to drive past to see if it had reopened after taking a break. Much to our relief, it had and there were ample parking spaces right in front. I guess we were a bit too early – it was only 5 something but there were already two or three tables of customers inside! I don’t know now but before the pandemic, if you go at the usual time, around 6 or 7 something, there would not be a table available for you unless you made a reservation early as most of the time, it would be full.

Yes, it was our no-meat day so we had the honey prawn balls…

…one of their signature dishes, and yes, it was as good as always.

My girl did not want one of her favourites here, their salad calamari – deep-fried batter-coated sotong (squid) served with mayonnaise so we had those fried with dried chili and Bombay onions…

…instead. It tasted great but I thought the sotong was too big and a little hard. That is why when I buy squids, I would go for the medium-sized ones. The small ones would be too tedious to clean and would take ages so I never bought those.

The braised own-made tofu

…was so good even though we asked them not to add the bits of chicken in the dish. The tofu was so so so smooth and soft – whoever handled the slices to deep fry them for the dish must have been a very gentle and delicate person. I am sure they would be a mess if I were the one doing that!

For the vegetable dish, we asked for the midin, ching chao (wild jungle fern, fried plain)…

I guess they fried it with ginger as we could see the very thin strips of the root among the ferns.

Of course we enjoyed that delightful dinner – the total came up to RM50.00 only for the four dishes. Yes, it was a bit more expensive than what we had here and here but this is a full-fledged restaurant, clinically clean and comfortably air-conditioned and all, not some coffee shop nor a stall in one of those and personally, I would say that the dishes served here are a class above those there.

NICE HOUSE RESTAURANT (2.29201,111.82739)…

…is located in the vicinity of the Tunku Osman shops, opposite Rejang Bookstore.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Take a break…”

  1. Only RM50 for the 4 yummy dishes is indeed very cheap considered you have prawns (honey prawns ball) and sotong which aren’t cheap these days. All the dishes looks good like homecooked food which are to my liking whereas for sotong I can give it a pass.

    Yes, it was not all that expensive despite the fact that the prices of everything have gone up.
    Now, why would you want to skip the sotong? You’re not a fan or the sight of the dried chilies scare you off!
    No worries, it was not hot at all. In fact, I think the dishes here suit you really well – nothing hot and spicy, not at all
    …and everything is on the light and mild side.

    1. Remember I am not a fan of sotong, chewy. I prefer prawns to sotong. Usually dried chillies are hot, that is my assumption.. 😁😁

      Yes, very hot and it gives a very lovely red colour to the curry…but dunno why what we had that day was not hot at all. Maybe they soaked for too long in hot water.

  2. I see, today’s seafood diet!
    The prawn balls look so yummy and crispy.
    We have similar fried sotong with very dark soya sauce in Johore too.
    But I don’t think I have seen sotong cut in this particular way (in long strips) before, I thought they were the tentacles at first.

    1. I think these were the imported frozen ones – I saw them at the supermarket that day. HUGE sotong rings. Ya, cut into strips like that, they do look like tentacles. Can’t beat the fresh ones, these lack the sweetness, dependent on the taste of the ingredients used in the cooking.

  3. RM50 is considered cheap for me. These days we don’t order sotong because we won’t be able to chew them properly. I have not tried ching chao fern. We usually cook it with sambal belacan or with Thai sauce.

    I am not that fond of the ferns kerabu or Thai sauce style and I do not like the belacan and dried prawns they use – cheap ones, not nice…so I will just order ching chao and enjoy the original taste of the ferns. I do not have a problem with the sotong even though the ones we had that day were big and quite hard. You all have dentures, perhaps? Not me.

  4. If no meat days are like that then I can go no meat days everyday! Seafoods are my favourite dishes, they’re so good.

    In my growing up years, seafood was dirt cheap. These days, it is pain forking out the money to buy!

  5. At first, I thought the sotong were really thick noodles. I must have a carb craving.

    Yes, they do look like those Japanese noodles, not anything like sotong.

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