Float on…

I was amazed when I read this piece of news in some tabloid (I think it’s from Singapore) the other day – Hong Kong is in danger of permanently losing an iconic landmark (or seamark) — the famed Jumbo Floating Restaurant because I did not realise that it was still around after such a very long time.

Opened in 1976, it used to be one of the highlights for tourists visiting Hong Kong. I was there when I went in the mid-80’s…

I remember we had a lavish meal there but no, I did not take any photographs of what we ate – people in those days did not have the habit of taking snapshots of everything they ate.

One thing I can remember is that after we had finished eating, we were allowed to bring the chopsticks

…home to keep as souvenirs for remembrance. Believe it or not, we have kept ours to this very day, precious antiques…

Located in Aberdeen Harbour…

…the restaurant was featured in several movies including the James Bond flick, “The Man with the Golden Gun” starring Roger Moore, Jackie Chan’s 1985 film “The Protector” and Stephen Chow’s “The God of Cookery“.

The three-story-high restaurant spanning 76 meters (249 feet) has reportedly served over 30 billion customers since its opening day, including royals such as Queen Elizabeth II, Hollywood stars, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Cruise and Hong Kong actor, Chow Yun-fat.

Everyone was encouraged to dress up in the Chinese Emperor’s and Empress’ clothes for photographs sitting on the throne and what not but no, we did not go for it. I went and googled to see if I could find photos of people doing that and guess who I saw! My Penang blogger-friend, Isaac…

I think he was there with his missus quite recently in 2010. They did have a photo taken while sitting on the throne but they did not dress up in those ancient Chinese costumes…and yes, he did take some shots of the food he ate – you can click the link to hop over to his blog and have a look!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Float on…”

  1. You brought home this pair of chopsticks and keep it till this very day? That’s treasures…. 😊😊. What is the chopsticks made of? Wood or plastic.

    I guess they’re plastic, those old school chopsticks back in the old days that look like ivory, just that they’re not ivory.

  2. Believe it or not? I still have not been to HK before.
    My family told me that Macao was actually more beautiful than HK.
    Oh yes, I sure have heard of Jumbo before. Not the elephant, but the floating restaurant in HK.

    I still a few pairs of wooden chopsticks in my London home, but we had replaced the rest with Korean steel chopsticks that look like Japanese ones. Not the traditional Korean flat ones. These steel chopsticks are going to last forever. The only con is the metal tips can get very hot when you pick up hot food.

    1. We did not like Hong Kong. Those days, pre-independence, they were very proud…and loud and rude. They would just ignore you if you could not speak Cantonese…and we could not speak a word!

      I’m not so good at using those Korean metallic chopsticks. As a matter of fact, I am not that good at using all chopsticks…in general.

  3. Its a pity that this iconic landmark or seamark will be gone soon. We also had these type of chopsticks but they are not souvenirs from HK.

    Yes, in my growing up years, we had all these “ivory” chopsticks at the Chinese restaurants. At the coffee shop stalls, they used the black or red bamboo or wooden ones. Later, there was a switch to red plastic ones at the restaurants…and other colours as well.

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