No class…

My girl would not want to drop by here because she said that everytime we went, I would always end up getting very angry over this and that. I got quite pissed off by their chipped crockery, their poached egg that was raw and only the yolk was left yet they served it like that, how the staff could not converse in English even though it was a western restaurant and so on and so forth and yet they try to project themselves as a high class joint, a place for fine dining, serving the most exclusive expensive cuts of beef.

Well, after all this time, curiosity got the better of me and we did go over last Sunday evening to see if things had changed for the better. All this time, whenever we passed by, we would see the crowd inside and also all the cars outside so we decided to go early before dinnertime, at 5.00 p.m. thinking that there would be fewer people around.

Unfortunately, the place was packed. There were only a couple of tables available but service was good, very prompt and it was not noisy or rowdy until a couple of guys came and the whole time they were there, they talked as if they were delivering a speech to everyone in the room. Why on earth would people talk so loudly, really? It would only take a couple of the likes of these to ruin the nice ambiance of the place. No class at all!

Going back to talk about the service, they had so many young boys and girls on their waiting staff. One approached our table the instant we sat down and he would key in our orders in his smartphone. Hmmm…impressive! Very high tech! He was quite comfortable speaking in English, no problem at all.

Despite the crowd, the food came VERY fast, starting with this plate of Ceasar salad (RM26.00)…

…that we ordered. We were very impressed by how generous they were with the poached chicken (which was a little bit warm when they served it – I had expected it to be cold like everything else in the plate). Unfortunately, when we started eating, I was horrified as to how salty the dressing-coated lettuce was – perhaps if we had shredded the chicken and mashed the egg to mix with the veg, it would help a bit but no, we had no intention of doing that ourselves.

My girl said her spaghetti carbonara grana padano (RM38.00)…

…was good but aside from the extra creamy pasta, there was nothing much else other than that thin slice of bacon for that kind of money. She said that the serving was bigger than what she had before so she was not able to finish all of it…and I had to do that for her, not that I enjoyed the richness all that much.

The mum went through the Asian section of their menu – she does that all the time as she is not really into the western stuff and she ordered this claypot seafood pasta (RM26.00)…

…which I would say was inexpensive considering that there were all those prawns, mussels, clams, cuttlefish and so on…compared to the pasta my girl had. My missus said it tasted something like our char chu mee (the Foochow fry & cook noodles soup) and was very nice – she enjoyed it very much!

By the time the pizza prosciutto e funghi (RM38.00)…

…came, we were already very full so we just had a slice each (and yes, it was VERY good!) and had the rest packed away in a pizza box for us to take home. That was done in a jiffy, no problem at all.

For dessert, I asked for the panna cotta (RM12.00)…

…and I sure wasn’t pleasantly surprised to see that it was served with matcha (green tea) sauce. If it was stated in the menu, I did not notice it and since I am no fan of matcha, I did not really enjoy it. It was a bit bitter but the saving grace was that it was not sweet which was good for me now that I am on a low sugar diet.

We had their complimentary bottled water and the total came up to RM148.40 (inclusive of the 6% SST).

All in all, I must say that the waiting staff members are a whole lot better than the ones we encountered before but there were so many of them. Perhaps they should be stationed at strategic points so they can pay a lot more attention to the diners, instead of just leaving them to their own devices to loiter around here and there.

For instance, when we had finished the Ceasar salad, nobody came to take away the plate that I had placed by the side of the table and by the time the pizza arrived, I wouldn’t mind getting a new plate to replace the one covered with the creamy dressing from the salad and the carbonara sauce from my girl’s pasta. I had to go through the chore of getting their attention to get them to come to our table to do that.

Well, we may drop by again and all the time I was there, I was thinking that it would be good to dine al fresco – they have all the tables and chairs outside but nobody sat there. For one thing, I am not fond of the air-conditioning and I sure would love to take advantage of the natural daylight outside for more flattering snapshots of the food served.

CAFFEINE CAFE (2.302620, 111.842988) is located on the ground floor of Wisma Liberty, Block 3, Lorong Dr Wong Soon Kai 7, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada) – on your left, past the Jalan Ulu Oya Road (Sacred Heart School) traffic lights if you are coming from town.