See you in September…

Somebody shared a photograph of something here…

…that I thought was very nice and he told me where he had that. Of course I made up my mind to drop by and check it out one day. It so happened that last Saturday morning, my girl and the mum joined some activity at the church so I dropped them off at the venue and I decided to hang out here and wait till they were through.

Unfortunately, at around 7 in the morning, most of the stalls were not open yet and another problem was that I could not remember what it was that my friend had that looked so very nice. In the end, out of the couple of stalls open, I decided to go for the kampua mee here…

…seeing how most everybody was ordering from there.

I had the kampua mee, white/original (RM3.50)…

…which turned out really good, very authentic, very old school – just like what we grew up eating and loved so well except that they did not dye the meat red which I thought was very good.

I remember they used to do that all throughout my growing up years – the paper-thin slices of boiled meat would be red on the outside. I don’t know if they did that to make it look like char siew (barbecued meat), which it wasn’t! Eventually, there came a ban on the dye used to colour the meat red so the practice stopped altogether all of a sudden. After sometime, some people started colouring the meat red again – I don’t know if they managed to find some dye that would be safe so they just cast caution to the wind and went ahead with it. Others did not bother to do so and were quite happy to serve their meat colourless.

I also asked for a bowl of gu tor (beef tripe) soup (RM6.00)…

…which was so very good! I think out of the many I had all over town, this one was my favourite!

The gu tor was done to perfection, so soft, so very nice, no smell at all…and it went so well with the slightly spicy and sourish chili dip that they gave with it. The soup was simply out of this world – the sprinkling of daun sup (Chinese celery) sure brought the taste to a whole new level. I loved it!!!

I only had to come out with RM9.50 for the very nice breakfast compared to RM12.50 for what I had here and it wasn’t even nice! I guess anybody can guess where I would be heading to everytime I feel like having some gu tor mee again.

SEPTEMBER CAFE (2.303400, 111.849111) is located at No. 65, Lorong Pahlawan 9, a few doors to the left of Secret Recipe, the Sibu Bus Terminal outlet here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “See you in September…”

  1. That was really very authentic and old school type of kampua mee. I remember a joke a friend told me about the paper-thin slices of meat that if you sit under a fan with full speed, they will flew off from your plate…🤣🤣. That is how thinly sliced they are. RM3. 50 for such a huge portion. Most kolo mee will increase come 1/6/22. My favourite kolo mee stall is now charging RM5 per bowl, an increase of 50sen.

    RM5.00!!! That’s the price of one plate of Foochow char mee here.
    We have kampua at one place here – RM4.00, self-service some more – you have to get your cutlery and the water for sterilising them yourself. Imagine you going to get and somebody grabs your table! What a nuisance!
    And yet, always crowded, nice but not THAT nice, can always go elsewhere.
    Dunno why people are so stupid.

  2. I know I would enjoy the gu tor soup. I think it is better that the meat was not dyed red. I am very scared of artificial coloring.

    Yes, some of the red colours are quite electrifying, nothing like the char siew red…very very frightening. It’s a wonder people want to eat that!!!

  3. You found a nice place for kampua and beef soup!!!

    Now you mentioned it I did remember that most kampua shop I have been to during my stay in Sibu, mostly served plain, white meat. Not dye in red
    I think that is better and safer!! Sometime I also wonder what they added in making char siew. Lol.

    Yes, this is a good place. I will surely go back there again and again.
    I wonder what red colour they use – maybe char siew sauce…or a bit of ang chao? If they are using such natural colours, I sure do not mind…not those prohibited dyes!

  4. I like the plain meat slices without any colouring and the kampua noodle looks good. The gu tor looks good too.

    Yes, it is in the taste, not the colours. Like those very colourful cakes, some may look attractive but taste awful!

  5. Not sure if I would enjoy gu tor, but most definitely to give it a go.
    I don’t eat pig’s stomach but pig’s stomach soup is so yummy!
    Like mine very peppery.
    I love white pepper from Sarawak!
    Ours on the Peninsula is not as good as yours.

    1. I love all innards – each may have its own unique taste but beef tripe is quite tasteless, will depend on the dip
      and if not well done, it may be chewy/rubbery – quite impossible to eat and what’s worse, there may be an offensive smell..
      I guess the soup is basically bone stock – the longer you simmer, the tastier, the nicer. They will keep diluting it though
      so without the pepper and msg and light soy sauce, it can be quite bland/tasteless at the end of the day.

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