The food stalls here seem to have their loyal followers as they have been around for such a long time and they are still going strong.

The kampua mee stall…

…has been here for as long as I can remember and yes, it is pretty good. It’s RM3.50 a bowl now, much cheaper than that one a few doors away to the right at the end of the block. Theirs has gone up to RM4.00 and I hear that despite having to pay more, you have to go and get your own cutlery, pour your own hot water to sterilise them and everything and honestly, I would say the noodles are good, among the nicer ones in town, but not exceptionally so. I, for one, would much sooner go some place else…cheaper.

The kway chap

…stall is still around too. I’ve had it a number of times and though I would not say it is the best, I would say it would rank among the nicer ones in town. Rumour had it when they first opened here that it was the popular stall here before – somebody else has taken their place there and is doing very well. too.

Well, I have not been here for a long time and last Friday, I took my car to the car wash after which, I stopped by the bank to settle some matters and when all was done, I decided to go some place for a bite to eat.

It is quite a problem to go some place to eat on Fridays as we usually abstain from meat on this day every week. That was why I decided to go for the Sarawak laksa (RM7.00)…

…here, with specific instructions not to add any of the shredded chicken. This stall too was rumoured to be the one here a long long time ago and after they moved here, somebody else took their place there and is doing just as well, if not better.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw what was served that morning because it was so pale, so colourless – it did not look like it was going to be good at all. Probably a sprinkling of chopped spring onion or daun sup (Chinese celery) would add a bit of green and will make it appear a whole lot nicer. Thankfully, it tasted all right and after I had added ALL the sambal belacan and squeezed the calamansi lime juice into it…

I would say I was quite happy with how it tasted in the end.

I sure wouldn’t mind some more sambal to enjoy everything with but I was too lazy to get up and go and ask so I decided to do without some more. At the end of the day, I personally feel that the one here at the coffee shop round the corner wins hands down! Besides, their regular, the one without all those giant prawns and what not, is just RM6.00 a bowl, a ringgit cheaper than the one here.

The roti canai stall…

…has been around like forever too! I did mention in some of my posts that one would find it hard to find halal food/food suitable for Muslims around this part of town and this roti canai stall is one of them.

I ordered the kosong (plain) but I was told that it was not available so I asked for the roti telur (RM3.00)…

I almost had a heart attack when told the price and I thought the one here, RM2.70, was a rip-off, so very expensive.

However, I was somewhat consoled when I started eating…

…it as it was so very nice, different from all the roti telur I had had elsewhere.

It was kind of fluffy and nice, very fragrant with the egg and everything in it and I really enjoyed it with the very nice dhal curry dip…

…that came with it.

I certainly would think twice about ordering that again though. At RM3.00 for just one piece of that, I can’t say I did not feel the pinch.

There are a few other stalls, two, at least and the chu char (cook & fry) at the back, the dim sum stall and also the very famous/popular chicken rice place here as well but they do not have anything that I can eat on a Friday.

CHOPSTICKS CHICKEN & RICE (2.312434, 111.845917) is located in the Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada area of shops, facing the church along Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Loyal…”

  1. RM4 for kampua mee is still quite affordable I guess. Roti telur is definitely cheaper in KL areas. Hehehe… Any reason why you ask for no shredded chicken for the laksa?

    Religion. I abstain from meat on Fridays.

  2. I am as disappointed as you at one look of the Sarawak laksa…😊😊. Luckily, it tasted alright after adding in the sambal belacan and calamansi juice. These little things sometimes does
    the trick. The roti telur looks great and so is the price.

    Yes, RM3 for a piece of roti telur is shocking! Thankfully, the Sarawak laksa tasted alright, not the best in town but it was good enough. People like to gather here in groups…like for reunions when all come back to town and everyone will have something one would like to order, though not necessarily the best – very convenient.

  3. Nothing is cheap nowadays, yesterday I bought a packet of rice with two fried eggs for my furry member, it cost RM3…. hahahaa.. lazy me, I could easily cook that for only a ringgit…. I like the roti canai you put up, yes, it looks kind of soft and fluffy….

    Yes, the roti telur was very nice…but RM3.00 for just a roti is a bit too much. Will think twice about having it again.

  4. The food here is much more expensive than those in your area. I don’t know the current price for roti canai or roti telur. Expecting prices to go up further starting June 1st.

    Hopefully, things will still be available and the price increase will not be too high.

  5. I have no idea how much roti telur cost over here because I don’t eat it at all. Food prices have gone up and everyone is complaining. Sigh….

    Generally, the prices of most things here have stayed the same but for things like cooking oil and so on, we can see an increase. Not too much but I guess everyone will feel the pinch. Would be worst if suddenly everything is no longer available…like chicken over at your side and in Singapore.

  6. Ha ha… It’s Maggi without the E?! Seriously, I never really paid attention to the brand name.
    Especially, the both sound the same.

    Oh your roti telur is interesting. Ours is more like murtabak with egg inside, square in shape.
    I actually prefer telur tampal, where I can enjoy the runny egg yolk. Yum! I also quite like roti bawang.

    Need to find Sarawak laksa when I’m home next time. Do you say lakSA or lakSE in Sarawak?
    The last letter A is usually pronounced like the letter E in Johor. But laksa is an exception, it’s always lak”sa” not lak”se”. When I went to Terengganu, local Chinese there said lakse though, which I found rather interesting. Have you tried Terengganu laksa before? It’s white like our Johor lontong, but a lot spicer and fisher.

    1. It’s SA here, Bahasa Sarawak is Bahasa Baku, DSAI said when he was MOE, just lembutkan sikit.

      I’ve had Terengganu’s laksam…many times and I love it so much.

      If I am not wrong, our murtabak here has meat, sardine or whatever inside…wrapped in egg and whatever, not quite like a roti canai. I’m not into those – my girl loves it!
      Canai, we have kosong, telur, jantan, banjir. cheese etc…etc…etc…
      It’s the dhal dip that I am most concerned with – Just give me the kosong,
      spare me all those gimmicks, don’t waste your time!!!

  7. I am very confused as to how Roti Kosong would not be available, as it is literally just dough….they had to have the dough and cracked an egg for Roti Telur right? LOL Maybe I have been away from home for far too long and forgot what Roti Kosong is, but I am pretty sure it is just plain Roti dough?

    The laksa is pretty sad looking, but being that I have not had that in almost 3 years now, I will hantam that in a heartbeat LOL

    Indeed! Maybe they were insisting on selling the roti (RM1-1.20) with an egg for RM3.00 to make a bigger profit from more or less the same amount of effort. RM2 for an egg!!! Not a very honest way to make money – I certainly will not bother to go and eat there again, never mind that what I had was really very nice.

    To give credit where credit is due, the laksa was quite nice…but at the coffee shop round the corner, it is RM1.00 less, much nicer and you get much more. I guess this one is better known among the locals with its reputation when at its former location – just about shows that it is important to know where the good ones are and where to go…so as not to just follow the crowd and be shortchanged.

    1. I totally agree with you there Uncle Art, when one is dishonest, it makes me lose an appetite for what they have to offer, no matter how delicious it was once.

      Oh, as for the laksa, I am with you there, I would rather go for the cheaper, tastier option. I am not really one to go with the crowd, but rather my tastebuds LOL Only ones I have to please is them!

      Maybe there are people who will follow the crowd – everyone says it is good so they will all go for it…and say it is good too even though there are nicer ones elsewhere that they have never tried. It amazes me sometimes when a place is not really nice but it is always so crowded.

  8. That roti telur definitely looks different than most, they looks very strechy, I love it

    I am not a fan of roti telur but I sure loved this one even though I can’t say I did not feel the pinch!
    RM3 for a piece of roti with egg – we can get a plate of noodles with meat with that kind of money!

  9. The roti telur does look delicious. I would like that for my breakfast.

    Cut-throat! Daylight robbery! I’d never bother going there again, never mind how nice it may be. I hear the murtabak is worse – been hearing a lot of complaints about this stall since I blogged about it!!!

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