So much more…

I was in the vicinity of this coffee shop

…opposite the massive Everwin Supermarket at the Sibu Bus Terminal here and it crossed my mind there and then that at one time, way back in 2008, I used to go there for the beef noodles. It turned out that the lady running the stall was the mum of an ex-student of mine but I had not stopped by since and I really had no idea whether she would still be there or not.

Of course, the only way to find out was to park my car and go and see for myself. Unfortunately, most/many of the stalls were not open (probably they take the day off on Tuesdays) and no, I could not see any sign of a stall selling beef noodles. The guy at the kampua mee stall looked familiar but no, I was not in the mood for that.

When I got to the other section of this coffee shop, I saw this tall, dark and handsome Bangladeshi guy…

…at one of the stalls over at the other side and I decided to give his roti canai a try.

I had the kosong (empty/plain), RM1.70 a piece…

…which turned out to be pretty good – nice, fragrant and crispy. The dip was not one of those thick, rich dhal dips that I love a lot nor was it curry gravy. I would say it was quite nice though, a whole lot better than some rather diluted, quite tasteless ones at some places here.

I also ordered a piece of the roti telur (RM2.70)…

…which was quite ordinary, nothing to shout about. I am never all that crazy about roti telur anyway – I just ordered it to give it a try.

While I was sitting there, I saw that he also had mee goreng (fried noodles) on his menu so I asked for a plate (RM5.00)…

…It turned out nice, something that I wouldn’t mind eating again but not anything I would go out of my way for. Just like his roti canai dip, the mee was nicer than some other places but there are others that are much nicer. He did say that normally, he would just concentrate on his roti canai and leave the noodles to the Malay stall there (which was closed the whole time I was there and the guy only showed up at around 10.00 a.m. when I was about to leave).

I was thinking that that the prices were a bit on the high side. The mee, not the special with all the add-ons, would be RM4.00 elsewhere but yes, there are places charging the same as well, RM5.00 a plate.

According to somebody on Facebook, roti telur is RM2.50 a piece elsewhere so it is 20 sen more here – I guess that is acceptable. Come to think of it, with all that talk in the news about the shortage of flour, perhaps they have jacked up the prices elsewhere too, I wouldn’t know but an additional 50 sen for the kosong is so much more. I must say that’s a bit too much. Elsewhere, they say, it is only RM1.20 a piece.

I suppose I would not be coming back for these – as they say, once bitten, twice shy. Should I happen to go back, I’d much sooner give the other stalls a try and give this one a miss.

(NEW) YUM YUM CAFE (2.305760, 111.849170) is located along Lorong Pahlawan 7, opposite Everwin Supermarket in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “So much more…”

  1. Have not had roti canai for a long time. Won’t be surprised it is that expensive now. Fried noodles portion is huge. Would love to have more taugeh or greens in it.

    Can’t blame the guy. He said usually he would concentrate on his roti canai business, leave all the frying to the Malay stall there. It was not open that morning, dunno where the guy went, and since I asked for it, he just fried that upon my request. How was I to know, mee goreng is on the menu at his stall!!! After hearing what he said, I was not expecting much…but it turned out to be really very good in the end.

  2. You are very brave, surprisingly since you’ve always post abt not going out to crowded places etc. Well, at least braver than me. The dude manning the roti canai, mee goreng stall has his mask under his chin.

    Excuse me! I still do not go to crowded places…if I can help it – like at my doctor’s clinic that day, so many people but no choice. Blogpost on that coming up soon. Other than that, coffee shops, restaurants with a lot of people – don’t dream of seeing me there.
    This one that morning, I was the only customer in the two-unit coffee shop. Maybe it was because most of the stalls except the kampua mee stall and this roti canai one were closed. If it had been crowded, I would have left and gone elsewhere.

    Yes, and about the mask, now, they say it is not mandatory in open places so I am not that particular about it. I will keep mine on, of course…except when I am eating but I always sit outside at the pavement…and many of the coffee shops here are not walled up so I do feel they are “quite” open. It must be so hot and uncomfortable cooking and everything with the mask on and I did get a few snapshots of some of them with it dangling under the chin…and in the best interest of all parties concerned, I chose not to publish those photos. Yes, I did notice this one…and now that things are a whole lot more relaxed, I decided not to delete it.

    So you are still staying home, staying safe and well, eating and buying home deliveries? Btw, my doctor just came back from Australia (gone there to visit his children after two or more years) – he said they are so free there, like there is no COVID, not like here, all the restrictions. He did not say which one is better though…and I did not ask.

    1. Miscomm. Comment is meant to be brave as in to patronise and eat fr a stall where the cook, server who do not mask up; if it was me, I would have walked out. This context “brave” is in reference or rather comparison to your preference of not going to crowded places etc. In essence, I’m amazed or maybe befuddled that you’re “brave” to patronise this stalls given your previous posts lamenting or being wary abt not going to crowded places. Nopez, I don’t dine out, haven’t done so for last 3 yrs. Yup, that’s correct…even in UK, you are not required to self isolate even if you test positive and this has been in place since February.

      Oh? So you are in the UK, are you? For a while, I thought you were my cousin in Sydney, Australia…but he sure was having the time of his life, partying away with his friends all throughout the pandemic, no masks, nothing! Not much better over in the UK, I’m sure. What with the PM doing exactly that same thing at the height of the pandemic, that hair disaster!

      WHAT? You have not dined out for THREE YEARS? In the UK!~ Amazing!!! I guess you do not order food delivery either…as you will not know whether the people cooking the food prior to sending it over to your house were wearing masks or not – would be VERY brave to eat that!

      At least, at the coffee shops here, we get to see the people cooking at the stalls so we can actually see whether they are wearing masks or not and whatever else they do, not in restaurants unless they have an open kitchen concept – we will never know what they do behind closed doors. Would be so very brave to eat anything that comes out of the kitchen at such places, right? I’ve heard people talking about not complaining – you will never know what they will do to your food before they serve it to you!!! LOL!!! That’s so hilarious!

      But yes, seriously, I do think that this mask thing, thanks to the pandemic, is a great idea…and we should not stop there. They would need to put on gloves as well. Here especially! I think before the pandemic, food handlers here had to go for a course and were allowed to work only if they passed. Don’t hear of this going on anymore. You can imagine them collecting the money from the customers using their bare hands and then picking the ingredients to put on top of your bowl of noodles. That may be worse than cooking or serving your food not wearing a mask. Ah well…there is a wise English saying, “What you do not know will not hurt you!” My late mum used to say, “Lasap ciak, lasap pui!” (Dirty eat, dirty fat!)

  3. You have the roti and fried mee, all by yourself?? Quite a portion for 1 person.

    Heard that there may be possible increment in price for roti canai. Sigh….nothing cheap nowadays.

    I saw he had mee goreng after I had ordered the roti canai and roti telur. I just had a piece of the roti telur, did not bother to finish all as it was quite ordinary. No problem with the canai…and yes, I did struggle a bit to finish the mee – that was quite a lot but I did not want to tapao nor leave any behind, just the roti telur.

  4. It used to be about RM1.20 for a piece of roti canai. Not sure about the current price. The mee goreng looks good but I too like more taugeh in it.

    See my reply to Rose above – that was why I did not make noise about not having taugeh in the noodles.
    They told me it should be RM1.20 here too – RM1.70 is definitely overpriced. Of course, seeing that was the case, I would not bother to drop by here again…especially when it was not exceptionally nice or special in any way!

  5. Yum Yum at least begins with positive presuppositions of what to expect from the food.

    A very popular place once, not too sure now. Most of the stalls were closed that morning when I dropped by.

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