Best so far…

I would say this is the best bak pao (steamed meat bun) so far…

…or to me, at least unless there are other nicer ones around here that I have not got to try yet.

I dropped by the the Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕)/apam balik stall…

…in the next lane from my house the other day and I noticed that the guy was selling these steamed paos. He said that they were from the people at the coffee shop at the end/corner a few doors from where he would be in the morning…

…so of course, I did not hesitate to buy some to try.

I bought two of the meat ones, the bak pao (RM2.50 each)…

…the ones with the red dot and two of the char siew ones (also RM2.50 each)…

…the ones with the two orange dots. According to the guy, there is no egg in the latter (the char siew), just the former (the bak pao).

I loved how the buns would rise to the occasion when I heated them up and took them out piping hot from the steamer. The skin became very soft and very fluffy, so very nice. I tried the bak pao and was delighted to see how generous they were with the egg inside, a quarter wedge (see above photograph), don’t play-play! LOL!!! Of course I was disappointed that they had used minced meat for the filling but that was short-lived as it tasted really very nice.

Should I feel like eating steamed paos again, you can jolly well guess which one I would go and buy, no second thoughts! Not only are they nicer than all the rest that I have tried, or to me, at least, they are cheaper than many of them too!!!

My missus tried the char siew

…and she loved it! She sang praises of the skin and she liked the filling inside as well. Of course I had to try it myself but I would not say it tasted like the usual char siew pao (the ones at all those dim sum places) filling – it had a taste of its own but there can be no denying that it was nice. Too bad there wasn’t any egg inside!

Actually, I went to the stall that afternoon to buy the chai peah

…our favourite in town but I was a tad disappointed. They were still selling at 5 for RM2.00, thank God for small mercies, but I had this feeling that they had scrimped on the ingredients so I did not feel they were as yummy as they used to be.

I also bought the ban chiang kuih even though I am not really crazy about those – my missus enjoys eating them! They were 70 sen each a long time ago, 80 sen the last time I bought any and that day, I was shocked when the guy said they were RM1.00 each!!! What was worse was there seemed to be so little crushed peanut and margarine (not butter, don’t dream!) inside. Honestly, I don’t mind people jacking up the prices of anything and everything but I cannot tolerate how some will shortchange their customers like this – I sure will not bother to go over and buy any ever again!

Incidentally, I think I’ve seen some bottles of homemade soya bean milk for sale at the stall. My doctor said that I need to increase my protein intake so drinking this would be one way I can do that. I used to make my own too but now that I am on a low sugar diet, I will stick faithfully to this brand…

This multi-grain one tastes like green bean (let tao) soup. I like their regular soya bean too and will buy any of the two, whichever is available. They seem to sell really very well – sold out as soon as there is stock on the shelves and I would have to wait for a long long time before they are replenished with new arrivals.

The Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕)/apam balik stall is located on the five-foot way in front of the TCM clinic between Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket and Swee Hung (2.316161, 111.840441) along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – next to a hair salon at the extreme end.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Best so far…”

  1. We used to have a stall making these traditional buns in my little kampung.
    Unfortunately, they stopped making buns a couple of years ago (pre-Covid).
    They even had shredded coconut in palm sugar buns. That was my favourite flavour, don’t think you can get this else where.

    1. Gosh!!! I cannot remember the last time I heard of paos with desiccated coconut filling, probably not since my growing up years. Those days, I did not like anything with coconut so of course, you would never see me eating those paos.

  2. A quarter wedge of egg in your bak pao is indeed a blessing… 😊😊. Over here, so far, the very nice bak pao or char siew pao I had doesn’t have egg any more, no even 1/8 of it and they are RM2. 80 each now. I always buy the fresh soya bean milk w/o sugar added from the stall selling tofu at the market. Hearsay that everything is going to increase more come June next month…😱😢

    Yes, inevitable! Right now, no chickens everywhere, price of cooking oil going up, up and up so not surprised at all that the prices of everything will go up. As long as the increase is reasonable, that is fine – some people may just take the opportunity to hike up the prices to take advantage of the consumers.
    Here, quite a lot of places selling freshly-made soya bean milk, not difficult to make one’s own.

  3. That is high regard coming from you. Want to try it now.

    I’ve been looking for good ones for a long time now. Hopefully this is not just a flash in the pan. Yet to go back and buy some more.

  4. Nowadays, there is no more egg in the meat buns. Hubby likes the meat buns and I like the char siew buns.

    I like the meat ones more but there must be some egg inside! Char siew ones are too sweet for me.

  5. I love V-Soy! Especially the Multigrain and I did not know that they have the no sugar added variant. I must go look for it!

    Quite hard to get the NO SUGAR ones! Gone the instant they have any stock on the shelves…and I would have to wait for a long time for new stock to arrive. They should order more since obviously there is a market for it!

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