Hanoi n u…

I thought they were really daring, opening up this place…

…at the height of the pandemic but thankfully, they have survived and are obviously doing really well. We did drop by once before we entered the endemic stage but it was packed with customers sitting at the tables on the pavement outside on a very hot afternoon. In the end, we decided to go some place else and come back here another day.

Finally, at long last, we managed to do that last Sunday and we were indeed lucky to be able to get a table inside…

The group that went in after us wanted to take the table behind us but they were told that it was reserved and the other vacant tables as well.

Of course, we must order the gỏi cuốn or those Vietnamese rice paper rolls (RM22.00)…

…and we sure were glad we did.

The other Vietnamese dish that we had in mind was the Phở bò, the Vietnamese beef noodle soup (RM22.00)…

…and yes, it was great!

We enjoyed both dishes but they did not come across as all that exotic. They did not seem to have any of those herbs and leaves like the daun kesum (Vietnamese coriander), Thai basil leaves, sawtooth coriander or daun ketumbar, bunga kantan – all those one would find in Vietnamese (or Thai cuisine), bringing the taste of their dishes to a whole new level. Maybe they are being cautious here just in case the locals are not so into these things.

For one thing, they do not have a menu here. You need to scan their QR Code to download it on your smartphone to see what they have via WeChat. I do not have that app but the sweet and pretty waitress let us use her smartphone to do that. In the end, my girl picked this crispy pork & spring rolls with Vietnamese noodles combo (RM20.00)…

…into which we poured in the chili sauce (something like those Thai ones) and tossed…

I tried the pork – I think we have better ones at our siew yoke (roast pork) stalls and shops in town but I loved the deep fried spring rolls. I sure would want to order that as a dish on its own the next time we drop by here. On the whole, it all tasted very good together.

I was not too comfortable scrolling down the menu on the smartphone so I logged into their Facebook page to see what I could find. A few dishes caught my eye like one that looks like ngor hiang to me and another dish of stewed eggs but the problem was they were all not labelled and the waitress did not seem all that familiar with every dish.

There was one with one giant freshwater prawn and she said it was a noodle soup dish (for 2-4 persons) and we could have a choice of yellow noodles, kway teow or bihun and therein lies the problem here – every dish seems to be a set by itself with noodles or rice by the side and you cannot order them without those. If we look at what we ordered, out of the three, two had bihun in them and one had kway teow.

I did see a group at another table enjoying something in a BIG tray and I asked the waitress what that was and she said it was tom yam. Perhaps we will come back here in a group on some special occasion and we can order that then.

Service was excellent, very efficient, very prompt and the very pleasant girl who waited at our table could converse fluently in English, no problem at all. We certainly would not mind dropping by there again and see what else we could have and enjoy.

HANOI PHO SIBU (2.307225, 111.848102) is located at No. 29, Ground Floor, Lorong Sena 8.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Hanoi n u…”

  1. Pardon me, I knew zero about Vietnamese cuisine.. 🤣🤣🤣. You know very well this outdated aunty, not adventurous into food. The Vietnamese beef noodles soup looks pretty good and more or less like any beef noodles but taste wise, it may differ. Just now I went over and click their Facebook page and surprisingly, there are a lot of big prawns dishes, looks awesome.. 😋🤤

    You would love this place, I’m sure, since it is a bit watered down. They do not add all those exotic leaves and herbs so the fragrances and tastes of the dishes are not that strong. People not so used to this type of cuisine will be put off by those – very smelly, they will say. As a result of this, I would say the dishes is not quite Vietnamese, more suitable for many locals. I would order their prawn dishes next time.

  2. I love Vietnamese food and pho is my favourite.
    Have you been to Kingsland Road in East London? There are tons of Vietnamese restaurants along that particular road.
    And I have been to almost every single restaurant there.

    Over here, they serve the garnish separately from the pho. The dipping sauce for raw spring rolls is also slightly different to yours.

    1. The dipping sauce for the pho is the one with the spoon, something like Thai chili sauce, nothing to get excited about.
      The other one with the bean sprouts was for the pho…and as you can see, that was all we got.
      Usually, they would give the daun kesum, daun ketumbar, Thai basil leaves…for people to add to the pho if one so desires.
      Not here, nothing. That is why I say it is very watered down – not many people here will like those leaves
      …same reason why not many here will like our local Dayak cuisine – they use a lot of those leaves too!!!

      I dunno London, was there for one weekend only
      but in 1994, in Plymouth there was ONE Chinese restaurant and two or three Indian restaurants
      – that was all, no Vietnamese, no Thai…and no Malaysian!
      Well, I wasn’t into food…nor blogging then so I would not notice much, anyway.

  3. I consumed a lot of pho in US… my kids love them so every now and then, they take away or call up for delivery. I like the soup with lots of lemon juice.. hahaha.. I like them sourish!

    Oh? What about in Ipoh? Any nice Vietnamese restaurants there? You never were very adventurous when it came to food – sticking to Chinese usually, not so into anything exotic. Looks like your trip to the US has changed you, eh? Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  4. In this warm weather that we are having now, I would prefer to sit indoor, with lesser crowd.

    It has been a while we have Vietnamese food. The last one was before MCO. And my man even bought Vietnamese coffee back from the outlet. Heard it is good but I don’t know. I don’t drink coffee.

    Which one did you go to? Le Saigon is really very good! We loved what we had there.
    My niece bought us some coffee from Vietnam, the best brand…and another time, she brought us the kopi luwak from Vietnam too – so so only,
    Cannot beat our own Sibu local coffee – Mui Hock & Kian Hock. Word had it that Mui Hock – the one I grew up drinking, the shop at Palace Theatre there, is closing down, dunno how true this is.

  5. Oh! One of my favorite cuisines! This post reminded me that I haven’t gone back to have any Vietnamese fare as yet. Everything looks good at this Hanoi Pho Sibu. I too am not so comfy looking at the menu by way of scanning. I still prefer the conventional menu.

    You too? I thought I’m the only one, so old school, so ketinggalan zaman! LOL!!!
    One of those who came to Sibu that day owns An Viet, the Vietnamese chain.

    They came from the city…

    My girl and the mum went to the one at Mid Valley – they said it was so so so good, much nicer than this.
    I think they just opened another outlet around Sunway.
    She keeps asking me to go over, promises me a BIG treat but unfortunately, I don’t think I can take up the invitation. So sad!

  6. I love a good Vietnamese, pho is one of our comfort food

    Didn’t manage to check out a Vietnamese place in Auckland when I was there, no Thai either.

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