I won’t complain…

Believe it or not but right now, this…

…is my favourite nasi lemak in town!

A Malay lady cooks this at home and delivers a few packets to our neighbourhood fruit & vegetable sundry shop in the next lane from my house every morning at 6.00 a.m. I did manage to buy a couple of times, later in the morning, one or two packets that were left over for the day.

I did not know until the other day, the boss of the shop finally told me, that the lady would send it over at around 6.00 a.m. every morning! Of course I stopped by there after sending my girl to school the very next day and yes, the packets of nasi lemak were there, waiting! I grabbed all 6 of them, RM1.50 only each and had one…

…for breakfast and one for lunch and another one for dinner. The ladies had the rest.

At that price, I really have no cause for complaint but based on my criteria for judging a good nasi lemak, yes, the rice is well-cooked, not hard and dry nor soft and soggy, the grains still visibly whole…

…but it falls a bit short with regard to its lemakness – it is not lemak (rich in santan/coconut milk) enough for me.

The sambal, on the other hand, is simply perfect! Yes, it has that familiar regular nasi lemak sambal taste, a little salty, a little sweet and quite spicy and yes, the lady is very generous with it…

Of course, for just RM1.50 a packet, I do not expect much when it comes to the added ingredients…

– the two or three peanuts and the ikan bilis, a stamp-sized piece of omelette and a slice of cucumber. I am quite happy to enjoy the rice with the sambal alone.

At one time, they were selling this nasi lemak wrapped in brown paper for RM2.00 each that was very nice too and it did look that there was a lot more inside. Then they stopped until one fine day when this one appeared. The lady boss at the shop insisted that it was from the same source (the Malay lady) except that she is selling it in plastic bags now. Of course, it does not matter to me one bit since this one is also very nice and needless to say, I shall be buying more in days to come to take home and enjoy…

SWEE HUNG (2.316161, 111.840441) is located along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – next to a hair salon at the extreme end…and on the other end, to the left is the Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I won’t complain…”

  1. One pack is definitely not enough for my big belly!
    I can probably take three packs for breakfast.
    She’s very generous with the sambal portion though.
    More eggs would be nicer.

    1. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more like when it used to be RM2.00 a packet – there was a bit more of everything.
      I also thought I would need two in order that it will be enough for me. It turned out that one is good enough (and maybe a bit of what my girl could not finish) – two may take away some of the enjoyment.
      By the way, have you read the article on “nasi lemak London”? That is exactly my point in these few blogposts on the nasi lemak around here – they don’t seem to be coming out with any that is decently good anymore. What a disgrace!

  2. The search for lemakness in nasi lemak continues… 😊😊. Wow, that day all 3 meals you have nasi lemak. Hopefully, one day you will find your nasi lemak that is lemak enough for you.

    Yes, all day, no need for missus to cook rice. One more stall to check out, a Chinese lady. In the meantime, this one is the best – among the blind, the one eyed jack is the king!

  3. Nasi lemak on a plastic bag, I think that would affect the taste. The banana leaf when heated with hot rice packed on it releases oil that adds to the flavour. Did you notice the difference?

    Yes, the banana leaf would give it a special fragrance. Here, it is either in a plastic bag like this…or wrapped in brown paper, no banana leaf. Dunno why they do not bother to use that. They have that over in the mainland/peninsula…and besides, they do not do it well here – the nasi lemak isn’t nice…most of the time.

  4. Honestly, it doesn’t look great in that plastic bag but as the saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover.

    Yes, sometimes, the presentation does play a part. It gets all messed up in the bag or wrapped in brown paper or banana leaf. Not a sight to behold.

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