Two birds, one stone…

It was my missus’ birthday on Friday, the 6th of May and Mother’s Day was on Sunday, the 8th so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and have a double celebration. We invited my sister to join us, my girl’s godmother, so there were 4 of us altogether.

We made a reservation here

…two days earlier and we were mighty glad we did as the place was packed even at around 6 in the evening.

One look at the piggy banks…

…on display and their logo…

…of a pig in that Jane Fonda (or was it Burt Reynolds’) pose…

…here and there in the place would give anyone an idea of what would be in store there.

We ordered the bacon and walnut salad (RM29.00)…

…because we wanted a change from the usual Ceasar Salad that we would order at this kind of places and of course, the word bacon was an added attraction!

We sure were glad we did because it turned out to be really very nice. I don’t know what dressing they used – there were these little black bits of whatever and I did see balsamic vinegar in fine print in the list in their menu. We all agreed it was good and we sure wouldn’t mind having a go at it again the next time we drop by here.

There were a lot of eager beavers among the very young waiting staff, all Dayaks (I wonder how they will manage when Gawai comes around!), all very pleasant and polite and helpful and they seemed to know a lot of everything they had on their menu. An ex-student of mine was here sometime ago and he loved the bacon steak so I asked the girl what was so special about it – she said it was just 3-layer pork and I could gather from the tone that it wasn’t anything to shout about.

She suggested their signature pork ribs with BBQ sauce (RM39.00)…

…and she added that we could ask for their half serving in which we would get four pieces of the ribs, just nice for the 4 of us, and that was what we did! It sure seemed VERY popular – everybody else was having that but personally, I thought it was, at best, just all right – I have had ribs a whole lot nicer elsewhere in town.

What stole the show was the babi bakar (grilled pork) which we paired with aglio olio by the side (RM32.00)…

It was so very tasty, like very well-caramelised char siew and all of us loved it and promptly added it to our list of must-order items should we happen to come back here to dine again. Unfortunately, the pasta could do with a little bit more cooking that night – that needed a bit of improvement.

The girl taking our orders suggested two of their most popular sausages – the deluxe Nuernberger ring sausage (RM28.00)…

…and the deluxe cheese ring sausage (RM28.00)…

I loved the latter – it was very nice with the very delightful creamy cheese oozing out as we cut into it but I was not too comfortable with the taste of the former with all the herbs that went into it. My girl and my sister were fine with it though.

Basically, this Kuching-original eatery serves German cuisine so you can place an order for their German pork trotter two days in advance, if you are craving for that. I saw the price in their menu – it was over RM100.00 so probably that would be quite big, enough for a number of people to share. We may go for that one of these days.

My girl insisted on picking up the tab that night and no, it was not cheap, dining here. The total for what we had that night was RM168.00, best reserved for special occasions for its very nice dining experience and great food (if you know what to order) and they played some very nice music (English songs) at just the right volume (louder if you’re seated outside) here and that sure made the ambiance of the place rather conducive for anyone looking forward to spending a great evening ahead.

OINKS Sibu (2.286075, 111.847044) is located at Sublot 7-01, Ground Floor, Hann’s Commercial Centre, Jalan Wong King Huo.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Two birds, one stone…”

  1. Wow, the piggy bank looks so cute. Love them. Would like the bacon and walnut salad and the grilled pork. Wonder whether this place is related to Porkies at Jalan Song over here.

    No, they are not the same but both Oinks and Porkies are at Tabuan Heights…and there is also Howdy in Kuching – they used to sell their BBQ ribs here, nice but not cheap:
    …and we went to Mike’s Smokehouse in Kuching, similar kind of place. So many to choose from over where you are!

  2. Oink, oink… I am so hungry now.
    Everything looks so yummy.
    I don’t think we have Oinks on the Peninsula, but there is a franchise called Morganfield’s.
    I have only been there once, not as good as I thought it would be.

    I do like the char siew pasta East meets West fusion. Maybe I should try it out myself one day.
    Oh that ring sausage is Nuernberger? Here we call it Cumberland sausage and it curls like a mosquito coil.
    I suppose Nuernberger is German then, I do like German sausages too. There in Germany, they like to eat sausages with mustard. And I also like German mustard, it is very mild not like pungent English mustard. English mustard is like wasabi that can choke your nose.

    1. Heard of Morganfield’s, never been.
      Over in the peninsula, I went to Tony Roma, very nice, and some other place – one VERY nice one, at least, cannot remember the name now.
      My friend, Annie Q in KL, took us there:
      I don’t think Oinks’ has a branch over at your side – just the main one in Kuching and this fairly new one here.
      I saw Cumberland sausage in the menu – in the other list of less premium sausages.
      Maybe I can order that and try next time.
      I”m not into mustard nor wasabi, dunno if German mustard is any better or not.
      I like to eat anything and everything without sauces so as to get the original/authentic taste.
      Will only resort to sauces when something does not taste good.

  3. The ribs and char siew look good and delicious. The sausage rings sure looks big and good for sharing.

    Yes, we shared all the dishes. After all, we could tapao if we could not finish or ask for a repeat if not enough. We did manage without either one of the two.

  4. Oh! This OINKS is right up my alley! I like all your orders. There’s a place near me, The Butcher’s Table that serves many porky delights. But the food tends to be on the salty side.

    There are a whole lot of others over at your side – this is the only one here, Kuching has more…so thankfully, they have some good stuff on their menu. Will want to go again, that’s for sure.

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