Twinkle twinkle little star…

Gee!!! I did not know that she sang this children’s song until I stumbled upon it the other day. It looks like she recorded an album of lullabies and that song was included – if I am not wrong, Olivia Newton John had an album like that too once a long long time ago.

Well, actually my intention that morning was to go and try the kampua mee at one of the stalls on top of the Dewan Suarah wet market (1st Floor) here. My friend/ex-colleague went there and had this…

Friend/ex-colleague’s photograph on Facebook

…for only RM2.50. Elsewhere, it is RM3.50 now, going up to RM4.00 at some places and besides, it sure looked good in the snapshot.

When I got there, I did not have a problem finding a space to park my car but I was too lazy to climb up the stairs so I decided to stop by this coffee shop…

…instead. Actually this is the back entrance – the front/main entrance faces the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre). You may recognise that apam balik/ban chang kuih (ζ…’η…Žη³•) guy – he is that same guy peddling in my neighbourhood at the next lane from my house in the afternoon. He is here every morning at the back of this coffee shop.

This coffee shop is noted for its fresh coconut water/juice…

…and the guy at that stall is very popular for his chap fan (mixed rice). If you come at around lunchtime, you will see a crowd gathered around the stall, all tapao-ing his chap fan to take away and eat.

I don’t recall anybody saying anything about his fried noodles but I was willing to take the chance and give it a try. I ordered his char mee, moon (the moon version of his fried noodles) and the instant it was served (RM4.00 only – prices may range from RM4.50 upwards elsewhere)…

…I could tell from its lovely wok hei fragrance that it was going to be very good. There was quite a lot of those tiny bits of meat buried under the noodles and I was pleased to see that he was quite generous with the green vegetables (sawi) too unlike what we would find at a lot of places here.

I sure would not mind going back for more but right now, I am thinking of going to try the nice lady’s at her stall beside the chao chai hung ngang stall in the coffee shop next door – I did detect the lovely fragrance from what she was cooking once so one of these days, I would go and check it out.

STAR FOOD COURT is located to the left of DIANDIANLAI CAFE (2.310079, 111.831103) in the block of shops facing the Sibu Civic Centre (car park) along Jalan Dewan Suarah that links Jalan Melur and Jalan Suarah.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “Twinkle twinkle little star…”

  1. My grandson of 2yrs plus know how to sing that lullabies song pretty well though the words are not so clear but the tune is right… 😊😊. I love those coconut water/juice, so refreshing for a hot day. Over here, they are selling RM4.50/per coconut. The kampua mee looks good and as always say, Sibu size.. 😁😁

    My girl grew up on nursery rhymes too. These days, it all depends on the home background – they no longer teach them in school so kids today don’t know all these songs.
    I wonder if coconut water has high sugar content or not – it is sweet, that’s for sure.
    The size is quite usual for us here but RM2.50 sure is a steal! Hard to find!!!

  2. That song sure brings me back to my kindergarten days centuries ago LOL! I wonder if young children of today still learn those songs.

    You ask them what is falling down, who had a little lamb or how many bags of wool did Baa Baa Black Sheep have…and nobody will be able to answer you. Tragic!!!

  3. Wow RM4.00, that is inexpensive. I wish we had that same pricing here.

    Less than NZD1.50. I think it is 10 times this price over there. LOL!!!

  4. RM2.50! That’s what it used to be when I was little. Now everything is RM6 standard price.
    Even more in JB, which is just 40 mins away from my home town.

    I like moon (you mean like braise, right?) style noodles. So nostalgic! I used to have a lot of moon mee with ketchup when I was little. Do you have claypot yee mein (Cantonese style noodles) in Sibu? That’s also very good. Traditionally, it’s soup based. These days you can order dry style too. Just like bak kut teh.

    There’s one very famous bak kut teh stall in my home town, so famous that a lot of Singaporean customers would drive all the way here just to eat it. Honestly, I think it’s good too. I don’t like bak kut teh in Singapore, too peppery like having pig’s stomach soup.

    1. One post on claypot yee mien coming right up! Stick around!
      Generally, I’m not a fan of bak kut teh – will eat sometimes especially when the missus cooks it at home
      but you will not see me stopping by some place to eat it.
      Yes, that’s “moon”. Timing is crucial when cooking noodles this way so it will not be overcooked and soggy.

  5. My hubby was just complained this morning on one kolo mee stall that we brought his cousin to on Monday. Now selling at RM6 per bowl!!! Portion is smaller. Geez. So expensive!!! Other place, mostly sold at RM4.50 or RM5. That was why we rarely went there for breakfast. From RM3.50 to RM4 and going up and up, and now RM6. Sigh. Inflation is moving fast.

    Your fried noodle looked good. Must be good wok hei.

    So far only one kampua mee shop here, RM4.00 and yet, so many customers when it is RM3.50 right next door. Not that it is so very nice, just biasa! Gosh!!! RM8.00 is indeed shocking!!!

  6. We all know that song very well and can still remember the lyrics well. Whenever I look up and see stars in the sky, the song will come to mind. Both the noodles look delicious.

    Yes, somehow we never forget the songs of your childhood…but we can’t remember what we have come into the living room for. LOL!!!

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