When life gives you lemons…

I guess everybody knows by now that I am not really in the pink these days and I have not been doing any gardening. In the meantime, my missus has taken over and she certainly has done a lot more than what I ever did, mostly weeding and keeping everything neat and tidy more than anything else.

She planted a few lemon trees in the ground and in pots…

…and they seem to be doing well. Yes, she does use a lot of lemons in her cooking – hopefully, there will be a few for her to use eventually.

Back in June 2020, my friend/ex-student, Alex, gave me one huge pineapple and it was so good, so very sweet! I planted the crown and waited for two long years – they did tell me that it would take such a very long time and it is May now, 1 year and 11 months and finally, this…

…appeared! I dunno how long I shall have to wait – my only hope is that it will grow well and there will be something for us to enjoy…after all this time!

They (my girl and the mum) also planted this green leafy vegetable (sawi)…

…and it is doing all right, so far so good and there are a whole lot others, the kangkong (water spinach)…

…the cangkok manis….

…and the sweet potato leaves…

…that we have been harvesting to cook and enjoy. We do not have to go out and buy vegetables anymore these days.

The cherry tomatoes plants were so productive that we had to give bags and bags of the fruit away. Unfortunately, they get infested with pests and my missus had to wrap them up in nets…

…to keep them safe.

We haven’t been that lucky with the chilies…

…though. I guess that’s life – you win some, you lose some…and we just take things as they come!

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…”

  1. Wow, at last, huat ar.. ONG LAI.. Your missus has green fingers too. Well, home grown vegetables is always the best, any time freshly pick from the garden, into the wok and on to the table. Just imagine how fresh and sweet is that… 😊😊

    Well, as they say, don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Let us see how it grows after this – hopefully, our patience will pay off and we can get to enjoy the fruit. I guess there will be one only, right?
    Indeed, we just pluck the vegetables, blanch them a bit and eat with sambal belacan just like that. It is so convenient to have your own vegetables growing in the garden.

  2. I still waiting for my tomatoes plants to produce fruits. Lol. My lemon tree been very productive, producing many lemons that we having tough time sing them. Some, we make lemonade, some in honey lemon, some in cooking and other as beauty product.

    So far, my missus buys lemons for some beauty or whatever use, she keeps the slices in the fridge and uses them slowly. Once in a while, she uses in her cooking. If the plants start producing, she will not have to buy anymore.

  3. I have tried to grow lemons but somehow they never fruited. In the end I have to dispose of the 3 plants. Congratulations on your pineapple. Hope it turns out sweet and juicy. The vegetables are growing well. Wow! You have so much cherry tomatoes that you need to give away. I feel like growing cherry tomatoes again. I did once many years ago.

    Oh dear!!! I hope there will be some lemons from the plants my missus planted. So far, we have not had any luck with papayas.
    The trees grow well but no fruit! Keeping my fingers crossed regarding the pineapple – hopefully, it will be worth the wait.
    We had a cherry tomato plant once long ago, sprouted out of nowhere by itself. Quite a lot of fruit but it eventually called it a day.
    The ones we have now, I think the ladies planted from seeds. Glad to see that they are doing so well.

  4. It sure takes a long time for pineapples to grow!
    We do have a huge pineapple plantation in Simpang Renggam, Johor.
    But I have to admit ours are not as sweet as yours from Sarawak.
    My cousin used to work in Kuching, she usually brought us back some white pepper from Sarawak!
    So good and pungent, just the way I like my white pepper to be.
    She never brought us pineapple from Sarawak though, I guess it would be difficult to carry. Ha.
    But like they say beggars can’t be choosers, right? Just felt grateful that she brought us something.

    1. I taught Geography before in school and Johore was the country’s largest pineapple exporter, Pekan Nenas or some place.
      Our Sarikei pineapples used to be the most famous but there are other varieties now
      – this one coming up is called the nanas sawit, grown as a secondary crop at the oil palm estates.
      A lot of pepper comes from Sarikei too.
      I guess pineapples are bulky, hard to carry. Never tried – perhaps they may over-ripen and go bad in transit, like mangoes.

  5. How nice that you have lemon in your garden. I hope they will fruit. My limau kasturi fruited only once and that’s it! Maybe it need lots of fertilizer. I am waiting for your pineapple to grown and ripen hee..hee.. It must be so nice to be able to harvest fresh veggies from the garden. Same here, I never had much luck with chilies and I have given up.

    My missus planted a few trees but has only one left. Forced to pluck when still green before the pest attacks.
    I had at least 10 trees before…and only managed to harvest ONE chili! Might as well just go out and buy!
    It’s very convenient to plant one’s own veggies in the garden but when you eat the same ones all the time, you tend to grow tired of them eventually.
    I sure am looking forward to my pineapple too – hope it will be worth the wait!

  6. I am so jealous of your veggie patch, I wish I have green thumb like yours

    Not me, my missus. She has taken over the garden and is doing petty well.

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