I waited…

I had to go and see my doctor last Friday, a routine follow-up visit to make sure everything was going o.k. and what not so I went very early – at 8 something and it was not till past 11.00 a.m. that it was done. As far as I was concerned, that was perfectly all right as I had put aside the whole morning just for this so I just sat there and waited and waited and waited.

My girl had a meeting after school at 11.45 a.m. so the timing was just right. I was there past 12 and I waited and waited and waited. It was almost 1.00 p.m. when she came out, not a very good time as we had agreed to go some place for lunch before heading home and most places would close at 2.00 p.m. so if you show up so late, they may not be too happy to extend their opening hours just for you.

We stopped by here for the Sarawak laksa but it was packed and there were people queuing up, waiting for a table. We adjourned here for the yong tofu but they had already called it a day and yes, it was the same with most of the food stalls here. Many would close around noon and they would reopen at 5 or 6 in the evening to cater for the nighttime crowd.

It was our no-meat Friday so of course, that narrowed down our choices to just a few. Most would be struck off our list automatically, never mind whether they were still open or not. In the end, we decided to try our luck at this stall here for the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles).

Sorry, they were cleaning up the place already but we spotted another stall in that coffee shop selling chao chai hung ngang (preserved vegetables with big bihun)…

…and much to our delight, there were a whole lot of options given.

I asked for the one with fish fillet (RM8.00)…

…while the ladies wanted the one with their own-made fish balls and we left specific instructions with the ladies at the stall…

…to leave out the meat.

The chao chai soup was really very nice, bursting with flavours, not too sour, absolutely perfect but the fish fillet in my bowl was so bland, so very tasteless. I should have followed the ladies and gone for the fish balls too and what was worse, I spotted in MY bowl…MEAT BALLS!!! I was furious and luckily, the ladies at the stall were mono-lingual and could speak only Mandarin. All I could say was, “I already said I did not want any meat! What is so difficult to understand?” In the end, I decided to just go ahead and eat it and continue with my abstinence from meat on another day.

While waiting for our orders to be served, I went to the adjoining section of the coffee shop to see what they had. The stalls there were closed too except for the chu char (cook & fry) place at the back. I ordered their wat tan hor (RM5.50)…

…and yes, I insisted that no meat should be added. I saw a photograph of a dish with a whole lot of prawns so I asked for those to be added to my order but the lady said that was for that dish only, their mala fried noodles. Honestly, I cannot understand why they could not take the prawns and use them in their wat tan hor as well.

Anyway, with or without the prawns, minus the meat, it would have been very nice…

…with its strong wok hei taste and fragrance but sadly, it seemed that the cook had forgotten to add the salt and msg so it was so very bland…except for the soy sauce that was used to fry the kway teow in the initial stage. I also loved how they were very generous with the green vegetables.

Despite the fact that I thought both dishes were pretty good, I could barely finish half of each as I was not in the mood at that point in time. I don’t know whether I shall be coming back here again for these or any of the other dishes there as the place is always very crowded and I am not that fond of going there, not at all. Perhaps I can try going after 1.00 p.m. like that day – there were only a few customers around at the time.

六月饮食坊 JUNE CAFE (2.292649, 111.834878) is located at No. 16, Lorong 3541, Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 7, directly opposite/right across the road from Kopitiam Fantasy.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “I waited…”

  1. Both chao chai hung ngang and wan tan hor here looks pretty tempting. The chao chai hung ngang reminds me of the bad experience I had once at Peach Garden, so so sour but I do have nice one at Premier 101. Having said that I still prefer wan tan hor to chao chai hung ngang. Wow, so generous with the greens. That I will give thumbs up.

    I guess it is the same with everything – we must know where to go for the best in town…and for one thing, we have to go and try ourselves, cannot listen to others. They may praise something to the skies but we may find it disappointing. That was the case with the wat tan hor we went to try yesterday – blogpost on that coming soon!

  2. Both the noodles look good and delicious. I agree that we have to try for ourselves whether we like it or not. Sometimes, it may be good but so happened that the cook was not in good mood and the food doesn’t turns up good. Even though most of the sop may be relaxed, we still have to be careful to avoid over crowded places.

    Indeed. This particular coffee shop has always been so very crowded even at the height of the pandemic, no social distancing. I got so worried to see all the people not worried at all so I have always avoided going there. Even now, I am still not keen – thank goodness not many customers that day as it was past lunch hour. Maybe that is the best time to go!

  3. What a lot of waiting that day. Same here, some stalls are sold out if you go late. As for chap fan, I once went late and had to settle for whatever was leftover.

    Here, I don’t think it is sold out. They just follow their schedule, you come too late, sorry lah…no need to eat! Not like the folks in the old days…even if it was just a plate of kampua mee, 50 sen at the time, they would start their fire and boil the water to cook for you. That was why people in those days so rich, could buy so many houses, sent their children overseas to study!

  4. The big bihun soup looked good. Really spoiled the mood when the thing you wanted, they didn’t do.

    Yes, it was really good. Just too bad the fish fillet was the frozen white fish, so tasteless…and those YOUNG ladies, so lost in space.
    Tell them specifically just one thing and they got it all messed up!!! What the…
    The old folks in the old days – so many people at one table with so many different requests
    but rest assured they would get everything right!!! The sign of the times!!!

  5. Chao chai hung ngang is new to me. I have never heard of this dish until just now!
    But then again, big bihun is rarely eaten in my little kampung.
    Wow, you got extra black fungus ears in your wat tan hor. I like my hor fun with good pickled green chilli.
    Must pickle in vinegar and sugar, using only vinegar will be too sour.

    1. Don’t you get the big bihun in Penang laksa? Some call it laksa bihun – to me, it is one and the same thing!
      Chao chai hung ngang is a Foochow specialty – don’t think you can find it at a lot of places.
      My girl loves wat tan hor – I am just so so with it.
      Like everything else, some do it well, others are quite lacking. Must know where to go.
      Isn’t “hor fun” what they call a finer version of kway teow (flat rice noodles) up north?

  6. Hope you’re having a great week.

    I sure am! A friend, based in Kuching was home for the weekend – she went and tried and shared the photos on Facebook – she loved it too!!!

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