Bigger now…

I had this bowl of beef noodles…

…early on Sunday morning when I dropped by this coffee shop…

The last time I was there was in 2017 and it was just one shoplot or maybe, two, I don’t quite remember now but today, it stretches across three shoplots, almost the whole block!!! I never went back since because this coffee shop is in the town’s Golden Rectangle so the area is always congested, parking is such a pain and you may not be able to find a seat in the coffee shop.

I was thinking of buying some roti canai for the ladies in the house for their brunch and after the disappointment that last time, I did not want to go back to my one-time favourite place in town, no, thank you. It was very early, around 7.00 a.m. and I was thinking that I might not be able to find a place that would be open. They usually start a bit later, at best, around 7.30 or 8.00 a.m.

I remember I liked the one I had at the stall in this coffee shop that time in 2017 so I drove past to have a look. Much to my delight, it WAS open so I quickly parked my car and went to place my order at the stall. Thankfully, the crowd had not started coming yet even though there were quite a number of customers there already.

In the meantime, I went to look around and I spotted this sign…

…at this stall…


Yes, I am not really into the Taiwanese version but I love the ngui chap in Sabah so so so much or those beef noodles with the plain, dark, clear soup. Without wasting any time, I placed my order and took my seat outside to wait for it…

…to be served.

Yes, it was nice but no, it did not sweep me off my feet. The soup was tasty enough, a bit sweet but I could not detect any beef flavour. Perhaps it was too early in the morning and the stock required a bit more time to simmer. Thankfully, the beef was very nice and tender…

…but it was the special chili dip that came with it that saved the day. The beef and the noodles tasted so very nice with it and all in all, I would say that I enjoyed it very much. After all, it was only RM6.00 a bowl, not RM15.00 or worse, RM26.00 like the one I had here – I really can’t complain!!!

When I was done, I walked around the coffee shop to see what else they had there and I saw that they actually had ngui chap at the stall, the complete works (see photograph above) for only RM11.00! I certainly would go back there for that or something from the numerous stalls there one of these days.

As for the roti canai, yes, it was VERY good. I loved the very thick and rich dhal dip that looked nothing like what I was served in 2017…

…even though I did enjoy the dip at the time. It was RM1.30 then, RM1.50 a piece now. I bought 3 pieces, RM4.50 altogether and I gave the girl a RM5.00 note and told her to keep the change. Much to my amazement, she simply refused and insisted on giving me back my 50 sen. If it had been at those classy fine dining cafés and restaurants, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would look scornfully at the 50 sen and grumble behind your back that it was like adding insult to injury!

JING CAFE (2.292823, 111.826829) is located along Jalan Kai Peng in the block right behind Ta Kiong Emporium occupying all the shoplots except the first one (Ta Kiong’s Korean Store).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Bigger now…”

  1. Now my favourite place to have beef noodles is at Carpenter Street/China Street, a corner shoplot where they have very nice Hakka noodles and very flavourful Taiwanese beef noodles but unfortunately nowadays I seldom venture into that part of the woods as parking is such a pain. Though I like this Taiwanese one but if given a choice I still prefer the clear soup beef noodles.

    We have a whole lot of places in Sibu selling those Taiwanese beef noodles,now, will eat but not really my favourite PLUS they’re VERY expensive, no less than RM15.00. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on something I do not really like.

  2. I am picky with my beef noodles and always get frustrated when I buy them in a shop. Like you it needs to be beefy!

    Usually, they will boil and simmer the bones to get the stock for the noodles. Pork bones for those pork noodles, beef bones for the beef noodles. Obviously, this was not the case here and I did not detect the lovely taste of beef in the soup. Such a disappointment. You mean you have that problem there too – when there is so much beef, so fresh, tender and juicy!!!???

  3. Generous on the beef toppings, I could see… nowadays I also go out to eat, have to adjust back to normal life..

    No, we’re not ready to go all out just yet.
    May go to places where there is nobody or very few people at odd times in the day
    or I would buy some nice dishes home to enjoy, that’s all. Best to stay safe, stay home.
    Word has it that there is a new variant coming down south from Thailand!!! Don’t play-play!

  4. Ohhh, the beef noodle is making me crave for my favourite beef noodle and soup. Must get hubby to take me there one of these days. Yes, I love roti canai too.

    Poor thing! Heard you saying that for quite sometime already and you have not got the chance to eat it yet.
    Is it hard to find beef noodles in Ipoh, the KL Jalan Petaling-style?
    Here, it is mostly that Taiwanese style (dark sauce/soup) that I do not really like.

  5. There’s only one beef noodles stall in my little kampung.
    They are Foochow, so I guess their beef noodles are Foochow style too.
    Though I have never asked them this.
    I like their beef noodles, best served with little kway teow (kway teow kia).
    The soup is clear and very beefy, always garnished with sour pickles on top.

    1. I’ve tried kway teow before but no, I am not fond of it – I prefer mee in beef noodles soup.
      Kway teow does not soak up the soup so well so it tastes kind of different.
      Yes, they have sour pickles – or what I would call salted vegetables in this one too – I don’t mind a bit
      but not if there is so much and the taste is overpowering – like kiam chye soup!

      No, I don’t think this is a Foochow dish. We never had it in Sibu – the Foochows had their own kampua mee…and the Foochow fried noodles…until this guy opened a stall, around the 60’s or 70’s and it was a hit. I don’t know what dialect he was, definitely not Foochow, Hailam, maybe.

      I went to Singapore in 1973 and they had it there, so very nice one at Cuppage Centre, Orchard Road…and no, they were not Foochows. Quite a lot of this style of beef noodles in Kuching too in the 70’s.

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