The shape of you…

The other day, I decided to drop by one of the bakeries in my neighbourhood to see if there was anything that would tickle my fancy.

I spotted these ma ngee (horse’s ears), call it whatever you want (RM1.20 each)…

…but they were not quite the same shape as the traditional ones that we grew up enjoying, almost like it but not exactly. The old school ones had bigger “bags”, if you catch the drift. LOL!!!

I have not come across any really good ones from the stalls outside lately, nothing like those back in the good old days. These few weeks, I saw a lot of people coming home for the Ching Ming Festival and they were delighted to get the chance to enjoy some of these childhood delights. I must say that the ones in their snapshots looked rather pathetic, so small and all shrivelled up. So kesian!

The ones at the other bakery right across the road are very nice, HUGE but the shape and taste are somewhat different. The problem is they come out from the kitchen at around 1.30 p.m. and you would have to be there at the time to grab as many as you want. Past 3.00 or 4.00 p.m., there will not be any left and you will have to go back and try your luck the next day.

I did not get my hopes up too high that day but when I sat down to try these here…

…when I got home, I found that they were really good, just like those long ago except that they were smaller and the shape was a bit out, just a bit. I certainly would not mind dropping by here for more whenever I feel like it.

I also picked up this very small and cute “Great Britain pie” (RM3.80)…

…for my girl to try. I did not know if it was beef or chicken (I did not ask) but it had that smell that one would associate with western cuisine (ang moh ciak) probably because of the cheese in it and yes, my girl enjoyed it a lot, just that at that price for something so small, I don’t think you will see her or me running back there for more.

She was complaining that the bakery across the road was not selling their very nice Japanese cotton cheese cake anymore so I went to have a look and yes, there was none – I don’t know if they were all sold out and whether they have it at their other branches all over town. Much to my delight, I saw them selling it here (RM12.90)…

…so I quickly grabbed one and took it home.

My girl quite liked it…

…and personally, I thought it was pretty good too. If I remember correctly, this one here is slightly cheaper than the ones at that other bakery.

I also bought their croissant (RM3.80)…

…for my girl – she enjoys these things but the ones here lacked the buttery fragrance and were not nice and flaky as the more expensive ones here. They used to be RM3.00 each a long time ago but the price had gone up. Ah well! What’s new?

I also bought this chicken ham croissant (RM4.30)… well that day. Hopefully, that slice of chicken ham…

…inside would bring the taste up to a whole new level.


…is located at Lot 62 at the extreme end of the block of shops to the right of Delta Mall, back entrance.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “The shape of you…”

  1. I don’t think I have ever see this horse’ ears sold over here. Looks like ham chim peng and I wonder if it taste like one. I am not into those croissant but Japanese cotton cheese cake for me anytime.

    You can get those horse’s ears from WeLove Bakery in Kuching – if I am not wrong, it is located at King’s Centre. I know they sell them there because I heard that my aunt went and complained that they were very stingy with their sesame seeds or was it the sprinkling of sugar on the outside?
    Croissants are just bread with thin, flaky layers, the good ones would have the rich buttery fragrance. Nothing spectacular…but my girl is so into these things.

  2. The horse ears’ shape looks so different from what we have here. The cheese cake looks good. I love plain flaky croissants.

    Yes, I’ve seen your photos of the ones you had and it did occur to me that the ones over at your side look very different from ours here.

  3. Not easy to find tasty horse ear. Long time ago, Kenyalang park had that. The kuih stall above the wet market but I not sure they still selling or not. If you want the traditional Chinese or Nyonya kuih, I guess Kenyalang is one place to look for.

    The croissant looked huge. Bet with ham in it, it will be tasty.

    I loved the kueh stalls above the Kenyalang wet market. Used to go there for breakfast (when I stayed at Rajah Court) and buy the nyonya changs and the nyonya kuehs. Very nice. You can try WeLove Bakery at King’s Centre in Kuching for the ma ngee. I heard they had them there, dunno now.

  4. Oh the horse ear is new to me.
    We have horse hoof though.

    That GB pie sure looks yummy, but rather pricey for that size.
    Did your daughter figure out what was inside the pie?
    Got cheese, bacon, meat and mushrooms?

    1. Yes, that’s more or less what was inside, meat, cheese and mushrooms…no bacon, of course.
      Too much to fork out for that little thing.
      I guess horse’s hoofs are more of less the same thing. We call them “ears” in Foochow and that is the polite reference, dunno the other dialects. They call it “pelir kambing” in Malay! LOL!!

  5. Great selection of bread, in fact its one of the things I miss in Malaysia, the selection of baked goods.

    Malaysia? I thought you would be spoilt for choice when it comes to bread over there. After all, it’s the staple food…and there are all kinds of bread everywhere.

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