He’s there…

My missus went out that morning with her brother and sister-in-law and my girl tagged along as well. When they were done, they stopped by here for brunch and my girl sent me an sms to let me know.

I replied her right away and told her not to miss the chee cheong fun there. I know she enjoys it a lot and lately, I’ve seen my foodie friend sharing photos of what he calls the Hong Kong chee heong fun there.

We do not get to see anybody selling this around here unless we go to the dim sum restaurants…

…but once in 2016, a guy appeared out of the blue and set up a stall here selling that. However, after a while, he disappeared as mysteriously as how he had appeared and it was not until the end of 2020 that I stumbled upon another guy running his chee cheong fun stall at that same place.

I don’t know if the one there now is the same one or not but anyway, my girl did get to enjoy what she had been craving for all this while. Unfortunately, the photographs that she sent me via Instagram are rather small and I have no idea whatsoever how to resize them.

Anyway, she had the one with shrimps…

…and also the one with char siew

…and yes, she did enjoy them a lot.

However, it turned out that she liked the chai peah (vegetable fritters)…

…a lot more but those came from another stall at that same venue.

I’ll be featuring that stall in my next blogpost so do stick around!

JIALI CAFE (2.292140, 111.841524) is located among the shops behind Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo, a few doors away to the right of JUNCTION CAFE,  facing the road leading to the Medan Hotel there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “He’s there…”

  1. I haven’t had Vegetable Fritters in a while. Might have to – soon!

    No trace of any vegetables, despite the name. Long long ago, there used to be chives, strands of bean sprouts…not anymore.

  2. This is one of the things I want to make but the process on making them looks intimidating. I love this dish, simple and delicate

    I saw them doing it in the food shows on TV, places in Hong Kong and it looked so simple, so easy. What I saw at the stalls here looked quite complicated – I would not want to try. I guess the trick is in the batter – must be the correct thinness and texture and the handling too, seems so delicate.

  3. Chee Cheong Fun, one of my favourite too. Both CCF with shrimps and char siew Melissa had looks so good and so is the vegetable fritters.

    You have such chee cheong fun stalls in Kuching? I never came across any but of course, it may be because I did not move around all that much.

    1. Yes, we do have and the one I like is at Siang Siang Tabuan Jaya but it has been a long time I didn’t go there as it is usually in the list of Covid cases. It is always crowded in that eatery. Best to avoid.

      Many many years ago, a friend of mine took me to Siang Siang Tabuan Jaya to eat the Penang har mee, very nice, Penang guy’s stall. So many people, of course…no pandemic that time, all eating like no need to pay one, ciak mian lui!!! And yes, I looked at my blogpost – I had the chee cheong fun there too!!! Forgot all about it! LOL!!!

  4. I prefer prawns in CCF. It has been a while we gone to our favourite dim sum place.

    Imperial? My friend said over-rated, not that nice. He has not been to the one here, Good Happiness Restaurant – hopefully, he will do so soon and then he can compare.

  5. Long time haven’t eaten HK chee cheong fun. The chai peah looks yummy. I can finish off the whole plate by myself. Lol!

    So far, our favourite was from this roadside stall round the corner from my house…but my girl says this one is nicer, her new No. 1. I did not get to try so I wouldn’t know. Hope to get to try one day.

  6. Yum yum! One of my favourite dim sums. 🙂
    I love prawn one, char siew one and also beef one.
    Back in Malaysia, we usually have prawn and char siew.

    There’s one stall in JB selling this chee cheong fun with thick sweet sauce.
    Hmm, can’t find this type anywhere else.

    1. Not sure if I’ve had any with thick sweet sauce but in Penang, they serve it with prawn paste (the rojak sauce). They serve a lot of things with that there.

  7. I think it has been two years since I last ate chee cheong fun!

    I can’t remember my last time. Because of the pandemic, I have not had a lot of things for a long time.

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