Everybody wants…

My friends flew over from KL the other day and they were stunned to see people grabbing bags and bags of those Gardenia bread at the airport shop.

Well, needless to say, those people were all flying back to Sarawak (and Sabah too, I guess). We have become so notorious for this that there have been memes and Tik-Toks about Sarawakians and Gardenia bread all over Facebook and Instagram again and again.

My friends said they had never paid much attention to the bread from that company but nonetheless, they grabbed a pack…

…to give to me.

At one time, we loved their butter scotch…

…so much that anyone passing through the LCCT (what was KLIA2 at the time) simply MUST bring a few bags home to give to everybody.

Eventually, we had so much of it that we got so sick and tired of it that even the mere sight (and smell) of it would put us off. Imagine a number of people coming back to Sibu at the same time and each of them would bring a few bags for you and you end up with enough to open a shop selling it. LOL!!!

We never tried this flavour before…

…though and I loved the pleasant fragrance of the pandan and santan (coconut) and gula Melaka – it reminded me of the so-called onde-onde cake that I bought once to try and when I toasted a slice on a non-stick pan, it felt like I had a pandan chiffon cake baking in the oven.

Yes, it was very nice…

…eaten just like that or toasted lightly on a non-stick pan.

My friends also brought me these…

– my favourite from Marks & Spencer. These are sweet, of course so I shall have to go very very slowly and savour just a piece or two a day since I am now on a low-sugar diet. I used to finish the whole tube in two or three sittings, believe it or not.

These, also from Marks & Spencer…

…should be fine, not as sweet, I’m sure. Any with cheese are more often than not, savoury but my girl would love them a lot, I’m sure so I think I shall just leave them to her to enjoy.

Thank you so so so much to my thoughtful and generous friends from KL for remembering me and going through all that trouble to bring all the things over just for me. Hope you all had a delightful stay here, God bless & take care always.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Everybody wants…”

  1. Haha😄😄 at one time I am so crazy about this Gardenia bread too especially the Butterscotch and Pandan Coconut. My daughter will cater alot back when she is back to Kuching for holidays. I heard that now Gardenia bread are being sold in Kuching but yet to find out whereabout. They are so good to eat on its own. As a cheese person, I will surely love the cheese twist. Mark & Spencer, if I am not wrong they do have this brand for clothings too. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Oh! You too? LOL!!! And you have tried this pandan coconut before. We have not had anything from Gardenia for a long time now. They used to sell it at the hospital canteen here but it did not last very long, dunno why.
    Yes, Marks & Spencer is one of the renowned departmental stores and supermarkets in the UK, outlets all over…even in KL!

  2. Haha.. Actually I am not buying one but 8!!! For my sister in law and my dad too. This is the new flavour so I thought pass you a bag to try.

    You are most welcome. And hope you enjoy the goodies . Sorry, forgot you are on low sugar diet.

    EIGHT!!! Wowwww!!!So you also tak kalah then! Can’t fight them, join them, eh? LOL!!!

    My blood sugar is under control now, I test every Saturday and all the time, 5 something (non-fasting), normal. Not like in March a year ago, it was shooting through the roof…and I had to test every day at the time!!! Of course, I will have to control myself, cannot eat all the sweet things like there is no tomorrow…like before.

    I’ve given one tube of the all butter biscuits to my sister – good things must share…and I can enjoy the other tube very very slowly, one piece at a time. I do love them so much! My girl has finished one box of the cheese – she loves it!!!

  3. Haha…I didn’t know there is a craze for Gardenia bread. So far, I have only tried the butterscotch. These days, I seldom buy bread because hubby prefers noodles for breakfast.

    Not me but it seems that generally, a lot of people here seem to love their bread a lot and will buy a lot home.
    We try not to eat noodles all the time so sometimes we will have bread…or porridge or those kuehs, Chinese or Malay, or fried rice.

  4. So true, over here we don’t really bother this brand but whenever any one of us flying to Sabah or Sarawak we will make sure to grab one or two loaves. I love their Sambal Bilis bun. I find this Pandan Coconut a bit too salty as it leaves me thirsty after eating it.

    Salty? I was worried that it might be a bit too sweet for me so I restricted myself to just a slice a day. My girl loves the buns, the squiggles or whatever, cannot remember now. The sambal bilis bun is nice too.

  5. Oh I see you like M&S food. I used to look after M&S stores in Bath and Bristol in South West England.
    Luckily I only had to go there once a month to check their work progress and approved payments.

    How I miss Gardenia bread! You know the company changed hand, right? Our family switched over to Massimo ever since. Chinese must support Chinese, right? Ha! That’s what they say. Did the government really force the original owner of Gardenia out of business? That, I am not quite sure. But I have heard similar stories done in different industries by our government. Cronyism is deeply embedded in our society lah, sigh!

    >I saw an ad for some paper liners to line the inside

    I don’t know which paper liners you refer to here. But we use baking paper to collect the grease so we don’t have to wash too much. Though we still have to clean the grill, can’t put the paper on the grill directly to save cleaning, otherwise the air will not be able to pass through the food via the grill, which in turn will make the bottom of the food soggy not crispy.

    1. I don’t know how those paper liners are used, did not bother to read since I had no intention of buying (online).
      As for Gardenia, at one time, there were people telling me not to buy, boycott because it belonged to a certain political party. I did not give a damn – what is nice, I buy and I eat. Have not heard anything about all this nonsense for a long long time now.

  6. I remember that brand, one of our favourite brands of bread back in the Philippines. Pandan coconut and butterscotch sounds nice.

    Oh? You have Gardenia in the Philippines too? I wonder if there is any connection.

  7. I really don’t understand the Gardenia craze. I find even their regular loaf too soft and sweet.

    If I am not wrong, they prefer soft bread here, unlike the ones we find overseas. I’m just so so with bread, will eat sometimes for a change, not really into it.

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