In the air tonight…

I did mention in my previous post that my girl and the mum went out shopping last Friday and among the things that they carted home that afternoon was this air fryer…

We have one in the house – my niece, the one working in Singapore, gave my missus a small one and my missus have been using it quite a lot since. The problem with that one is the size – I think it is more suitable for people who are single. That was why more often than not, I would see my missus cooking something two or three times so that there would be enough for the three of us.

This one is big enough to roast one whole chicken of not more than 1.8 kilo. We have never tried doing that with the small one, of course and the other day, my missus used this new one to cook two chicken thighs and sweet potatoes…

…enough for our lunch and dinner, no need to do it two or three times like before.

You can read this online article here on the health benefits and the risks of using an air fryer. What is very obvious so far is how convenient it is to use and also how one can save a lot on cooking oil – the price is going up and up these days, it seems.

This particular brand is currently on promotion, selling for RM1.4K and it comes with a free gift…

…of this box of classy silverware…

I guess it is not cheap but considering that I am saving over RM200 a week on cigarettes, around RM1,000 a month and the same on TOTO since I stopped buying completely once the pandemic broke out plus I do save a bundle on petrol #stayingsafe #stayingwell #stayinghome all this while, I do have a bit of cash that I can spare and seeing how it made my missus so very happy, I would say it was a very good buy.

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10 thoughts on “In the air tonight…”

  1. Love those classy silverware. Long time ago, I was given those free gift too (stainless steel cutlery set) too when I bought a Panasonic washing machine. At that time Panasonic was celebrating its 33rd Anniversary. My old National washing machine has call it a day after serving me faithfully for over 30++. I specifically like to buy only Panasonic brand electrical goods.. 😊😊Don’t know why.

    Panasonic was the spin-off of National. Because of its reputation, National became more and more expensive, their radios and recorders and then they started Panasonic, same thing and a lot cheaper. It has done so very well that today, we see Panasonic everywhere, no sign of National anymore, not like before.

  2. I didn’t even have an air fryer at home!!! Haha. Philips is a good brand. Did consider to get one but never get down to it.

    Go, get one, quick! My missus has been using it every day since she bought it, very convenient, I guess…now that she has one that is big enough, no need to cook something so many times.

  3. I have an air fryer too, which I “smuggled” from Malaysia to England.
    Back then, air fryers were not popular here.
    My honest opinion about air fryers. Yes, they’re handy and provide a healthy way to “fry” food.
    But, yes, here comes the but now. The cleaning process after each use can be a nightmare.

    1. I saw an ad for some paper liners to line the inside, something like how one lines the baking tin with paper. Remove and throw away after cooking, no problem with the cleaning. Dunno where it is available – I did not take note.
      I think I heard my missus saying something about soaking in enzymes to make cleaning easy.

  4. I was tempted to get one but somehow haven’t got one yet. Maybe because I seldom go to the electrical department whenever I go to the mall.

    At one time, everyone was talking about it and praising it to the skies. Now, not so hot anymore, dunno why.

  5. That’s a nice air fryer! I have one at home too, brand new but no space in the kitchen to use it right now 😦

    I guess you got it free from one of your sponsors, lucky you! So nice to be a celebrity blogger.

  6. Honestly I love that silverware more than the fryer, it looks good. With regards to air fryers, not really a fan of them and my oven can do the same, not as convenient but I less appliance to store at home.

    Yes, personally, I would feel that the oven should be good enough, just grill and bake instead of deep frying.

  7. Gosh, air fryer sales must have quadrupled over the pandemic. I know at least a handful of friends that have them.

    Missus is mighty pleased with it. Another post on this coming soon!

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