It will be the fasting month of Ramadan soon – they are going to look at the moon on the 1st of April, if I am not mistaken and yes, those lovely preserved dates…

…have started appearing at the shops and supermarkets in town.

Last Friday, my girl and the mum went out shopping to stock up on supplies and buy whatever they fancied and they bought a few boxes of this brand…

…for me to eat and enjoy…

This is not the brand that I used to buy but yes, I did buy some before and yes, I thought they were good too.

For one thing though, these dates are very sweet, probably not because of any sugar (or honey) added but anyway, I went and googled just to be sure. This website says: “A person with diabetes should consume dates in moderation—up to three dates per day.” For one thing, I am following a low sugar diet and so far, my blood sugar level is under control which, of course, means that I am not a diabetic. Of course, at my age, I should not throw caution to the wind and since the website says 3, then 3, it shall be, no more, no less.

They also list a lot of benefits one can derive from consuming dates, namely they help fight fatigue, improve insulin production, improve digestion, maintain blood sugar levels, reduce vision loss and boost metabolism. They do not come cheap, of course – over RM10.00 a box, so good or otherwise, you will not find me feasting on them like there is no tomorrow.

In the meantime, my sister dropped by my house to pass me a pack of these steamed buns (mantao)…

…made in that special shape that we may see in some Chinese restaurants when served with their awesome dong po rou (stewed pork belly). I shared the photograph on Facebook and a friend said that they came from Ah Pui’s pao shop at Jalan Lanang.

One difference was the presence of the fried shallots in the buns and because of that, eating them with kaya (coconut jam) or peanut butter or fruit jam was out of the question. It probably would go well with stewed pork but since I did not have any in the house, I tried having it with the lovely sambal

from my dear friend, Mandy, in KL Yes, they went very well together and I sure enjoyed eating it this way.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Dates…”

  1. So here’s a confession: there are always dates in our fridge but I never got to try them. Maybe I will soon.

    Oh? What do you use them for? Cooking? Baking? We do have some lovely cakes made with dates, something like the prune cake.

  2. In the past I used to buy this preserved dates come Ramadam time but find them too sweet so gradually I forgo it. As at today, I haven’t bought any to try. Great idea to have this mantao eat with the sambal.

    Just go for the dried ones – the sweetness will be from the natural sugar in the dates, not the unhealthy factory processed refined sugar. I find these dried ones less sweet compared to the honey ones that I used to eat before. Of course, always eat in moderation, maximum 3 a day.

    1. Oh, is it. I never try the dried ones. Thanks for sharing

      The dried ones do not look that nice though, very dry and wrinkled. The honey ones are moist, more alluring.

  3. Ah! Dates! They are naturally sweet and you must try them with bacon. The sweet, salty and savory flavors make this combo so addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. LOL!

    I have smoked bacon in the freezer. Will get down to cooking the dates wrapped in it soon. I bet that would be good!

  4. Yum! That sambal mantou got my attention.
    Don’t think we got that in my little kampung.
    We do have the spring onion ones.

    I don’t usually eat dates, cos they’re way too sweet for me.
    But I do love Sunsweet prunes though. And I didn’t know they also produce dates.

    >driving on our horrible highway. How we wish we could have just ONE of your many lanes on your highways!!!
    I see, so most towns in Sarawak are still not connected by highways then.
    But it makes sense since Sarawak is so big, connecting all towns can be expensive.
    Last time, I checked, I think Sarawak is one of richest states like Malaysia, right after Selangor and Johore.

    1. And where do you think all the money went? All in the peninsula with the beautiful multiple-lane highways, all with our money!
      My girl’s jungle school was not far, less than 300 km, could have commuted daily but it would take 2-3 hours one way, all the giant potholes, the terrible road conditions…and they call it the highway. Want to vomit!!! And so near, by the roadside…no water, no electricity!!! We are living in the Dark Ages here!!!
      Mantou with spring onions? Never seen those. These with the fried shallots, also my first time. All this while, they were always plain.

  5. Yes, I am going to get some of the dried dates to enjoy. Too many varieties to choose from.

    I used to go for Yusuf Tayoob’s but since I don’t go out much, any brand will do.

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