Can’t do it…

There used to be a lady at this stall…

…here. We enjoyed her noodles very much so we would go back there again and again for what she dished out even though she was a little bit slow and at times, we had to wait quite a bit.

Well, she’s still there but she has gone into frying stuff – I saw somebody sharing a photograph of her fried bihun with canned clams in soy sauce and cangkok manis and it sure looked pretty good. In the meantime, they have set up a stall to the left where two young boys are selling kampua and kolo mee and so on, those noodle dishes that the lady used to cook herself.

It so happened that we dropped by for lunch the other day and I asked for their kolo mee

It was RM6.00 now, compared to only RM4.00…

…in 2017.

The boy asked me if I liked things sour and I told him that I did not mind. It turned out that he added the pickled red and green chili that we get to see sometimes in kolo mee in Kuching or at other times, they will give you that as a dip.

My missus asked for their own-made noodles, kolo mee-style…

…RM6.00 a bowl now, also RM4.00 in 2017…

She commented that it did not used to be so big before and she did not like how they were using those supermarket factory-made fried spring onions. Not only are they not fragrant – at times, they have an unpleasant smell. Frankly, in the food business, you can’t do it like that. There are no shortcuts – you will just have to work hard and do everything properly to ensure top quality in what you are selling.

I shared the photograph of my kolo mee on Facebook and an ex-student/friend could name the place right away. He also said that he liked the noodles better when the lady was doing it all by herself.

I also asked for a bowl of pain sip (RM4.00)…

…but I felt it was quite forgettable, not anything I would want to order again should I happen to drop by here another time.

Incidentally, should anyone happen to think about dropping by, the lady takes a day off every Wednesday while the young boys close their stall once a fortnight, on Wednesday which means that they would not be open next week since they were open that day.

A One Cafe (2.297428, 111.824346) is located along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg opposite the Kin Orient Plaza (aka old Sing Kwong) in the second block of shops. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Can’t do it…”

  1. 😮😮Wow, that Foochow size kolo mee. Their kolo mee anything near to Kuching kolo mee. Pickled chilli is a must have in kolo mee, otherwise something is missing. If I tapao back, I always request them to be packed separately as I don’t like when they dump it in the kolo mee with the sour taste of vinegar .

    I don’t mind it mixed with the noodles or separated. Usually, they just add a bit by the side, very nice, those pickled chili!

  2. Everything looks good in the photos. I suppose the younger generation will need more experience to come up with better tasting noodles for their customers. Not reaching the same standard as the younger generation is normal complain and it is the same here too.

    Yes, they need time to learn and gain the experience. Many think they can do better, take shortcuts, do this and that their own way and they end up ruining everything!!! The old folks worked so hard to build up their business and reputation – they must have that same spirit and attitude. Nothing comes easy in this world!

    1. Sorry, typing error. I mean not reaching the same standard as the older generation….

      Yes, somehow or other, the younger ones do not seem to do so well. Many shops and stalls here close down eventually once the younger ones took over. So sad.

  3. The kolo mee looks good! That’s something I want to try next which might not be as authentic as the one over at your end.

    We can’t even get really authentic ones here. These ain’t too bad – most are Sibu kampua mee with all the ingredients added to make them look like Kuching kolo mee. They are not supposed to taste the same.

  4. RM 6 is pretty standard in my little kampung too.
    Prices in JB can be higher, which is ridiculous since it’s only 40 mins away from my little kampung.
    So I can imagine stuff in Kuching cost more but Sibu is very far away from Kuching, right?

  5. 2017 seems like 2 decades ago….

    Yes, where did all that time go? Even though we just stayed home, doing nothing, it just flew past…and it’s 2022 already!

    1. We do have more Pasta/Italian places, yes. I’m going to try and start doing some more at home, I think. My default is easy pasta but I need to branch out I think.

      Yes, we do have simple recipes for noodles too, easy and fast to cook. nice to eat.

  6. You got some good light for your photos today, especially that kolo mee.

    Noon time and we choose to sit outside at the covered pavement, not inside the coffee shop.

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