Chop chop…

I bought two packs of New Zealand grass-fed lamb chops, Pure South brand, sometime ago probably for Chap Goh Meh but we decided to have a steamboat dinner so they had been sitting in the freezer all this while.

Somehow or other, my girl is not so into western cuisine like before. I keep suggesting going out somewhere for something western but she is not at all keen on the idea. Perhaps with the pandemic dragging on and on, the idea of going out just does not appeal to her.

I remember she loved the lamb here

…but they have closed down all their outlets in Sibu to concentrate on the ones in Kuching and also a newer one in Bintulu. Eventually, they opened a place here located at a new hotel in town but we have yet to go and check it out.

She loved the sizzling honey pork ribs…

…served with potato gratin here but that place was always so crowded and so very noisy like a market place especially during lunch hours that I got quite put off and would rather go some place else. Perhaps we should try avoiding their peak hours and go for say, a very early dinner, just to avoid the crowd.

There are other places serving western cuisine – we have been to a number and lately, there have been so many new ones popping up all over the town and yes, I have heard of some not very flattering reviews of some of them. Probably it is best to wait till it is “safe” to venture out more before we look into all of these sparkling new eateries.

In the meantime, we shall just cook our own at home and the other day, my girl and the mum grilled the aforementioned lamb chops…

…to perfection for our lunch and also for our dinner. The latter was delighted that it did not have any of that “lamb smell” because of which she never liked eating the meat and yes, it was tender enough and we all enjoyed it to the max.

My girl cooked some garlic butter rice to go with the lamb but somehow, somewhere, while I was transferring the files here and there, the photograph got lost in transition.

I requested for mashed potatoes…

…so she also made some and served that by the side.

For the vegetable dish, the mum pan-grilled these brinjal/eggplant and served them with two of the sambals…

that I received from my dear friend, Mandy, that day. Initially, she used the hot crispy shrimp chilli which was very nice but no, despite its name, it was not hot at all so my missus added a bit of the fiery garlic chilli and much to her delight, THAT was really FIERY. All in all, we enjoyed the dish a lot and yes, we certainly would want to cook this vegetable this way again.

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6 thoughts on “Chop chop…”

  1. No, I am not into Western cuisine and Yes, I do love the egg plant with sambal but if it is too fiery hot, I might have to give it a pass. Glad that you do enjoy what you had for lunch and dinner.

    Just like my missus but she will follow and eat for the daughter’s sake – often, people order western, she’ll order mee mamak…extra pedas!

  2. I do enjoy Western food on and off. I have not tried cooking lamb at home and prefer to order that when we eat out. Grilled eggplant with the sambal looks delicious.

    It was good, thanks to my friend in KL who sent me the sambals.
    Western dishes may not all be nice at those classy cafes and restaurants and they are very expensive.
    Those at the (Malay) stalls are cheaper but also not so nice, all the same…and the meat is usually so very tough.
    Best to buy and cook one’s own – buy the better quality meat, worth it!

  3. I think we will get more lamb and dairy products from NZ after Brexit.
    I actually prefer mutton to lamb even though mutton tends to have a stronger flavour.
    Maybe that’s why we don’t often see mutton sold in Britain.
    I love sup kambing, sate kambing, etc you won’t get the same taste if you substitute that with lamb.

  4. I haven’t make really good lamb chops at home, perhaps it’s time to try.

    Great that we can get to buy really good imported lamb, can cook our own at home. Much nicer than the regular lamb chops we can get outside, often very fat and has that strong smell.

  5. We used to eat a lot of lamb in our home, living so close to farms.

    The ones there are so much nicer, thick slabs, so fresh and tender, so sweet and so juicy.

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