The very thought of you…

I thought I saw somebody mentioning that he or she was longing to have some beef noodles and that instantly triggered a craving in me. Well, you can’t blame me for this as the last time I had it was in May, 2020, almost two years ago!

I often drove into town early in the morning, around 7 something, before 8.00 a.m. and I would look to see if there was a crowd at the two-unit coffee shop and all this while, I would see a lot of cars parked in front so I did not bother to stop by. The other morning, however, much to my delight, there were only two cars, probably belonging to the people there and no customers…

I quickly parked my car beside the aforementioned two and took a seat at a table outside and placed my orders.

I had their kampua mee, kosong (no meat)…

…and their beef soup special, with a few pieces of tripe and tendon…

…added. Yes, I did notice that these days, they are using disposable chopsticks and spoons. Perhaps this is healthier than using those plastic chopsticks and spoons that you wash and reuse again and again.

The serving was huge, the noodles, especially but yes, I did manage to finish all of it and of course, I enjoyed the soup to the max and the beef, tripe and tendon went so very well with their own-made chili dip! That one sure is a show-stealer, so very very nice, indeed.

The combo is now RM14.00 a set…

…up by RM2.00 from RM12.00 two years ago. If you opt for the beef soup, regular, that is without the tripe and the tendon, with the kampua mee, it is a little bit cheaper, only RM9.00.

I would say that I did not mind the increase in price especially considering that I enjoyed it so much unlike what I had the other day and they are not charging something so unreasonably astronomical as at some places, like what I encountered here or here.

AH SIAN BEEF NOODLE CAFE (2.293063, 111.826106) is located along Jalan Tuanku Osman in the block of shops right in front of the Public Bank, Tuanku Osman branch, right before the tyre shop at the other end to its left. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “The very thought of you…”

  1. The beef noodles that you had looks good. Has been a long time since I last have beef noodles. So far, the one I like at China/Carpenter Street only sells Taiwanese beef noodles. I prefer beef soup like yours. Have not venture to the town area for a long time as parking is a pain.

    Too bad Ah Mui is no longer anything like what it used to be. I loved it so so much in the 70’s. The one at Green Hill, they say the relative, was good too before, dunno now. The last one I had in Kuching was Nuromen and yes, I enjoyed that very much!

  2. So nice that you finally get to enjoy your beef soup and noodle. I am craving and drooling over the photos. One of these days, I must get hubby to drive us to our favourite beef soup and noodle. Yumz.

    LOL!!! I think it was you who said you were craving for beef noodles but I could not find the post so I could not link it in mine.
    Yes, I sure enjoyed what I had that morning and I tapao-ed home for my girl and the mum too and yes, they loved it too.
    I saw a few other customers bringing their tiffin carriers – maybe most people are still very careful, not that keen on dining out, better buy home. That’s a good idea, I must say! #staysafe #staywell

  3. Ah! Beef noodles! I found a few on food delivery app and after reading this post, I will have to order to buang gian! LOL!

    The power of the internet! I wonder where the good ones there are now. In 1986, I always went to Jalan Petaling to enjoy – they said the one at Hutong Lot 10 was the same one, YTL Yeoh asked them to set up a stall there…and I heard the one at Tengkat Tong Shin was good, just too lazy to walk there to try when I was staying at Bukit Bintang.

  4. Oh they actually gave you disposable chopsticks, spoon these days?
    This is so bad for the environment.
    More and more stalls in my kampung started to use disposable dipping sauce dishes too.
    Luckily, they still wash their own chopsticks and spoons. Maybe one day, it will be different.
    Don’t understand why is it so hard to wash some extra chopsticks, spoons and etc.
    I mean you still need to wash those bowls and plates, right?

    1. You want to talk about the environment, talk about the masks being thrown away, so often indiscriminately, the test kits – the packaging and everything, so much to dispose of after use and imagine places that insist on their employees testing every day!!!

      The chopsticks are bamboo, I am fine with it, just the wrapping and the spoon. Yes, some places use disposable plastic for their dipping sauce too. One time, using disposables was made mandatory, even the bowls and the plates – I sure would not want hot soups in plastic bowls! And you had to throw away everything into the rubbish bins yourself after eating – nobody wanted to be in contact with your saliva!!! I think this was during the SARS outbreak – thank God they managed to control it within a year…or less, not like COVID…now already COVID22, like it is never ever gonna end!!!

      At least the people here took their own initiative to do this! You think others will care? I guess they did not bother about the bowls and plates because you do not put those into your mouth! As far as the authorities are concerned, you only have to serve the spoons and chopsticks in hot boiling water to sanitise before use.

  5. Once I have something in my head, it’s hard to get the thought out!

    LOL!!! Can’t get you out of my head, was that Kylie Minogue? She’s Australian too, right?

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