Something’s not right…

I used to enjoy the exotic tastes and fragrances in some cuisines like Thai, for instance but lately, I seem to get put off by all those herbs and spices. I never liked black pepper sauce but I did not mind a dash of pepper in some dishes though not anymore. Like when we had the stewed pork leg here the other day, I thought it tasted different and was kind of strong on the pepper so I did not enjoy it as much as before.

These days, I prefer things that are mild in taste, more on the bland side. That was why when my girl said she would cook some chicken porridge…

…the other day, I was delighted with the idea.

I did not mind the spring onions that my missus sprinkled on top but I felt the daun sup (Chinese celery) came across a little too strong so I picked out all the bits and pieces and put them by the side. Since young, my girl would not have anything to do with those.

I asked for the remaining ikan jamar to be fried…

…to go with the porridge. We had them plain, just like that and yes, we did enjoy them very much.

I don’t know whether it was me or what but I thought the salted egg…

…that I had was extremely salty so even though it looked really good, I did not quite enjoy it.

No, I have not lost my sense of taste…nor smell. In fact, I feel they have become extra-sensitive. I can walk into the kitchen and detect the smell of some ingredient that my missus is using in her cooking and I would get put off by it straight away. Hopefully, this is just a passing phase and in time, things will go back to normal again. Sighhhhhh!!!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Something’s not right…”

  1. Nice chicken porridge to go with the ikan jamar and salted eggs. I don’t mind sup daun or spring onions sprinkle on the porridge but not the one use in laksa, huan sui, smell like cockroaches. Once I bought salted eggs that is so salty and I complain to the seller. He told me that I am not the only one to complain and say each batch of salted eggs is different, either salted or bland. Not a fan of black pepper too.

    We hated huan sui too but we have acquired the taste – still not into it so much but you do not see us getting rid of it when we see it being used to garnish any dish.
    Yes, Last time, the salted eggs depended on the jar – if this jar was good, all would be good. Too salty and all would be salty….but salted eggs do not come in jars anymore, all in boxes. The ones from my neighbourhood shop were good initially…then they got more and more salty. I don’t think I will buy from there anymore.

  2. Usually older people complain about the food not enough salt or sugar because of their taste buds but looks like your taste buds and smell are getting more sensitive. I like spicy food but I find that these days I don’t go for too spicy food, moderate is okay.

    Exactly what I was thinking – old age…so I prefer food with milder taste. So far, I am o.k. with spicy, just those strong smells of herbs and spices added. Hopefully, it is only for the time being. We’ll see…

  3. Perhaps one of your dormant genes has suddenly become more dominant…you returning into…a…vampire…ok just kidding.

    Perhaps age is catching up?

    Old age, that’s for sure…plus who know, I may not be as healthy as I think.

  4. Oh this is Foochow style congee?
    It’s very similar to our Hakka style, the consistency must be very thick.
    Teochew style is the opposite site, they like it very watery, to the point you can almost drink it.

  5. I have found that my sense of smell has increased over the last couple of years, too. It’s driving my husband crazy, I think. LOL

    That is good! You can enjoy the fragrances of all the ingredients in your food.

  6. I am enjoying less complicated things as I age too.

    Sigh!!! At least I do find some delight in simple things – a total loss of appetite would be disastrous!

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