Better than none…

I guess the one here

…is still available and should be nice as well but I have not gone there for a long time. I’ve seen it in the list of places with positive cases so to me, at this point in time, it is best avoided. #staysafe #staywell

This one here

…was the best in town and it was served the old school way, how we had it in our growing up years. The special sauce/dip was served separately and we had to dip everything in it as we ate. Unfortunately, he was not there for long – eventually, I found the stall closed and there was no sign of him since. I did hear that he stopped doing his business at his previous place (before he opened his stall here) because of ill health.

I did drop by this stall…

…presently at the guy’s previous location at this coffee shop

…once but I found that it was all right, not as nice. That was why I never went back again after all these years. This is a popular coffee shop in town so it comes as no surprise at all that it has appeared in the dreaded list many times as well, the places with positive cases so I am not all that keen on going there at all.

Nonetheless, since I had not had it for so so so long, not since the outbreak of the pandemic, that’s for sure, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go there to tapao the jiew hu eng chai (sotong kangkong) home.

I told the nice young guy that I wanted to buy for 3 and he suggested buying RM15.00. That was fine by me and I made it a point to tell him to pack the kangkong separately as the moisture/steam would affect the crispiness of the fried ingredients and they would not be so nice anymore by the time I got home.

He also sells fruits rojak

…and looking at what he made and served, I thought it looked pretty good. Perhaps I should give his a try one of these days.

For his sotong kangkong, he has some fried vegetable fritters…

…some sweet potato fritters…

…and also some fried tofu.

Other than those, the sotong (cuttlefish)…

…and the kangkong (water spinach) are boiled prior to serving.

Of course, if you are eating it there, it will all go into one plate…

…not served separately.


…will be served with its special sauce/dip and that is the thing that differentiates between the boys and the men. I found that the one here was kind of pale and even though it did have that old school taste that we loved so much when we ate this in our growing up years, it was kind of watered down.

Still, since we do not have much to choose from around here, I guess it is better than none. As they say, something is better than nothing!

YALIN COFFEE SHOP (2.290902, 111.827723) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor, to the right of the Sibu General Post Office – the first one in that block of shops there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Better than none…”

  1. My favourite sotong kangkong. Have not had it for a long time. Over here, sotong kangkong is just sotong and kangkong, nothing else with special sauce pour over it. Never come across fried vegetables fitters, fried sweet potatoes and fried tofu mixed in sotong kangkong combo. They do sell fried vegetable and potato fritters and fried tofu separately and if you have that, they will give their special chilli sauce sprinkle with crushed peanuts as dippings.

    Yes, I loved the one at Peterson at Satok but they say not so nice now – the old man leaves it to his Indon workers.. Some people like Old Rex Tofu – I tried once, not as nice then, maybe better now. Sotong kangkong, the one at Open Air is nice but they pour the sauce all over it.

  2. We can’t be choosy when come to food. Hehe. But your platter did looked yummy. Pretty big serving.

    Have to lah! If not nice t all, we have the choice not to eat it. Better eat something else – lots of options.

  3. Oh my God! I LOVE jiew hu eng chai! I haven’t had that for ages! There aren’t any selling in my area but I am sure there are places that have it. Maybe at SS2 or the surrounding areas.

    That was why I went to this place to buy even though I had it before and I did not think it was that great, just all right. After not eating that for two years, I was thinking of eating it so much that even though I had to go into that very congested part of town, there was no stopping me! I’m so tham ciak hor!!! LOL!!!

  4. Yum yum, we have rojak sotong in my little kampung too.
    But it’s just sotong and kangkong, no other fritters.
    Also they mix all well for you and sprinkle lots of peanuts on top.
    Less rojak sauce than yours.

    They also make regular fruit rojak, for that, you can find youtiao inside.
    But my favourite bit has gotta be raw sengkuang.

    1. I love the pineapples in fruit rojak…and the tofu puffs.
      “…they mix all well for you and sprinkle lots of peanuts on top…”
      That is what they do at that place here – Thomson Corner, the first pic.
      They do that in Kuching too – not the way I would like it.
      “Less rojak sauce than yours”
      The sauce for sotong kangkong is not the same as rojak, a little bit sweet and a little bit sour and not so strong on the prawn paste.
      When they first started at Thomson Corner they used the same sauce for both – of course, I never ordered it again.
      Many must have complained…so eventually they got it right – not the same anymore.

  5. I like jiew hu eng chai too but not easy to get a really nice one with yummy peanut sauce. I like the jiew hu eng chai but hubby only wants the jiew hu without the eng chai.

    Over there too? I thought it’s only here in Sibu, not easy to find a good one.
    You and your hubby sure are different in more ways than one. Well, you can order two plates, ask them to put all the eng chai in one plate…and you can give some of your jiew hu to your hubby if you are feeling generous. LOL!!!

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