Giving and receiving…

On Chap Goh Meh the other day, in the morning, I dropped by my favourite fish & seafood stall here in the hope of getting hold of one pek chio/ikan bawal putih (white/silver pomfret) which, unfortunately, was not available that day. However, I did manage to get an alternative for our steamboat dinner that night and we all enjoyed it a lot.

The nice lady said she had not seen me for a long time and she went and got something she wanted to give to me. She said that her ethnic employees went home for the Chinese New Year break and when they came back, they brought a lot of things to give to her. Yes, I did speak to the boys before and yes, they did appreciate the fact that she had always been so very nice to them and they did like her a lot.

She gave me this tapioca…

…which obviously came straight from under the ground. If you buy this at the market, they probably wash it first so it is nice and clean.

I had to wash it myself, after which I peeled off the skin and cut it into chunks…

Then, I put the chunks in a pot of water, added a teaspoon of salt…

…and brought it to boil. I let it simmer until it was cooked and was soft enough before I fished it all out onto a plate…

Normally, I would eat this with a bit of sugar or gula apong (nipah sugar) but this was so nice that I could just eat it on its own, no need for anything else.

Now, I am regretting saying, “Enough lah! Enough already lah!!!” the whole time she was taking the things from her huge bag to put into a smaller one to give to me. There is this joke about our Foochow social etiquette, how it is considered good manners when somebody is giving you something to say, “Nei ah! Nei ah! (No need! No need!) Enough already!” with the hands outstretched, wide open. LOL!!!

But truth be told, that was more than enough for the three of us in the house to enjoy and other than the tapioca, she also gave me these yam…

Perhaps it would be good to cook these in a claypot with prawns and leek and everything else. We’ll see!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Giving and receiving…”

  1. The joke is not about Foochow only. It applies to all dialects. Mouth say no need but hands stretched out to receive… 😄😄. I am not into tapioca make into kuih. I prefer the way you do it and best to eat with kaya/sugar. There are 2 types of tapioca. I like the yellow flesh than the white but the former are hard to come by.

    Yes, I love the yellow ones, very very nice – will surely buy when I see any, not often.
    Oh? So not only Foochows, eh? So funny!

  2. “Nei ah! Nei ah! (No need! No need!) Enough already!” with the hands outstretched, wide open -I had a good laugh at that! That’s quite the practice, feel so paiseh when people give things, we tend to tell them no lah, no lah hee..hee.. Of course we receive with much gratitude! I love tapioca eaten with freshly grated coconut and sugar. That was pretty much a childhood comfort food for me.

    LOL!!! That’s our oriental social etiquette for you. They sure would not do anything like that in western societies. Another one would be the struggle to see who gets to pay the bill when eating out!
    Same here, I love tapioca eaten just like that, no need to make into any kind of kuih…provided it is of good quality, of course.

  3. Hahaha enough lar…paiseh lar….but we still take them. Why not right? It is not good to reject any offerings given. Ha 😀

    Chinese/Asian etiquette, good manners. Yes, in Malay, we say, rezeki jangan ditolak.

  4. So nostalgic. Haven’t had kuih ubi kayu for so long!
    You know the yellow coloured one coated shredded coconut.
    Also I miss the dessert tapioca and sweet potato soup with added ginger for spiciness.

    Oh I miss momo chacha too!

    1. We have great bingka ubi at a stall near my house in the afternoon. Have not bought for a while – can do without the sugar, nice enough to eat just like this. I’m not so into bubur cacar, will eat but will not go out of my way for it.

  5. It is always good to give than receiving. Like what goes around, come around. So the same theory.

    Tapioca, yum, I like eating it like that too. No need anything else.

    A lot like us around, it seems. No need to go through the trouble of making the kuihs, will cut down on our sugar intake too!
    Karma. As we bless others, thus shall we be blessed.

  6. Those yams look different than the ones we are able to get…I wonder what type/variety they are!?

    I dunno much about yam either, just that there is one called “pinang” yam, more expensive but very nice.

  7. Ooh, we love to eat tapioca. It’s something our family eats a lot of in Venezuela. So happy we can get it here.

    Oh? You’re from the land where all the beauty queens come from? No wonder, you sure have the looks! Wink! Wink!

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