Just as he said…

I mentioned in my blogpost the other day that I met an ex-colleague of mine and he told me that the stuff from the new guy, formerly from here, there…

…was pretty good.

I did go and have a look at the photographs and the menu at his stall…

…but they did not look very alluring so I decided to just order something from the next stall which has been there for a long time now (and the kampua mee stall too).

Well, I was at my favourite fish & seafood stall at the end of the block that morning and I decided to hop over and have a bite…just to give it a try even though I wasn’t all that hungry at the time.

The thing is when you do not have an appetite, nothing would appeal to you and in the end, I just ordered the guy’s char kway teow (RM5.00)…

…quite convinced that it would not be anything to shout about.

I sure am glad to say that the guy managed to prove me wrong! It was very nice, just as what my ex-colleague said, and even though there wasn’t any cockles (see ham) or prawns or lap cheong (Chinese sausage), there was quite a lot of char siew and chives…

…in it.

The egg was perfectly done, almost! The yolk was runny, just the way I like it but it did not have that fragrant golden fringe that traditionally-fried eggs (using a wok) would have.

I would love to order that again next time but I had a glimpse at the char chu mee (Foochow fried noodles soup) a guy at another table was having and it did look really good. Perhaps I would go for that instead…or something else on their menu.

GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163) is located along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your right. You can also go in via Jalan Pipit from Jalan Pahlawan – go straight ahead till you get to it on your left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Just as he said…”

  1. Sometimes the not look very alluring food can surprise you, specially Asian dishes where its hard to make it pretty

    I can think of a few dishes right now, our kacangma chicken for one with its dull, quite colourless herbs…and our masak hitam (black cooked) beef for another – so black that there is no contrast whatsoever, can hardly make out anything in all that blackness.

  2. I cannot resist char koay teow! I have never had one with char siew in it. As long as it is tasty, I would be happy with my meal.

    The char siew is an added bonus. Most fried kway teow at the noodles stalls here will not have much in the dish other than the egg and taugeh…and maybe tiny bits of meat, hardly noticeable and hardly visible to the human eye. I do prefer char siew instead.

  3. So looks can be deceiving right? Belum cuba belum tau. 😀 I want your char koay teow too.

    It’s good. Not many good ones here, usually heavily dependent on the wok hei fragrance and the msg, nothing much in the dish to save the day.

  4. Never judge by its looks. You have to try to judge for yourself.

    Yes, I’ve seen friends sharing photos of something that look so nice but did not taste great at all. I know one Malay stall here – the Sarawak laksa was served with giant freshwater prawns but unfortunately, it was not nice at all.

  5. So you are glad that you went and tried. If not for your ex-colleague’s positive review of the food, you wouldn’t have tried and found the good good. Some stalls have great looking photos of their menu but the food turns out to be a disappointment. Recommendation by word of mouth is still the most reliable.

    Yes, if he did not stop by my table to tell me that, I would not have gone back to try. Sad that only 3 stalls are “alive”, the rest (at least 7of them) are vacant. Even the drinks people looked different, probably new too. These are hard times.

  6. That looks yummy! Our version in Johore doesn’t come with char siew normally.
    Don’t have chives usually either.
    And definitely not with a fried egg.
    Just tauge, see hum (must have!) and egg (optional).
    And I have to say ours look darker and always savoury.

    In Singapore, they do include lap cheong and it’s always sweet.
    I love both Johore’s savoury and Singapore’s sweet versions.

    >Dunno what runner beans are – googled and saw something like French beans.
    Yes, you’re quite right. Runner beans are flat, texture wise more like long beans. Not as crunchy as French beans.

    1. I heard the KL kway teow is lighter than the celebrated Penang one.
      I do not mind whatever ingredients, as long as the end result is good.
      One place here, mostly egg and taugeh plus three minute shrimps
      but so very nice. Good enough for me, one of the best in town! Very popular among us locals!

  7. Looks can be deceptive. I think that all the time especially for fine dining.

    Thankfully, it was not too bad but I did try something else and it was a disappointment. Not sure if I shall keep going back there or not, better try elsewhere.

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