Don’t stop…

People always say that if, at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again! Well, this is another attempt at taking photos using my smartphone and uploading them onto Facebook and taking them from there.

When I shared my post on Facebook that day, there were a lot of helpful people offering their suggestions. I have not tried Telegram but yes, I did try Google Pics and one suggested getting something to connect the smartphone to the PC and everything can be transferred both ways – right now, I’ve yet to go and look for it in the shops.

I am also trying to improve my phototaking – there seems to be a lot of this and that but I’ve yet to figure out what they are and what I can do with them.

That morning, I took this shot of my bun, cut into halves…

…before putting it in the oven to toast till nice and crusty.

After a while, I took it out to turn it over so as to toast the other side. In the meantime, I put a bit of butter to let it melt over the bun in the hot oven…

I grilled three slices of bacon on my lightly-greased non-stick pan and once done, I placed a slice on top of the bottom half of the bun, followed by a slice of cheese on top of it and two more slices of the bacon…

My girl’s cherry tomatoes from our garden, thinly sliced, followed…

…and lastly, some Romaine lettuce…

…for a bit of green.

There you have it, my bacon sandwich bun…

…and this was the cross-section to let you have a glimpse at what it looked like inside…

So what do you think of the photographs, folks? Straight from the smartphone camera to Facebook, saved from there into My Pictures and uploaded onto Flickr and from there to here – no editing, other than a bit of trimming, top and bottom. Do you prefer my photographs before? Do let me know in your comments below if you think I should go back to my digital camera.

Any relevant suggestions and constructive criticisms are most welcome. Thank you.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Don’t stop…”

  1. I am not a pro in all those digital thingy. Let the pro teach us… 😊😊. But I can tell you the photos taken straight from the smartphone camera to Facebook isn’t too bad. That is what I am also doing now. The pictures looks pretty sharp and nice.

    Yes, you have shared some of your photos with me on Facebook and they were very nice and clear. I do think yours look much nicer than mine, must be a better, more expensive smartphone.

    1. Lucky you! I only know mango and pineapple chutney – I think they have those at Waitrose.
      Can’t get such things here except at Indian restaurants, for their banana leaf meals…and we do not even have that here!
      Dunno what runner beans are – googled and saw something like French beans.

  2. The bun with bacon looks good. My personal opinion, using smartphone is more convenient. I will email all my photos and download them onto my PC. Many also use Facebook.

    Ok, thanks. I tried emailing too…but I find Facebook more convenient as I never log out, I’m around Facebook all the time.

  3. Most photographers say “the best camera is the one that’s with you” and with the smartphone cameras catching up, the quality you get from them is amazing as long as you have ample lighting. Sort of like the composition on this one as you start to show more than the food but the ones around it, perhaps zoom it out even further and arrange what’s around it to give a story to the photo but not forgetting the food is still the subject.

    Yes, I see a lot of bloggers and photographers doing that – sure makes the photographs look a whole lot nicer but I am too lazy to take out all the things and putting them back again later. LOL!!!
    Indeed! Even the not so nice cameras, digital or phone, will take great snapshots in bright natural daylight!

  4. Yum! What a delicious sandwich, anything with bacon, I’m in! Your photos are good even without editing. Perhaps just a touch to make it brighter.

    Thank you. Yes, I do intend to edit a bit when I upload my photos in future, just to enhance them a bit.

  5. This must have tasted better than Subway I am sure. Cheese and Bacons. 😀

    I would think so. LOL!!! Can’t go wrong with bacon!

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