One for me…

My girl told me that she would be cooking spaghetti for her lunch that day so I asked her to whip up one serving of the same…

…for me too.

Well, it so happened that I had bought a pack of premier smoked back bacon…

…a couple of days earlier and she said she would like to use that for her dish. Of course, I had no objection to that whatsoever – as a matter of fact, I would go and buy these things to stock up in the freezer knowing how she enjoys eating them.

Personally, I do prefer smoked streaky bacon – it has a stronger bacon fragrance and I did buy back bacon before but even though we liked how it was not so fat and it did not shrink when pan-fried till there was not much of it left, we were not all that impressed. This one claimed that it was smoked so it probably would be nicer.

Much to my surprise. it was made in Sabah!…

I thought that to the most, it would be packed there only but made some place else overseas.

There were quite a lot of slices…

…inside so this should last for quite a while.

I don’t know where or when the mum bought this packet of spaghetti…

– usually, we would buy the San Remo brand but this one should do fine. After all, it was made in Italy so you can’t get anything more authentic than that.

Yes, it turned out very nice, the aglio olio spaghetti with bacon…

…and the very sweet and crispy (oval) cherry tomatoes that my girl planted in our garden and the pasta was great too, cooked to perfection, al dente.

That sure was a delightful lunch all right.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “One for me…”

  1. Aglio olio spaghetti looks great. Only whip up 2 servings not 3? The bacon toppings reminds me of Loong Kee bacon bak kwa which I had this CNY. Love it heaps They are call “Gui Fei” if I am not wrong.

    Yes, the pork belly bak kua. I did try Bee Cheng Hiang’s once at Mid Valley, very nice but very fat so I never bought. My friend, the late Jimmy, used to buy the made in Sibu one for his father come Chinese New Year every year at a temporary stall in front of Ta Kiong here – he said his father said it was the best. Dunno, never tried that one.
    That’s right! 2 only. The mum did not want that after her heavy breakfast that morning but I think she did eat a bit.

  2. KK postcode (on the package) is highly sought after!
    88000 more auspicious than my kampung 81900 Kota Tinggi.
    But our telephone numbers in KT all begin with 88X XXXX so it’s not that after all.
    Got fengshui! Ha ha…

    Likewise, I prefer streaky bacon too.
    There are so many types of bacon here. Streaky v normal, then you can subdivide these into smoked v unsmoked.
    Pancetta will make pasta taste better, but I usually just use regular bacon.
    Oh not the good bacon, but cheaper odd cuts/ trimmings, ideal for cooking.

    1. Oh? I thought bacon would be cheap overseas – they’re everywhere…and ham too.
      I only go for the smoked ones, more fragrant.
      Here, expensive especially those imported ones from places like Australia. This one’s from Sabah, more affordable.
      I hear they have ham too but I have not seen it in the shops, will want to buy and try.

      Oh? 88000? I did not notice that! LOL!!!

  3. Anything with premier smoked back bacon will taste exquisitely more “atas” for me. 😀

    Usually but this one from Sabah is comparatively more affordable than those imported ones from Australia and elsewhere. Those will cost a bomb and are not easily available here.

  4. smoked bacon aglio olio! I want to cook that too!

    That was very nice…and the bacon from Sabah is a whole lot cheaper than the ones we used to get from Australia. I hope they will keep stocking up on them…and the ham too.

  5. I am an absolute carb addict.

    I need to cut down on it, the hidden sugars…and in the meantime, the doctor says I need more protein intake. Thankfully, my sugar level is fine right now, well-controlled.

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