I love you…

This Taiwanese franchise has an outlet here for many years now but I hardly ever drop by as it is at a mega mall on another side of town and I seldom venture to those parts of the woods. I did stop by a couple of times on the rare occasions when I was at the mall and yes, I did like what I bought there.

Well, they have opened a new outlet here…

…a collaboration with Bao & Co and Umami Oden & Pop. They put up the sign sometime ago but it did not look like they were going to open and when I was in the vicinity early last Sunday morning, 7 something, I spotted some people there so I walked over to have a look.

Yes, it is now open for business…

…but not all, only the I love yoo! The other two have yet to start, it seems.

I spotted these…

…kept warm in these huge cauldrons…

…and of course, that got me all excited.

I love lek dou shuang/split mung bean soup (RM4.90)…

…but I do not know of any place where it is available here. That was why everytime I went to Kuching, I would make it a point to go for that and of course, I bought the yoo tiao (RM2.80) to go with it…

No, it did not come cheap, not at all but it…

…was so very nice, nicer than any that I had had in Kuching or anywhere else. I certainly would want to go back there again for more!

Yes, other than the yoo tiao, they have all the other deep-fried stuff in their glass display cabinets…

I bought their butterfly fritters (RM2.80)…

…and yes, they were very nice, just that the ones I bought here were just as nice or perhaps even nicer and they were only RM1.00 each and their yoo tiao (yew char koi) was only RM1.20 each..

I bought their curry puffs too…

…the potatoes set (RM7.30 for 3)…

…and their spiral curry puffs, also known as karipap pusing (螺旋咖喱角), chicken (RM8.80 for 3)…

…but the filling in the former was way too salty for my liking. The latter was all right but no, they did not sweep me off my feet. I prefer the ones here, nicer and cheaper too but I would much sooner go for the baked ones with the shortcrust pastry – my favourite is the one here and these not-very-nice-looking ones are actually pretty nice too.

Incidentally, to whom it may concern, if you are tapao-ing home or back to the office, it is best to bring your own containers and carrier bags because they will charge you 50 sen for each plastic tub and 20 sen for one plastic bag.

Yes, I shall go back there again, that’s for sure, for the lek dou shuang, if not for anything else and hopefully, when the other two sharing the premises open for business, there will be some other nice stuff available here.

I LOVE YOO!/BAO & Co/UMAMI ODEN & POP (2.292041, 111.826320) is located along Jalan Kai Peng, off Jalan Kpg Nyabor, right beside the HSBC (Hong Kong Bank) building, to the left, across the road from the PETRONAS (formerly ESSO) petrol station.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “I love you…”

  1. I love lek dou shuang too. Can’t remember when is the last time I had it but definitely and surely it has been a long time. I like the lek dou shuang from Carpenter Street, opposite the temple and I have not venture into that part of the woods for the longest time for simple reason that it is very congested and finding parking lot is a pain. The curry puffs looks good with the generous fillings.

    Yes, I thought that same thing when I bought the curry puffs. Turned out quite disappointing. Our not so nice looking ones here a lot nicer…and cheaper too.
    I heard about the one at Carpenter Street but I did not manage to go and try it. I had others elsewhere, good too but I feel this one is nicer…and the price as well.
    Cannot understand why people are so into these franchises when everything is so expensive – our own just as nice, if not nicer and a lot cheaper!!!

  2. Used to enjoy the yue tiaw from this franchise but apparently they closed down their outlets during MCO. The yue tiaw was nice. We tasted its lek tau Suan and other fritters too. I don’t think there is any outlet here but I am not looking. The places I went to in the past such as Boulevard mall and Emart Hypermarket have closed down since last year. Sigh!!

    So sad!
    The one here at Star Mega Mall has been around for so many years now, still there, I think, so it should be doing well.
    Cannot remember who occupied the other half, later it was that Taiwanese franchise, the Grand Castella cake that people queued for and it was not even nice! Dunno if it is still there.
    I’m waiting for Bao & Co, see if it is good…and I had the tofu fa once – I remember that was quite good.

  3. That bean soup reminds me of the bean soup in the Philippines, totally different though because the Philippine ones are savoury with lots of garlic, has pork and other vegetables on it. I remember my Chinese friend the first time he tried it, he was shocked becuase its unusual for him to have it as savoury.

    Oh? Savoury red bean soup? Never heard of that! Ours is sweet and so is our mung bean/green bean soup. We have savoury black bean soup in pork bones broth with dried cuttlefish. Nice!

  4. These days not easy to get good tasty sweet desserts such as bean soup, etc. Most of them are too watery and somehow it was not satisfying at all. I like yoo tiao with black coffee or with porridge. Also good to have with bak kut teh. Baked curry puffs is also better than deep fried because not so oily. “I love you” is a nice name for the eatery.

    Yes, that is why I do not mind the lek dao shuang here, so very nice – I sure would not mind paying that kind of money to go for it again. No point paying less if it is not really good.
    I do prefer baked curry puffs to those fried ones.

  5. I used to buy ham chin peng and fried nian gao from I Love Yoo. It’s quite good but of course pricey. These franchise places are pricey because the operator has to pay licence fees and on top of that, the franchise owner also collects a percentage of the turnover with minimum guarantee payment. Not so easy to rake up enough to pay those costs and to make enough to pay operating expenses and still have some profits left for the franchisee. That’s why we pay so much!

    Indeed, no franchise business is cheap, always more expensive than everywhere else…but the owners should make sure that what they sell is a cut above all the rest. I sure will not mind paying more if it is really very good!
    The worst is when something is really good at this outlet…but terrible at an outlet at another mall in the same town or city, we pay, we would want good quality control and not let them get away with murder.
    Same thing with what they serve in the classy cafes and restaurants, must be much nicer than at the cheap coffee shops and that together with the comfortable and classier environment will make it worthwhile forking out the money. Nobody wants to feel shortchanged.

  6. Too pricey for that daosua, personally I would rather have a plate of economy mixed rice for that price.
    This is so crazy, it was so cheap when I was little.
    I had daosua or chee cheong fan for breakfast so often when I was young.
    Youtiao was for dipping in kopi o.

    >These are not the belimbing or starfruit that you are thinking about – they’re wild belimbing

    I see, then we definitely don’t usually eat these in Johor. But we do have assam pedas, that’s the closest thing I can think of when it comes to sourness.

    1. Not surprised. Before I stumbled upon them at this cafe, I never knew there was such a thing as wild belimbing masam. Love it, so very nice!
      Yes, gone are the days when these hot soups were only a few kak (chit kak = 10 sen) a bowl. I can’t remember how much I paid for the one I had in Kuching but serving was small, the plastic cup was just half the size. You tiao was optional too I think and of course, if I wanted, I would have to pay for it.
      I do not remember ever eating dou shuang or chee cheong fun in my growing up years. None here, I suppose – probably, not a Foochow thing.

  7. You know how I’m drawn to signs! They have a nice one!

    Indeed, they do! They have a nice one by the side – I only noticed while I was driving past and I did not bother to go back and take a shot of that one.

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