A new venture…

In the HUGE gift pack with all the pre-marinated meat that I received that day were these bottles of sambal tumis

I was kind of surprised when I saw the address…

– No. 11, Ground Floor, Lorong 2D2, Jalan Sungai Merah.

As far as I know, originally, Noodle House has always been at No. 2B, Ground Floor, Lorong Laichee 1…

…and then they branched out into Nica Gelateria

…at the ground floor and later, the 1st floor as well of No. 14, Lot 4052, Block 3, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada) and more recently, Nica Plus

…at No. 18 & 20, Ground Floor, Lorong Intan 6.

Perhaps this is their new venture so I went in search of the place via Google Maps but I only managed to find the location of the lane – the Google car did not drive into that lane. One of these days, I shall drive over there to have a look despite what they say about curiosity killing the cat. LOL!!!

I used to go for the nasi lemak

…at the original Noodle House and somebody was telling me once that the nasi was not so lemak but it was very nice. I must say that I couldn’t agree more and because of that, I did have that a number of times myself. Maybe it was the sambal tumis by the side that did the trick but I never paid much attention to it – I just ate and enjoyed myself.

Well, the other day, I decided to open a bottle…

…and try. The bottle was well-sealed and vacuum-packed – I could tell by the sound of the suction being released when I twisted and removed the cap.

I certainly would give them a double thumbs-up for these…

…and unlike similar products that you can buy off the shelves at the supermarket, this will expire very soon, in April, 2022, not next year, because no preservatives were used in the making.

I toasted a slice of bread and cut it into quarters and I applied a bit of the sambal on each of them…

Yum yummmmm!!! It was so very nice and as stated on the label, it…

…was spicy but of course, that was perfectly all right for me – I like it hot! This would go so very well with rice…or nasi lemak, I’m sure!

I was not told where one would be able to buy a bottle nor how much each would cost but if anyone is interested, he or she can call that Whatsapp number on the label, +6016 794 5441 to find out.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “A new venture…”

  1. As much as I love sambal but if it is over spicy, I guess I can’t handle it. That is a lot of sambal you apply on each quarters of the bread, not a bit… 😂😂. For me, I don’t dare to put that much sambal, scare it will be too spicy, maybe a thinly spread will do. Looks good on bread or Osborne crackers.

    Yes, bet it is good on crackers too! Loved it with rice as well. You can have it with rice, just a bit, not spicy when mixed together. Do as I say, not as I do! I like it hot! LOL!!!

  2. I wonder if they meant “additive” instead of “addictive” free. I suppose it is so good that they don’t need an additive which will make it addictive 🙂

    Yes, pardon the slip. It should be additives…and colouring too!

  3. I would have the sambal with rice and bread. Yum yum.

    Nice. The thing is I could not stop and was extra generous with the sambal – now, one bottle habis already! So fast! LOL!!!

  4. Don’t think we can get this brand here.
    So I often make my own sambal.
    The easiest one to make is the one with ikan bilis.
    But the dried shrimp one is the most delicious one, I have to admit that.
    Since, both main ingredients are so expensive here, I usually just use ikan bilis very sparingly. Ha!

    >when I cooked curry in Plymouth, it was a hit among my West Malaysian counterparts but they said it was so pekat

    Now that you mentioned this, I just recalled curry mee from Penang. Their white curry mee is also pekat like that.
    Ha ha… a bit too rich for me. I need to add more water to dilute the mee.

    1. They said mine was the nyonya style, very pekat and lemak. My mum’s curry was like that – I grew up eating it this way.

      They do sell this nasi lemak sambal at a few places here. Can get it quite easily, all pretty nice. My missus can make a good one too when she cooks her nasi lemak.

  5. Sambal on toast very nice. Add some cucumber slices, that will be great. I will apply sambal all over the bread.

    I sure enjoyed it with bread and also with rice/nasi lemak.

  6. Seems to have become a thing over the pandemic for many to make their own sambals from scratch and set up businesses selling them on Instagram.

    Easily available at the Malay stalls but one would not know how nice they are. This one, at least, I’ve had their nasi lemak before so I know it is good.

  7. Good to see many of these homemade sauce making it to the bigger scene these days.

    It was good, dunno how much they are selling it for though. Hopefully, they will do well.

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