Not much to look at…

I spotted these packets of instant noodles…

…in the house so I asked my missus what those were and why, despite the brand being pretty well-known, they looked so plain and unappealing.

She said that they came in one big jumbo pack – I have no idea what that looked like as she had thrown away the wrapper. I guess this was their way to cut cost as they would be able to save a bit on the printing.

I took one to cook and try and this…

…was what I came out with.

I did mention in an earlier blogpost that this is a Korean brand…

…but looking at the rampant use of a foreign language that is Greek to me, one can jolly well guess that this is made in Vietnam and thankfully, there are a few words in English…

…for the likes of people like me.

Inside, other than the noodles, there are two sachets…

– one with the seasoning and the other with the dehydrated vegetables.

I boiled some prawns and used the stock to cook the noodles, subsequently emptying the contents of the sachets into the soup.

Once done, I poured it all into a bowl…

…and garnished it with the aforementioned prawns by the side along with slices of a tomato from our garden, one half-boiled/cooked egg and I sprinkled some chopped spring onion (also from our garden) all over it and served it with a sprig of daun sup (Chinese celery and that came from our garden too), stuck in it.

Yes, it was very nice. There was a hint of spiciness in the soup, noticeable but no, I would not say it was up to our level of tolerance. I would say that I enjoyed it…

…but in comparison, I prefer the clam one that I tried once, the chow chor one with the so-called “smell of the sea” but if this one is very much cheaper, then I would just settle for it instead. At the end of the day, it is what it is – instant noodles!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Not much to look at…”

  1. Another new brand of instant noodles? Yes, for most instant noodles, usually the wrappers are colourful and looks appealing compared to this one. Well, the wrappers is not a big issue and all that matters is the instant noodles itself. Wow, with your own creativity and add-on ingredients, especially the prawns, it sure make the bowl of noodles look and taste great.

    It tasted great too – I did enjoy it but I prefer the one with the clams flavour.

  2. I like the look of the QQ noodle. I seldom venture into instant noodles other than few Indonesian brands. Haha. China one also not bad but mostly beef flavoured which I don’t quite enjoy as they are rather strong in taste.

    This brand is good, bigger serving and the noodles are very firm. You can cook as long as you like, the noodles will not turn too soft and soggy unlike the regular brands of instant noodles.

  3. I usually noticed the more colourful packaging of the Korean brands. I wouldn’t mind the plain humble wrappers if the noodle and taste is as good as the other brands. What matters is the extra add-ons just like your bowl of noodle.

    Yes, I don’t know if they still produce our Sibu instant kampua noodles in different packaging anymore or not. There was the very much nicer one that looks pretty much like all the other brands of instant noodles, for people keen on bringing the noodles with them when they travel abroad…and there was the simpler, not that impressive original packaging but those were a little bit cheaper. The contents inside were the same, no difference.
    Indeed, at the end of the day, they are all instant noodles. What we add on our own accord will make a whole lot of difference and bring the taste up to a whole new level.

  4. You have made your plate of noodles look so lovely and delicious!

    Yes, upgraded instant noodles! I can’t seem to just let them be, eat instant noodles just like that. Must think of what to add! LOL!!!

  5. Definitely made in Vietnam.
    Korean noodles are usually very spicy.
    You sure know how to pamper yourself, got prawns, egg, tomato!
    Mine version only has an extra egg. Ha!

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