A cut above…

This bakery in the next lane/road from my house makes the most awesome croissants, a cut above all the rest in town, second to none. I did blog about them here and also here.

Yes, I’ve been dropping by to buy all this while but not for myself. My girl loves eating those croissants so much so I would get some for her once in a while for her to enjoy. Incidentally, one afternoon not too long ago, I dropped in to see if there was anything of interest. Much to my surprise, there were two plain/regular croissants in the glass display cabinet. Of course, I had to buy those for my girl and needless to say, she enjoyed them so much.

The girl at the shop told me that if I wanted more, I could just wait for a while. Their second batch for the day would be coming out soon, piping hot from the oven. That was around 4 something in the afternoon. In the past, the croissants would be ready at around noon, just once in a day and if you did not make a reservation, you might be in for a disappointment – there might not be any left for you to buy.

Probably they have decided to bake two batches in a day, the first batch at around noon for people going home for lunch to stop by and collect and the second around 4 something, for those coming by after office hours. Good marketing strategy, don’t you think?

It so happened that I was passing by that day and I saw a crowd in the bakery, probably those who had booked the croissants beforehand and were waiting for them to be ready. I went to another shop in that same block to grab a few things and by the time I was done, I saw that the crowd had dispersed so I went in to try my luck.

Yes, there were a few flavours available, one each and I did manage to grab hold of two of their regular ones and this one…

…with all the almond flakes.

Unfortunately, school has reopened and my girl will just eat two eggs in the morning and will not eat anything else the whole day till she comes home for lunch at 1 something in the afternoon. I would have died of starvation if I were to do that. LOL!!!

In the end, I put the two regular ones in the fridge in the hope that she would get to eat them over the weekend perhaps and I took the almond one to make this…

…for myself to enjoy.

I boiled an egg and mashed it together with a knob of butter and two slices of Cheddar cheese, cut into tiny bits…

…and then I threw in all the almond flakes…

…that had fallen off the croissant. Waste not, want not.

I cut a slit in the middle of the croissant, lengthwise and stuffed it with the egg filling…

…after which, I put it in the oven to toast for a while.

When I saw that the cheese had melted…

…I took it out and sat down to enjoy the fruit of my labour, served with a few slices of the very nice tomato from our garden. We did not have any lettuce in the house, otherwise the touch of green would certainly make the presentation a bit nicer.

Yes, it was very nice and I sure enjoyed it to the max. You can see how perfectly done it was – the beautiful flaky layers…

…of the croissant plus its holey airy texture and the buttery fragrance!

Many so-called “croissants” at some of the bakeries in town are just regular bread, rolled up to look like croissants while a sprinkling do come out with some decent ones but sadly, they still need to try a little bit harder to come up to this standard. For one thing, I found that those are cheaper but if you want the best, you will just have to pay for it.

LOUIS BAKERY LW.Pattisserie (2.316411, 111.839847) is located at No. 20, Jalan Ruby in the same block of shops as Kim Tak Co., right next to Ah Kau Cafe at the end of the block to the left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “A cut above…”

  1. After all the make up to the croissant with your own creativity, it looks really good. I like how you threw in all the almonds flakes that have fallen out into the mashed boiled egg with the added bits of cheese. It sure makes the croissant taste to another new level.

    Yes, I enjoyed it, really thought it was very nice. That Saturday, I did the same (no almond flakes) with the two regular ones I kept in the fridge for my girl and the mum and they loved it too!!!

  2. I would add a little bit of Marmite to enhance its umami.
    But the almond croissant is good to eat even on its own.

    I like proper croissants from France, so buttery and flaky.

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