While we can…

I was in the vicinity of the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre) here that day to check out the yew char koi stall there. I never liked going to that area because it was and still is always crowded in the morning with people going there to do their marketing and shopping and to have their breakfast and at the height of the pandemic, I avoided it like a plague!

Now that the situation seemed a whole lot better, that morning, I decided to walk around to see if there was anything I would want to buy. That was how we ended up having a feast of crabs…

…for our dinner that evening.

We just had crabs that day on my sister’s birthday after such a long time since the previous time we had it on my girl’s birthday in 2020 but that morning, I spotted a basket full of those lovely crustaceans at one of the shops there selling for RM65.00 a kilo.

I asked the guy for three of the biggest ones – it was a little bit more actually but he rounded it up to RM96.00 and I quickly took them home for my missus to prepare and cook…

I asked my sister to join us that evening but she had something on with her friends. In the end, we had all of it…

…ourselves and of course, we enjoyed it to the max.

What we had on those two aforementioned occasions were both way over RM100.00 so this was very much cheaper and there was a whole lot more too.

While I was there, I also saw some fairly large sotong (squid) going for RM35.00 a kilo. They were bigger than the medium-sized ones that I usually buy from my favourite fish & seafood stall in my neighbourhood (RM30.00 a kilo) but the other day, the ones there were way too small so I did not want to buy those. I took all that they had and paid RM60.00 for them – I suppose there were less than 2 kilos altogether. My missus spent most of the morning cleaning and scouring them before putting them away in the freezer, ready for Chinese New Year. For some reason, my girl loves these sotong a lot more than prawns.

I was delighted to see that they had midin (wild jungle fern)…

…too, selling at RM13.00 a kilo. They do not seem to have this at our neighbourhood shops anymore. It has been so very long since the last time they had crabs for sale there as well, not since July 2020! Of course, I asked for half a kilo of the midin and took it home.

My girl helped the mum to pluck only the nice and tender top part of each fern and the latter cooked it with sambal hay bee (udang kering/dried prawns) and belacan (dried prawn paste) to go with the crabs…

…for our dinner that evening.

I paid RM7.00 for the midin – it was a bit more than half a kilo but still, it was so very cheap. There was a lot of it, more than double of what we got for our RM10.00 a plate of the ferns here (or at any other place for that matter) that day.

Yes, there were still a lot of people that morning but at least, everyone had their masks on even though they did not seem too worried about keeping their distance but with the situation seemingly very much under control at this point in time, I sure would not mind going to this part of the woods again and again to see what other goodies I may stumble upon there…while I can.

e-Like Mart (2.310257, 111.831069)…

…is located at No. 6, Taman Damai, Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg at the far end of the block of shops facing the back of the Civic Centre wet market.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “While we can…”

  1. I like midin or paku fried with sambal hay bee or ching chao with a bit of red wine. Wow, midin is so expensive now, RM13/kg. Over here, they never sell midin or paku in kilo but instead in bundles of RM5/bundle. That was indeed a very delightful dinner with crabs and midin…😋🤤

    Yes, at least double the price of paku, I’m sure but I hear they grow paku in oil palm estates now, like pineapples and with the rampant use of weedkillers and pesticiides, best to stick to midin.
    They only sell these ferns tied in bundles at the Jungle Produce Market, only RM2 last time dunno now but those Dayak ladies cannot be trusted. They look alright all tied up but when you get home and open the bundle, you see all the old and withered ones hidden inside!

  2. My hubby bought mud crabs and flower crabs when he was in Buntal on New Year day. Cooked the flower crabs last week, ala sweet and spicy style. Yummy, fresh and meaty.

    I’m not crazy about flower crabs – that one the Muslims can eat, not mud crabs as they are sold and bought alive and are dua alam, can live on land and on water. That is what I was told. But I prefer mud crabs, so much nicer.

  3. I am not a fan of crabs mainly because I am too lazy to go through the hassle of picking for the meat . Long ago, my dad used to buy a whole lot of crabs, steam them and we have just that for a meal. There was a whole lot of pounding of the claws and shells to extract the meat. We made quite a mess. LOL!

    That was part of the fun – we love eating crabs so we do not mind all that hassle. Too bad you do not have a mum like my missus. Our girl does not have to get her hands dirty – she just ate!!! LOL!!!

  4. Oh I miss these mud crabs so much.
    Black pepper, oyster sauce with eggs, salted eggs, chilli, just about any way to cook them.
    They just taste so good.
    Sadly, we can’t get mud crabs here. Locals here eat Cornish crabs, the meat is not ideal for Asian cooking.
    Too flaky, it just disintegrates when cooked, making the whole dish looks very messy and mushy.

    1. These mud crabs are the only ones that I enjoy, not a fan of all the rest. May eat but not a fan. Some people here were going for the more glamorous Alaskan crabs but they had to admit that those weren’t as nice as these mud crabs.

  5. Crabs looks delicious. We just had crabs (both mud and flower crabs) last night steamboat dinner. I love paku pakis. Not easy to get paku pakis these days.

    They are planting paku here, no longer wild and much cheaper. Midin, the more popular variety, is plucked from the belukar, growing wild.
    Ooooo…steamboat! Maybe we can have that for Chap Goh Meh. It has been a while since we had that.

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