I couldn’t believe my eyes…

I had just finished my lunch yesterday so I went upstairs like what I would do every day for my afternoon siesta. However, before I could doze off, I heard a car stopping at our gate so I got up and went to the window to have a look.

I saw a young man passing a HUGE box…

…to my missus.

I quickly went downstairs to see what that was. “It’s from Noodle House lǎo bǎn/老板 (boss)…

…the guy said,” my missus told me.

Gosh!!! “That must be from Anthony of Nica Plus,” I said. He gave me this awesome gift of gelato mooncakes and gelato for the Mooncake Festival in September last year.

I opened the specially-designed gift box to look at what was inside and I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all those packs of awesome pre-marinated ready-to-grill/cook dishes that he had given me.

There were two packs of this rosemary & garlic lamb…

…and two of this kambing perap istimewa (special marinated lamb)…

…as well.

There were also two each of the teriyaki chicken wings…

…and two of the honey chicken wings…

Other than the aforementioned, there was a pack of kung pao chicken…

…and these Malaysian delights, the beef rendang

…the daging masak hitam

…and the curry chicken…

…and there were two bottles of their own-made sambal

…some more. Gosh!

Like what I said when I shared these photographs on Facebook, “I must have done a lot of good deeds in my previous life to deserve all these awesome pre-marinated goodies!” Now, it sure looks like we do not have to cook anything for our reunion dinner anymore – we can just pick what we like and grill and serve…and I am pretty sure there will be some that we can keep for Chap Goh Meh as well.

My friend, Yan, commented on my Facebook post. She said, “Just hopped over. Very reasonably priced!” She must have checked out their post on this on their Facebook page – the CNY 2022 Family Prosperity Set is only RM168 and all that I got (minus the two bottles of sambal) is their CNY 2022 Family Premium set, RM228 only. Wowwwww!!!! I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with my friend, so reasonably priced indeed!

Honestly, I really can’t thank you enough, Anthony Ting, for your very generous gift for Chinese New Year. May you and all at Nica Plus, Nica Gelateria and Noodle House be abundantly blessed with lots of happiness, good fortune & prosperity in The Year of the Tiger!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

NICA+ or NICA PLUS (2.296883,111.825859) as it is called, is located at No, 18 & 20 Lorong Intan 6, on the ground floor of the block of shops to the right of the Old Sing Kwong Supermarket (Kin Orient Plaza) along Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg, directly below the Kimchee Korean Bar.BQ restaurant on the first floor. For orders and inquiries, please WhatsApp Nica Plus https://wa.me/60167945449.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “I couldn’t believe my eyes…”

  1. Blessings!!.. Blessings!!.. that’s indeed a lot. A big fat CNY for you. This year Réunion dinner no need to sweat in the kitchen. Just sit back, relax and waiting to be served.. 😊😊

    So thankful, so grateful, praise the Lord. Indeed, no need to cook anything else now…except maybe, steam a fish to preserve the tradition!

  2. Wah! You already received your prosperity already in the form of all these goodies. Save a lot of sweating and cooking in the kitchen.

    Yes, that sure is a windfall, true and true. Hopefully, it is an indication of the good fortune that awaits me in the Tiger Year.

  3. Wow! That gift is to die for! Very true, your CNY reunion dinner is all taken care of. LOL!

    Yes, so many different dishes atone go, no need to cook anything else anymore. Perhaps we’ll pick some and save some for Chap Goh Meh.

  4. Spoilt for choice, I don’t even know way to begin.
    But I would most probably have the beef rendang first.
    That’s the flavour I miss most.

    But CNY dishes must include prawns, dried oysters, shitake mushrooms, etc, right?
    And leeks too. Ha ha… We follow the tradition.

    1. Oh? Is there such a tradition? I think I heard something about leek, we always had that…but not the rest. I guess we can fry all four together for the vegetable dish (there is none in the set) AND steam the fish. then we will have EVERYTHING! LOL!!!

  5. Wahhhh… what a wonderful gift before CNY!! Now we will be looking forward to what your dishes look like when you cook them. Yummy!!

    It most certainly is! Sure saves a lot of work and trouble, we old folks cannot tahan all that preparation anymore so this is really good!!!

  6. I want to receive something like that too, awesome and Happy CNY

    Hard to believe, eh? Out of the blue…but of course, it sure was a pleasant surprise!

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